Hardcore Til I Die
1st Birthday Celebration
Air (Formerly Code)
Friday 1st April 2005

Can you believe that it's been 1 year since the first Hardcore Til I Die event. Over the past 12 months we've had 7 parties. Ranging from the UV party, Foam party and the collaboration's with Helter Skelter at Energy and Life.

To say a massive thank you for the loyal support tonight's event was a free party for those that attended last weeks, 'People's Choice Event', though for those who were unlucky not to attend last week's event, entry for this event was only £5.Tonight's payback event featured the HTID residents alongside new talent.

Before venturing for tonight's event I met up with some friends for a few drinks and something to eat. We arrived at Air just before 12, parked up inside Air's car park. You could hear music outside the venue knowing the party was in full flow, after a brief search and we were in. Finishing up in the main arena were the Jedi Masters with MC Yoda.

MC Yoda is quite a short guy though his presence on stage made him feel 10ft tall. At the end of the set Yoda and was joined by MC Storm as he both had a short battle of vocal scratching.

After the Jedi Masters it was the turn of Raw Elements and London town's DJ Uplift alongside the MC ² duo of Storm and Whizzkid. Originally Hixxy was supposed to play during this time but swapped sets with Uplift instead. Uplift played an uplifting set with plenty of tunes to get the crowd bouncing as he made his debut in the Oxygen arena of Air. Storm and Whizzkid MC'ed for about half of Uplift's set as they were booked for another event tonight. MC Spenno MC'ed for the remainder of Uplift's set.

Next up was the main man behind Hardcore Til I Die, the Boss, DJ Hixxy, Hixxy was accompanied by Next Generation's MC Wotsee. This was a stomping set and what a way to say thank you to the HTID massive. Hixxy played plenty of Raver Baby tunes mixed alongside Next Generation and Evolution material, as he played the Breeze and Styles remix of Scott brown's 'All about you',' Making me wanna dance', 'You're my Angel', 'Crazy love' and 'Be Happy'. It's good to see Wotsee rocking the show after his accident.

Accelerated Culture's resident DJ Garry K was on in the oldskool room alongside DJ Ripper and MC Robbie Dee. The oldskool room was situated in the Nitrogen roomthis time round, with plenty of space to dance. Ripper was playing a more 94 breakbeat hardcore set with plenty of uplifting tunes, Garry K played the more dark side stuff as he dropped ' Living in darkness' and Slipmatt's 'Hear me'.

In the main arena and the Raver Baby duo of Breeze and Styles were on with MC Spenno. This was another favourite set of mine with plenty of vocally tunes being dropped through out. Breeze and Styles started the set with Special D 'Come with me' they played their remix of Scott Brown's 'All about you', 'You're Shining' and finished up with 'Slide Away'.

Back in the oldskool room and DJ Pilgrim was on with Illusion's MC Energy. Pilgrim was playing a 92-94 set, as he played 'Ruff in the jungle', 'Express yourself', and Jonny L's 'Hurt you so'. His set featured plenty of nu-skool breaks from DJ Vinlyjunkies Warehouse Wax label.

After Pilgrim it was the turn of Breeze and Styles, the duo played an oldskool 95-98 set in here, Energy was still MCing for this set. True t form Styles and breeze featured plenty of vocally happy hardcore tunes as they played, 'Here I am', 'Break of dawn', 'Body Slam' and 'Simply electric.' Breeze finished the set with Forever together which got the crowd singing and stomping!

Tonight's event being a free party was basically a cut down version of a regular Hardcore Til I Die event, with the 3rd arena closed and they closed the outdoor complex too. DJ Line-up was also good not only were the above DJ's playing but I found out that DJ Seduction was playing the first set and also DJ UFO was also played tonight too.

With the arena's not being busy as usual, as the turnout was good but I noticed plenty of people leaving quite early well before the 5am finish. Though for a free party you can't complain and those who did have to pay well it was only £5, definitely value for money!

The only qualm was that there some individuals from a certain area playing up with Storm having to warn them on many occasions an the presence of security was noticed quite a lot especially at the front of the main arena.

I would say that Hardcore Til I Die has had a fantastic 12 months putting hardcore and Birmingham back on the map. Roll on the next 12 months!!

With all previous events at air sold out and filled to capacity, and definitely setting a standard for other promoters to follow. I've enjoyed the past 12 months having not missed a single HTID event at air, with the summer gathering event being one my favourite events of 2004.

Thing's can only get better as the next couple of events see HTID use the Coventry Skydome and the world famous Ministry of Sound in London, so things can only get better!!

Massive shouts to Hixxy, Lambert and the HTID crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Pilgrim, Glenn Aston, Styles, Breeze, Wotsee, Alex Energy and Robbie Dee.

Big Shouts to the ravers, Shaun (good luck on your booking), Wookie and Emma, Wil and Adam, Andy Immz, Bertie and the Bromsgrove crew, The Obviously girls,Brain BK, Stu GT, Gazy J, Mike at Bornhardcore, Lisa-Jo, Michele, Mark Mervin, Rampant, Legs, and the rest of the USH.net crew also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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