Hardcore Til I Die
Event 10:
'Hardcore Beach Party'
Air (Formerly Code)
6th August 2005

It's been a long wait since the last Hardcore Til I Die here at Air in Birmingham, not only was this a one off special on a Saturday, but tonight's theme was a beach party.

We arrived in Digbeth just before 10 and the party was already in full flow, having arrived later than usual there wasn't much of massive queue. There were two queue's one for guaranteed entry and another for credit card and guest list. Tonight's event like previous HTID events at Air sold out completely within the week leading up to tonight, so if you didn't have a guaranteed entry or pre paid booking you know you won't be getting in!

Having got our entry sorted and having my pockets emptied we had a brief search and we were in. Headed directly for the outside compound, well I was shocked to see the transformation and what a great job that they actually done! Like all previous HTID events there was the free funfair ride, the outside was transformed with there being two small swimming pools, a barbeque and other beach themed bits and pieces. After having a wander out here we decided to head for the Nitrogen room as the South Coasts, GEOS crew were playing.

Robbo was on the decks complimented by MC Marley, Marley was not only MCing but was also djing too. It's been ages since I've seen Marley the last time being new years at Life. It was great to hear him MCing again working up the crowd. I like the stuff that the GEOS crew were playing, they showcasing their own material on both the GEOS and Raver Baby labels. The GEOS crew played a remix of 'U had it all', along with, 'Raise your hands', 'Power & the glory' and 'Look at all the ravers' an awesome tune definitely a favourite of mine at the moment.

Headed downstairs and in time for the Kick off set from the Ravers Champions 'Sy and Storm'. This was a great set from the Quosh master scratching up with Storm complimenting SY with his vocal scratch. The main arena was completely rammed with not much room to move especially down at the front whilst these guys were on!

The good thing about HTID having the outdoor complex open the main fire door is kept open to allow fresh air into the main arena as it gets extremely hot in here, especially during this time of year! Sy played 'Rock ya hardcore', the Quosh remixes of ' Slide away' and 'Pacific sun' and 'Set your body free. There was a surprise PA during this set as Lou Lou was on stage and sung a live version of 'Makin we wanna dance live', which sent the crowd wild. I've seen a number of PA's in my time and Lou Lou was awesome. Amazing voice and the crowd were singing with her nice too, is nice have surprises like that at raves.

After Sy, next up was Breeze alongside Whizzkid MC, Breeze started the set with 'I will be'. At this point with the heat starting to take it's toll we decided to venture upstairs to the Carbon arena and check out the midlands legend DJ Pilgrim. Whilst walking up here, there was the distinct smell of the barbeque flowing through here.

With the heat being intense downstairs, up here in the Carbon arena they had the fire door open and with it being a small arena you could feel a cool breeze in here. Pilgrim played a wicked oldskool set starting of with some '92 tunes before moving onto some 94 hardcore classics. Pilgrim played 'In complete darkness', 'Take me away', 'Hear Me', 'Living in darkness' and 'Total XTC'. There was no MC's up here so you could enjoy the music and chill out, though many people were dancing as well as lounging in the seats. Pilgrim finished the set with his own tune 'Can you feel it'.

With the smell of the BBQ tickling my nose we decided to head outside, this gave us a chance to cool down and to grab some grub off the barbeque! There were plenty of people out here just milling around and chilling. With tonight being a beach theme there were quite a number of ravers dressed up in cheesy Hawaii t-shirts and girls with grass skirts, some were even wearing armbands! It's great to see plenty of people here making the effort tonight, the weather out here was good with it not raining and being a bit breezy.

Back to the main room and Brisk was on with Wotsee, we caught the tail end of his set, Brisk was playing a proper bouncy and hard set. After Brisk it was the turn of DJ Sharkey with MC Odyssey. We headed to the Nitrogen arena in time for Styles accompanied by the MC duo of Storm and Whizzkid.

This set was electric it was roasting in here and it reminded me of the Chapel arena aka 'The oven' back at the Que club. Many of us danced through the heat! Storm and Whizzkid were amazing and working through the heat barrier hyping up the ravers and working off each other on the mic. Styles played an awesome set with plenty of vocal and uplifting tunes. Styles played 'Sound without a name', 'Slide away' and 'Dark like vader'. Styles finished the set with ' I will be' awesome tune!

Storm and Whizzkid carried on their marathon set, as they headed downstairs to MC for Re-con, of Ultrabeat fame. Re-con was supposed to be on back to back with Hixxy, but unfortunately Hixxy was stuck in America. Re-Con did an amazing job just like he did earlier in the year at HTID. Playing plenty of Raver Baby tunes with the MC duo of Storm and Whizzkid working the crowd into a sheer frenzy. Storm and Whizzkid were hitting the crowd with their lyrics and getting plenty of reaction from the crowd. Re-con played 'Angel eyes', 'Cry', 'Sound with out a name', 'Be alone' and the remix of 'Take me away' which went down a treat!

Well after this set it was then turn of Essential platinum's' DJ Dougal. This set marked the hardcore comeback for MC Magika. Dougal played a really good set as his set featured many euphoric uplifting vocals tunes. He started the set with 'Lift me above' an awesome track, 'Make some noise', 'Follow me' remix, 'Drive me crazy,' and 'So real'.

To be honest I didn't rate Magika during this set, he turned up a little late, he looked very uncomfortable whilst on the stage, and he had to be persuaded to get on the mic at first, from not only Dougal but also Storm and Whizzkid. I know he's been out of the game for 5 years, but he just seemed out dated especially after having Storm and Whizzkid MCing for the past two hours there's really no competition.

Well it was that time the morning glory set from GBT's Billy Daniel Bunter. Billy played a great set playing starting of with some oldskool classic. He got his set underway with 'Heart of gold'. Billy played 'Toytown which got the crowd blowing their whistles and horns in unison! He carried on to play ' Rainbows', 'Crazy love', 'Heartbeatz', 'Getting better' and ' Your shining'. Storm and Whizzkid were MCing into the early hours, don't know where these guys get their energy from as they've been MCing to so many sets all night it was untrue and under this heat as well!

Billy ended the night with 'Need your emotion', Billy got on the mic afterwards to say a massive thank you for an awesome night and for so many ravers staying right till the end as the main arena was still full!

What an awesome night this was, definitely one of my favourite hardcore raves of the year. The atmosphere hear tonight was electric didn't notice any trouble what so ever. Even with being it rammed people were apologising when they accidentally stood on people toes using the raver etiquette, especially upstairs during the Styles set, as I've not seen this arena so rammed!

The beach theme went down well though I don't think many-made use of the swimming pools, which was a shame. I would have preferred them to use that space to put on an outdoor music arena like last years Oldskool Til I Die event. But with them only being granted the outdoor music license one week before last year's event I don't think they wanted to risk it again this year.

The music was on form with amazing sets all round with Re-Con, Styles and Pilgrim all being my favourites of the night. Was a shame that Hixxy wasn't here tonight to see how successful tonight was, especially after his awesome set at Global Gathering last weekend.

Massive shouts to the HTID crew Hixxy, Mark, Chris and Joe, Storm and Whizzkid, Pilgrim, Brisk, Ben (thanks mate), Styles, Marley, Wotsee, Odyssey, Dougal, Ribbz and Marc Smith.

Big respects to the ravers, Charly, Shaun, Jon Xlr-8, Lisa-Jo and Phil, Emma and Wookie (Happy birthday mate), Mike at Bornhardcore, Lisa, Maz, Carrie, Vic, Lucy and Andy Immz, Olly Thumpa, Charlie and James, Uplift and Kaylene Mark Mervin, Sarah and the Northampton ladies, Michelle,Steph and Obie, Daz Rampant, Matty, Dizzyvibe, Cruze, Phil Friction, Julie Delicious, Paul Compulsion, Nikki, Mini Smithers, Andy Legs, Stu Gt, Andrea, Sarah and Sallie, Olly Thumpa, Swifty Cee, Rob and Stacie at True Hardcore, Adam Harris, Kev Pikey, Astraboy and the rest of USH.net crew, Jim, Damo and Kelglow at UKscene, Steve and the rest of the Backtotheoldskool crew, also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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