Gods Kitchen Global Gathering
26 July 2003

Well this was my 2nd outdoor festival, for the previous 2 years Global gathering have had the weather on their side well this year was a different story.

Arrived at Stratford for 3, having got the train down and catching the provided coaches to Long Martson, greeted to a heavily packed queue. Soon as we started to the queue the rain started to spit. Again there was a heavy police presence at the event along with sniffer dogs.

Once inside the complex it started to rain, headed straight for the Helter Skelter tent and arrived to the sounds of Sidewinder resident's Dollar and Garry K alongside MC Presha who has now decided to have a hair cut.

Next up was DJ Bryan Gee alongside the vocal talents of MCMC. This was a good set a lot of new tunes being played including the remix of the Metal Headz classic Pulp Fiction that went down quite well. MC MC was hyping up the crowd, as he knows too well how to do.

Brockie was on next and MCMC was joined with Rawhill's MC Spyda. Brockie played a decent set nothing too special he still dropped the classic Warhead that the tent erupted once it dropped.

During this set I popped outside to grab some food, outside started to represent a cow field rather than an airfield with it getting muddy outside with the rain. The only thing about festivals is that everything is blatantly overpriced, there were even cash points in some tents.

Back to the music and Radio 1's also the godfather of jungle was on Grooverider, he played a heavy set, Spyda was mcin along side Juiceman for the godfather. Grooverider played some heavy bass line tunage including the Bandwagon blues also the Nosher, Check check check.

After Grooverider and it was time for another of Radio 1's DJ's Fabio, I've not seen Fabio play out live and this was the first time I've seen him, I was expecting a Liquid type set but he played some corkers including Maruc Intalex's Barracuda which went down a treat also the High contrast Remix of the Moving Shadow classic Renegade Snares, MC's Five alive and Stamina were both mcing for this set, which their style of mcin really suited.

Well I thought Hype was going to miss another global gathering, as he missed Slammin Vinyl two weeks back but he turned up late. Hype played a heavy set as the Tru player can only do. Dett and Fearless were mcing for this set going back-to-back running off each other lyrics that was quite entertaining. Hype played some new material off the Tru players label along with some classics, including Nitrous he's even remixed Fugee or Not.

Step off one Tru player into another and it was the turn of DJ Zinc. At this point it was decided to take a wonder around the nocturnal village. Seeing the airfield at night was quite extraordinary, with the light and laser covering the whole site. There were plenty of merchandise stall's even Slammin Vinyl were her tonight with plenty of offers on tape packs. Bit odd that Helter Skelter did not have a merchandise stall here as they used to have some good offers on their tape packs at past events many years ago. As it was really muddy now, so muddy had to make sure my shoelaces were extra tight as the felt as if they were getting stuck into the mud.

Back to the music as we switch labels from Tru players to Bristol's Full Cylce. DJ die was spinning Die was playing some new stuff mixed with the old. I'm used to seeing Hardcore DJ's spinning on CD but not Jungle DJ's, it's the only way to get material played out quickly these day's though. MC Tali was mcing for Die, I've not seen her live and I thought she did quite well hyping up the crowd and keeping them going as she held the fort on her own. MC Shabba arrived quite early and was quite hyped up as he decided to mc with Tali. Full Cycle's Dynamite and Krust arrived and took over were Die and Tali left.

Andy C was on next and played a blinding set, Shabba, and Fearless were mcing, Shabba was hyped up compared to the last time I seen him, at Slammin vinyl earlier this year. Andy C played some incredible tunes including Screamer, Mo fire teased in Trust me the nine, Dread bass and Valley of the Shadows. This was one of my favourite sets that I enjoyed it so much that both my contact lenses decided to pop out!!! Luckily I brought a spare set of glasses with me. Half way through Andy C's set Skibadee arrived.

After the face pace of Andy C set it was to stay at the same level as Mapmi Swift was up next, he played some wicked tunes and was doubled dropping his tunes left right and centre. He started the set with Trippin, played The One dropped Pac Man some were in between, this set was face paced and definitely not for the faint hearted.

Well it was time for the 3X DMC Champion DJ Craze. Craze was ready to scratch beat match and mash up with decks along with entertaining the Global gathering ravers. Dropping Champion Sound well scratching it in the crowd went ballistic. IC3 and Navigator were mcing and joined by an American MC, MC Sharps.

Adam F was on next I missed this set as Carl "3Decks" Cox was on and thought it would be nice to check him out as he is a legend in his own right. He was playing a techno set but I didn't recognise any of the tunes, but Carl Cox was enjoining himself and entertaining the crowd.

I headed back to the Drum and bass Tent and Adam F was finishing up and Nicky Blackmarket was on still IC3 and Navigator were mcing and joined with Fun Stuff and Birmingham's Biggie. Nicky played a faultless set he dropped Orginal Nuttah along with the Vault and the Formation Stomper Dual Voltage.
Well with one hour left to go, it was time for the Original MC and DJ team the mighty Ratpack. They were paying an Oldskool Jungle selection to see the festival to the finish. Starting off with Chopper, moving onto Champion Sound, Dread bass very similar to what they played at Flashback about a month ago.

Well still was a heavy night just a shame about the weather as we were leaving and the sun decided to shine. Again it took an hour to leave the site, don't understand why there is only one exit for so many coaches, car and buses to leave from.
Lets hope the weather is going be better for Slmmin Vinyl's out door stage in 2 weeks.
Respect to Ed, Charly, Zoe, Collete Pace, Astro and B'ham crew. Shouts to those that know me but for some reason I don't remember you.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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