Gods Kitchen
27th July 2002

Global Heaven

What an amazing night.
I've never done a festival ever and this was my first one I've got a few friends that have been I really didn't know what to expect but I wanted to experience the vibe first hand.

Didn't take to long to get to Stratford having caught the train, there were plenty of buses taking ravers to the site. Queuing took a long time as we arrived about 3ish we didn't get in till about 4. There was a strong police presence at this event including mobile cctv units also whilst queuing on the rails there were drug amnesty boxes I had a quick peep inside and didn't see anything in there apart from a couple of chewing packets. Had a quick search by the bouncers and sniffer dog yes sniffer dog.

Once inside the complex I was well surprised the site was huge having got myself a timetable to find out who's on when I tried to locate the Helter Skelter tent instead I ended up in the VIPs section humm very nice champagne massages galore. Right redirecting myself I found the Helter Skelter tent as I could hear mc Dett on the mic from outside the tent.

Dett was mcin' alongside the sidewinder resident's Garry K, Dollar and Dangerous D. The heat was taking its toll as it started to get quite hot inside the ten.t Right up next was Brockie but Dett had to dash off as he had a plane to catch. MC Presha was mcin and to be honest I didn't really rate him that much first time I heard and really nothing special at all Brockie played dangerous, LK Shake your body at which point I left the tent.

I headed off to the sundissential tent and caught a bit Jez and Charlie as I was trying to find my sister inside this huge complex. After a wander around and grabbing something to eat I went back to the tent and Brockie was finishing but he must have been on at least for two hours, looks like Shy FX was late.

Juiceman was mc b2b with Presha, Mickey Finn was on b2b with Shy FX, looks like there's no dj's left with long hair now as Mickey Finn has had his hair cut at last. Some good tunes being played but again LK and Shake your body was being played Spyda turned up sometime during this point pulp fiction was dropped also original nutter.

Grooverider was up next apparently this set was being recorded for radio 1, Spyda and Juiceman mcin I have not heard Spyda for ages mcing, he was amazing and on form he also said something about mc trigger mcin at the commonwealth games I heard the rumours but must have been true.

Zinc was up next which is a bit odd as I thought he was going to be on near the end played some new dubs which I didn't recognise also played reach out the remix which is a heavy tune!!! Well I thought it was time to take a break. We wandered around for bit grabbing something to eat and checking out the different arenas and the complex it self.

The complex was amazing at night with some massive laser beaming in the dark which ran from each side of the complex which looked mental, also near the main tent was a water fountain which had a projection screen this looked mad.

In the main tent was Paul Oakenfold I don't know what he was playing but I wasn't really impressed the production inside here was amazing though lasers lighting inflatables were really heavy. There was a video screen on each side on the tent and the dancers were amazing. Started to head back to the Skelter tent and took a detour via the other arenas just to check the different styles of music on offer here going through the sundissential tent and I think Anne savage was on.

Around the complex were little stores selling herbal highs, poppers etc… At time when you walked around you could smell poppers, which really aren't a pleasant thing, I prefer the nice aromatic smell of the old marijuana.

Got back to the Skelter tent and DJ Craze was playing as I could recognize from his scratching there was nothing really special about his set Andy C was playing next and his set was amazing playing snapshot also a remix of Papua new guinea which was a really good remix. MC MC was on the mic hyping up the crowd as he knows best and he rocked the crowd.

After his set was Roni Size alongside Dynamite and MC MC I thought id have another rest and grab a drink. Got back to the tent and Roni Size was finishing up playing junglist, dread bass a bit of oldskool to hype up the crowd. Hype was supposed to be next but a no show instead Adam F and Craze went b2b with Fearless, MCMC and Skibadee on mic passing it around and tearing down the tent. The tent poles started to wobble at this point Adam F played stand clear, torpedoes, dropped a bit of trust me there were 3 decks for them to mash up and indeed that's what they did!!!!

Had another wander round and went into the main tent to hear born slippy being played and the crowd was gong mental!!!! Inside the main tent were little villages on people sitting down and chilling out. At one of the little store they had a stereo on and people just going mad and dancing. I completely missed Krust and caught Bad Company with fearless, IC3 and a little bit of Shabba, I think that was the only time I caught shabba mcin the whole night. Bad Company played a good set which a couple of new tunes and again torpedoes got played and also snapshot, champion sound.

Next up was the Nicky Nicky Blackmarket he played a predictable set including rip groove remix, alongside the Congo natty police in helicopter, chopper/nuttah mix Fatman D and IC3 were mcin b2b. Last set of the night was Mampi Swift played a phat set with some new dubs playing Jaws, Tripping the One and he played one tune that got rewound about 3 times.

Well it had to happen it was 7 and time to go home I've had such a wicked time. The production inside the Skelter tent was amazing especial at night when they had the laser going off inside here, the video screens were wicked and the inflatables as well I totally forgot how good of a show Skelter put on since this the only Skelter I've been to in over 2 years. It took a good hour to get off the main site with there only being one exit, which I felt, could have been organised better.

In whole the night was wicked I do think though that there should have been an oldskool tent to break up the night, with the likes of Flashback hosting it. With the weather being amazing one of the hottest weekends this year was the real icing on the cake.

Anyways big shouts to Ed, Chedda, Wookie, Astro, Zoe + Collete and the B'ham crew, shouts to those that know me but for some reason I don't remember you.
Oh well gotta do this in 2 weeks over again.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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