Fruit Club
’12th Birthday Hardcore All Nighter’
The Brunel Rooms
30th September 2005

The Fruit Club tonight celebrates 12 years of hardcore madness at the Brunel rooms in Swindon. As the Fruit Club in the past have had many of the legendary DJ’s playing for them over the years such as Carl Cox, Grooverider and Slipmatt just to mention a few.

Having left Birmingham after 9 we arrived in Swindon just before 11, we parked up in the car park just by the club and headed towards the club. We were greeted by a large queue as it looked like it was going to be a busy night tonight as it stretched up the high street.

Headed to the door and was greeted by Zoë one of the promoters of Fruit Club, once in and given a thorough search. We were handed the set times for tonight’s line-up and headed directly to the 2 Arena in time for Druid.

It was getting quite busy in the 2 arena whilst Druid was on here. Druid one of the original guys from the old Fusion and Rhythm station day’s was playing a 95 set. Plenty of anthems from the yesteryear being played as he played ‘Feel Free’, ‘6 Days’ and ‘Take me away’. Druid was joined by Fruit Clubs MC Smooth as he was MCing for his set. Druid continued to play a couple of underplayed hardcore tracks which I’ve not heard in a very long time. Druid dropped ‘Let the music’, ‘DJ’s in effect’ and an all time favourite of mine ‘95’ style’ amazing tune !!!

I headed up stairs and the main arena was rammed especially at the front. The production was mad as they had a massive papier-mâché dragon on stage with loads of UV murals dotted around the arena too. Notorious Vinyl’s DJ Marc Smith was on with MC Wotsee hyping up the crowd on stage. Marc Smith played ‘Cry’ and ‘Trigger hardcore’ with his on VIP in the middle lovely!

Back in the oldskool arena and Fruit Club’s very own MC Rude was on the decks alongside Shaggy. This was another great set, lots of tunes from the 96-97 era being played along with some UK Dance classics. They played ‘Pretty green eyes’ and some gems such as ‘Harmony’ and ‘Wonderland’ some forgotten tunes produced by the all mighty Force and Styles. Rude and Shaggy also played ‘Ride like the wind‘, ‘Toytown’ and ‘Airhead’ too. I knew Rude could DJ but his selection was top notch with the helping hand from Shaggy too.

Right then time for the headlining act featuring a first time exclusive as two of the biggest hardcore labels battled it out as Next Generation went head to head with Raver Baby It was the turn of DJ Brisk back to back with Darren Styles. They started off the set with ‘Testing 1 2’ along with ‘Fade away’. Wotsee was again MCing for this set representing Next Generation, seemed like he was on the stage for some time fair play for holding up for such a long time. There were quite a number of new tunes being played in this set too as Brisk played a remix of an old Guns and Roses tune ‘Sweet child of mine’ and Styles played ‘Nightmare’ some quality tunes being played through out this hour.

Next up in the main arena was DJ Flyin with MC Whizzkid, Flyin started the set with a new remix of Euphony’s ‘Dancin in the rain’ at this point I headed back downstairs for Ramos.

This was one of the main sets that I was looking forward to, as it been an absolute age since I last saw Ramos playing an oldskool set. With Marley hosting his event in Southampton Ramos was accompanied by another Fusion legend MC Knight. I really enjoyed hearing Ramos as he was playing some quality gems from the RSR and Hectic labels.

Ramos was playing through the years as he played ‘Peoples party’, ’95 Style’, ‘Crowd Control’ Ramos moved up the years and played ‘ Incognito’, ’Broken Wings’ DJ Slam’s ‘Misunderstanding’ an awesome tune! He ended the set with a classic from GBT ‘Terminator’. It was a real shame that the oldskool room wasn’t busy during this set, people have definitely missed out on an awesome set a history lesson!

I headed back upstairs and the main arena weren’t busy as it was earlier, I guess the bar must have shut. Raver Baby’s DJ Breeze was with Whizzkid MC. Whizzkid was working the crowd hyping the crowd up with his lyrics, beat boxing and getting the crowd to recite his lyrics. Breeze played an incredible set as he played plenty of tunes from the Raver Baby label lots of vocally and euphoric tunes. Breeze played ‘So Real’, ‘Nightmare’, I believe’, ‘Keep on trying’ before ending the set with ‘I will be’.

The final hour finally came which saw the arrival of the SY and Storm. SY started off with a new remix of Baby D’s ‘I Need you’re loving’ before battling it out with Storm on a scratch attack. Storm was working up the crowd with remaining people staying right till the end. SY continued to play ‘Makin me wanna dance’, ’Set you free’, ’Let me be your fantasy’ remix before ending the night with the remix of Pete Bouncers ‘ Raving I’m raving’

Overall was a great night out once again in Swindon at the Brunel rooms it was definitely busier compared to my previous visit at the beginning august. Lots of up for it people with a great atmosphere with plenty of people having a great time. Just a shame that come after 2, the numbers start to dwindle. With a line-up like tonight Fruit Club is attracting a lot more people out of town, as I did noticed plenty of people here that normally go to rave’s in the midlands. It’s great to see the Fruit Club vibe spreading further a field, Happy Birthday Fruit Club!

Big shouts to Zoe, Rude and the Fruit Club team, Storm and Whizzkid, Ramos and MC Knight, Breeze, Styles, Brisk, Vibes, Livelee, Sy, Seduction, Wotsee, Marc smith, Druid, Flyin and Alison.

Massive respects to Shaun, Andy and Heather, Michelle, Lisa, Andy Legs, Doug, Sara, Carrie, Hannah, Maz, Lucy and Immz, Arwin, Michelle, Obie, Lee UHF, Juicy and the Shrewsbury crew, Gaz and Lucy, Kev Pikey, Julie Delicious, Compulsion, Sallie and Sarah, Ronnie (Happy Birthday), Matty, Charles Vapour, Justin Jutt and the rest of the USH. Net crew and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007