Hardcore Heaven
Awards Ceremony
5th October 2003

Hardcore back at the Sanctuary

Arrived at the Sanctuary for around 8:30, Milton Keynes has too many roundabout its untrue.
It's a bit odd arriving at the sanctuary early seeing everyone setting up and seeing sanctuary with no ravers insight.

The Slammin vinyl staff was dressed in awards style dinner jackets suits with bow ties very smart. The production put into tonight looked quite amazing with video screens on either side of the dj box, the lighting was done really well with the lasers and strobes, there was a stage for people to dance on which also was the vip section.

Up first was Mark EG he was playing his hard dance style really banging and testing tonight's sound system, the bass from the sound system was quite powerful as you could feel it in your stomach at times.
As they started to let the ravers in, the dance floor started to get quite busy and full, Mark Eg was being his mad self entertaining the crowd and jumping around on stage throwing records about like a lunatic that he is. After his set Mark Eg was presented with the award for Best Hard Dance DJ.

After Mark Eg was Billy Daniel Bunter he played a harder and faster style to Mark EG, he dropped some old tunes as well as a remix of the oldskool classic of, Outlander's Vamp which went down a treat.

Up next was DJ Brisk he was accompanied with mc Wottsee, Brisk was playing a lot of upfront material I didn't recognise many of his tunes, but brisk played some quality stompers keeping the pace fast and the beats hard.

After Brisk was Raver baby's DJ Darren Styles, Styles was playing some quality tunes including remixes of some older tunes including the Force and evolution tune Perfect dreams (sweetheart), unique feelin' fine, also he played back to the oldskool which went down really well.
Raver baby was presented the Best label but unfortunately Hixxy wasn't available to pick up the award as he hurt his back, also raver baby got another award for "Your Shining" as it was last years anthem hit.

After a break I returned back to the sanctuary to hear Sy, he was playing an awesome set with Storm ripping it up on the mic too. Sy was playing some heavy stompers of Evolution and of course his own label Quosh. Including a remix of the Quosh classic kick it, he also played Do it like we do and I became hardcore. Sy was present the Award for best contribution to hardcore, which he totally deserves.

After Sy was another Raver Baby DJ Breeze, he played similar tunes to Syles so I decided to wander upstairs and was greated by the set that I was looking forward to Luna-C. Luna-C played one of the best sets of the nite as he played a mixture of oldskool, gabba, drum and bass all mixed up, which went down really well, He played the Egyptian empire horn track, Higher love, Piano progressions, Twist em out, pacman ram trilogy rmx,the nine and he also played heres Jonny mixed into Jonny be good (from back to the future movie)

I walked back downstairs and Marc smith was finishing up he played the remix of beck's loser, which was heavy. After Marc smith was the oldskool legend and the original founder of hardcore heaven DJ Seduction, he was playing new tunes of his new label uproar also he played it's a fine nite which got the crowd stomping along with a tune by Abeyance and Stompy, time to fly.. During this set Whizzkid and Storm were mcing back to back, which they call themselves mc2

The final set of the evening was Essential Platinum's DJ Dougal, he played really vocally set which was uplifting playing tunes wush as ordiary people electric and also Have you ever. Have you everis a very brand new tune due to be released very soon on the Essential Platinum label, which is worth checking out ft Jenna on the vocals and produced by Shauny C,Abeyance, Dougal & Gammer.

Well was a good evening from the Slammin vinyl crew, my first hardcore heaven and I wa glad to be bouncing around to hardcore at the sanctuary.
Good to see an awards ceremony obviously to compete with the drum and bass awards hopefully this should be an annual event.

Here is a full list of the winners:

Best DJ: Scott Brown
Best MC: MC Storm
Best Hard Dance DJ: Mark EG
Best Record Label: Raver Baby
Best Website: www.Ush.net
Best Record Shop: IMO Records
Outstanding Contribution to Hardcore: SY

Respect to everyone that won an award as the truly deserved it

Massive respects to the following: Storm + Sarah and Whizzkid
Big shouts to the following Leanne, Shaun, Wookie, and all the USH.Net crew. Massive shouts to all the individuals I met too many to mentions but you know who you are.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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