Hardcore Til I die
In the Sun 2007
Lloret De Mar
Barcelona, Spain
Monday 11th – Monday 18th June 2007

Hardcore Til I Die presented one of the most anticipated events of the year, as they packed up their bags and headed to Lloret De Mar, Spain to present the worlds biggest Hardcore summer vacation.

A week of hardcore madness in the sun combined with Raver Baby, Old Skool Til I die, Natural Born Ravers, Vibealite, Delerium plus many more. An A-Z of the hardcore world spread over 7 days.

The cost of the week’s event was £199 which included hotel accommodation and 7 nights in a three star hotel with breakfast and evening meal, though there was the option of weekend only at £119. The cost excluded flights but as soon as the dates were released many ravers snapped up the flights in advance. Not wanting to miss out on this raving holiday experience.

Monday 11th June 2007, we finally arrived after 8 months of waiting, in the early hours of Monday morning. We headed to East Midlands airport where we were greeted by numerous friends from the Midlands and plenty more ravers on the aircraft.

After landing in Girona our transfer took us to our hotel which was located very close to Colossus Club, situated on the main parade of the resort. After checking in and unpacking we headed to the Colossus were the Hardcore til I die staff had already set up base for the week. It was midday and there was already a small queue outside with ravers waiting patiently to collect their wristbands.

With it being lunch time we decided to come back later and headed down to the beach to meet our friends who where already out here. The beach is only a short walk from Colossus, we found the HTID beach bar where there were a number of ravers drinking whilst soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

After catching up with friends we headed back to Colossus late in the afternoon, handed over a photocopy of our passport and confirmation letter and in return we received our wristbands to give us access to the club later on tonight. Having been up since the early hours of today we decided to retreat to our hotel room for a power nap and freshened up before heading out for the night.

Tonight was the launch party to kick things off with both HTID and Raver Baby in the Main arena and Elation hosting the 2nd room. We headed down to Colossus and were greeted by the security with staff from both home and abroad to keep eye on those who maybe out to cause trouble. Queuing took no time and after a brief search we were in. We headed straight through the courtyard and into the main arena of Colossus.

The first thing that really stood out for me was the production of the main arena, the club was dressed from head to toe, in lots of inflatables hanging form the ceiling. Numerous banners and murals decorated the walls of Colossus, no expenses had been spared for this week long hardcore extravaganza!

Colossus itself has a very large dancefloor with a balcony that overlooks the main bar, on the right hand side there was a tiered platform for people to rest as well as dance. At the front of the dance floor is the main stage where the mc’s and dancers can perform, with the dj booth located behind the stage.

There were numerous speaker stacks and subs dotted around the club as well as at the front of the dance floor, the sound system had been supplied from Clearsound who brought their EV-Lav system. The lighting was out of this world with a spectacular laser system that lit up the main arena dance floor.

The dance floor was rammed and there was a wave of excitement in the air from the ravers, finally after months of waiting and planning they were in the sun raving to hardcore. Kevin Energy was finishing up when we walked into the arena, some good tunes from him as he played ‘Voodoo people’ remix, ‘Rhythm of the night’ and finished up with a remix of Underworld’s ‘Born slippy’.

Hixxy and MC Storm kicked things off in true style, the energy and atmosphere was electric from these two and the crowd were going wild. Hixxy opened his set with ‘This is hardcore and this is what I do’ sending the crowd into a mad frenzy.

Hixxy’s tune selection set the party alight with plenty of vocal tunes mixed up with some stompers with tracks like ‘Take me with you’, ‘Power of love’ ‘Still the one’ and ‘Heavens above’. MC Storm hyped up the crowd as he does best, rocking the ravers whilst utilising this massive stage to its potential and interacting with the crowd.

Robbie long was playing in the 2nd room arena which was situated upstairs, I caught the end of Robbie Long as he was playing a classic 92-93 set with MC Obie and also a rather exuberant DJ Brisk. Robbie’s set featured some classic tunage being played by Robbie that was welcomed by the crowd. He played a number of belters from Basement and Reinforced records. I would definitely like to see Robbie play more oldskool from this golden era!

The heat was beginning to take its toll so I decided to retreat outside to the courtyard to cool down for a few moments. The good thing with the club is you have the open air courtyard that allows a nice cold sea breeze. The outdoor courtyard allowed people to chill out away from the madness inside and to mingle with ravers from across the globe who had travelled to Spain.

We headed back to the dance floor and DJ UFO was finishing up, playing ‘Listen to your heart’. Dougal and Storm were up next and true to Dougal form he was playing a very vocally and euphoric set. Lots of tracks to get the crowd singing, such as ‘When I close my eyes’, ‘Faith’ remix, ‘Piece of heaven’ and ‘Face down ass up’. Storm continued to work the crowd throughout the set for the hardcore legend.

Closing the night was the award winning Darren Styles with Whizzkid MC. A great set from the Rave Baby DJ, as there was plenty of euphoric tracks like ‘Getting better’, ‘I’ill come running’ and ‘Hold me tonight’ being played. Whizzkid’s mcing was outstanding on this opening night making sure the ravers were bouncing into the early hours of the morning.

Darren continued to play some dazzling tracks and when he dropped a remix of the Nalin and Kaine classic ‘Crusin’ it sent the crow ecstatic! Darren closed the night with a remix of a classic Force and Styles tune from 1999 ‘Sunshine’ which went down well.


Today we decided to head to the beach to check out some of the activities available from the HTID crew and a chance to reflect on last night. We went back to our hotel in the afternoon and after a quick cat nap, freshened up and headed down Homer’s bar. Homer’s bar was the focal point throughout HTID in the sun as this is where most of the ravers congregated before heading down to Colossus.

After a few drinks we made our way down to Colossus, tonight Delerium and Vibealite took over the club, the line-up consisted of many of the residents from either club that headline these two events back home in the UK.

DJ Shauny C was in the 2nd arena playing an upfront hardcore set, quite a number of vocal tracks being played alongside some stompers. The arena was getting busy in here whilst Shaun was on. Shaun was playing a number of his own tracks such as ‘Init for the kicks’ and ‘I wanna let u know’ which features the vocal talents from Karen Danzig of Heartbeats fame along with some crowd pleasers as he dropped ‘ 24-7’, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Somebody’ and ‘Pills’.

Marc Smith and DJ Unknown where on next playing an oldskool classic set with South legend MC Knight doing the mic duties. Marc and Unknown where playing a dominant 92 set with oldskool classics such as ‘Sounds of Eden’, ‘Sweet Harmony, ‘Feel the heat’ and ‘Let me be your fantasty’.

MC Knight was impressive on the mic hyping up the crowd and getting the crowd to sing along with him as he sang ‘Rush in the house’. Marc Smith and Unknown finished their oldskool set with some classic jungle with tracks such as ‘Terrorist’ and ‘Ready or not?’, MC Caspar joined MC Knight for the remainder of the set.

Downstairs in the main arena I managed to catch the tail end of Delerium’s very own D-Ice and Reality. Whizzkid MC was hyping up the full capacity dance floor rocking the ravers with his charm. D-Ice and Reality where playing a very upfront set getting the crowd stomping to ‘For an Angel’ remix before finishing off with ‘More and more’.

Next up was Raver Baby’s hottest new property Squad-E who was paired up with MC Storm. A nice tune selection from the Raver Baby DJ with a number of vocally tunes such as ‘Every time we touch’, ‘Promise land’, ‘Lost’ and ‘When I close my eyes’. The crowd where enjoying Squad-E’s selection singing along to the tunes whilst stomping in this intense heat.

Storm rocked the crowd in true fashion bouncing around on the stage keeping the ravers in check making sure no-one was left standing for the penultimate hour. Squad-E carried onto play ‘Baby I know your mine’, ‘Perfect Dreams (Sweetheart)’ remix, ‘Out of my hands’, before closing off with ‘My direction’.

Wednesday - Thursday

In Lloret there are quiet a number of bars located along the beach front offering many drinks at very special prices. The next two nights I decided to stay away from raving and slightly over indulged on the tequila, where shots where being offered as little as 60 cents which is the equivalent of 40 pence a shot.!!! Very dangerous I must add!! Feeling very worse for wear I didn’t bother going out on Thursday night and had an early night.


After a quiet evening last night, we decided to check out the water park in Llorett de mar. The water park is only a few minutes away with a free bus service to and from the water park. HTID in the Sun had made a special deal with the owners of water world, by showing our wristbands we was able to get a discounted price at 18 euros which works out under £13 which is quite good value for money.

Water World is situated on a hill which meant a lot of uphill walking which was a bit tiresome, though we didn’t have to queue much for many of the rides meaning we were able to check out most of the rides.

Tonight welcomed the legendary promoters from the south of England Fusion. They kicked off the weekend in true style. The club full to capacity with the weekend ravers finally arriving to experience the hardcore weekender in the sun.

Unfortunately HTID were unable to use the Xtra Club next door over the weekend and had to shift the line-up. The Hardstyle / Techno arena was moved to the 2nd room upstairs in Colossus and the oldskool was shifted into Dream’s Bar.

DJ Breeze was on with Whizzkid MC rocking the full capacity arena, the dance floor was rammed jammed and it was early on in the night as well. Breeze was playing plenty of raver baby classics throughout the set dropping tracks like ‘So real’, ‘Your shining’, ‘Find your way’.

MC Whizzkid ensured the party was bubbling with his lyrics and beat boxing rocking the crowd from the left, right and middle. Breeze carried onto play ‘Where do we go’, ‘This life’,

MC Magika and Dougal was meant to be on tonight performing a history lesson set, but with Magika not being here MC’s Rude and Knight took the mic duties instead. I was disappointed as Dougal played an upfront set, I was looking forward to hearing some classic hardcore in the main arena from him.

It still was a good upfront set from him with Rude and Knight working the crowd performing back to back on this massive stage. True to Dougal form he played a euphoric vocally set with tracks such as ‘ordinary people’, ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Heartbeats’

Headed to the oldskool arena which was situated in the Dreams bar arena, this arena could be accessed though the outdoor courtyard of Colossus so you didn’t really have to leave the venue.

DJ Twista was on playing a nu-skool breakz rave set was nice to hear something different form all the upfront hardcore. Twista was playing quite a number of remixes of classic oldskool tracks throughout his set dropping remixes of ‘Body Slam’, ‘Breaking Free’ whilst mixing it up with some scorchers from ’92 as he finished off with the timeless classic ‘Set u free’

Back to Colossus and DJ’s Squad-E and Hixxy were on back to back with MC Storm doing the mic duties. MC Storm gave the weekend ravers a very warm welcome as he introduced the set. Hixxy and Squad-e played a very upfront set with quite a number of new tunes from the Raver Baby label being played with tracks like ‘Magic touch’, ‘Everytime we touch’, ‘R U Ready’.

CLSM were on next but I decided to head to the oldskool as Altern-8 were on next, Mr Nex from Altern-8 was djing with MC Five Alive on the mic. Mr Nex was dressed in full altern-8 chemical warfare suit complete with dust mask whilst djing in this humid climate but that soon disappeared half way through.

Really enjoyed this classic set from him as he started off the set with some classic bleep Belgian tunes from 91 era dropping the likes of ‘Anastasia’, ‘The Vamp’, and his very own ‘Evapor-8’. MC Five alive was great during the set with his minimal lyrics allowing the tunes to do the talking as he completed the set. Nr Nex stepped up the years and began to drop ‘Bombscare’, ‘Charly’ before closing the arena with ‘The Horn track’

With an hour left to go we headed back into Colossus and caught the tail end of DJ Kurt, there was a surprise performance from Joey Riot who was mcing back to back with Wotsee. For those who don’t know Joey used to MC in the early stages of his career, he worked very well with Wotsee as they both got the crowd rocking. Kurt played his new remix of the hardcore classic from Visa ‘All I need’.

Last set of the night came from the Fusion legendary trio Ramos Supreme and MC Marley. The guys lived up to my expectations Ramos and Supreme where playing plenty of new material from the THC label that they now produce on. The duo started off the set with ‘Lift me up’, and carried onto playing ‘Braveheart’ and ‘See you on the Otherside’.

There was special live PA during this set which came from Charmy who sang ‘Down to you’ live on this big stage in front of a sea of ravers. Marley was doing the mic duties for the south legends keeping the crowd hyped as he does best allowing the music to breathe without having to chat too much over the set.

Ramos and Supreme continued to rock the crowd into the early hours of the morning dropping tracks such as ‘Silver waters’, ‘See the light’, ‘Gotta believe’ and finished the night with a track similar to choose life which has Marley on the vocals.


Today we decided to venture out of Llorett De Mar and headed to Barcelona, getting to Barcelona is quite easy from Lllorett as the bus station offers a direct service which cost 14 euros for a day return. We checked out the zoo in Barcelona which was quite an educational trip.

Raver Baby took it’s turn to host tonight at Colossus

With the oldskool arena closing early yesterday Garry K and MC Presha took to the decks in the dreams café playing an upfront drum and bass set. Garry was playing plenty of current rollers dropping some monster tracks such as ‘Back to your roots’, ‘X-ray’ ‘Murderation’ and ‘Tunnel Grinder’.

I really enjoyed listening to the Random Concept duo, it was nice to have a break away from hardcore and listen to some of the freshest drum and bass that Garry had to offer with MC Presha complimenting his mixing.

Following on from Garry was the godfather of Hardcore DJ Slipmatt, Slipmatt was playing a nu-skool breaks set showcasing some forthcoming material which will be featured on the new Helter Skelter album out later this summer. Slipmatt’s set was littered with numerous remixes of classic oldskool tracks as he played ‘Out of space’, ‘Breaking Free’, ‘Everybody’s free (to feel good) remixes.

Headed to Colossus and the award winning duo of Darren Styles and MC Storm where on as they performed to a packed out dance floor. This was another upfront set from Darren he played a remix of ‘Simply electric’ along with ‘I’ll come running’ ‘Castles in the sky’, Darren even dropped Pendulum’s ‘Blood sugar mid way through the set.
MC Storm gave the ravers a dressing down half way through the set warning ravers to take things easy with some of the events that have been happening back at the hotels.

Back to the oldskool arena and south coast legend DJ Druid who was performing a classic set from the ‘92-94 era. Druid started off the set with a number of 92 classics such as ‘Far out’, ‘Such a feeling’ and ‘Sweet harmony’. MC Casper was mcing for Druid a working the party vibe in the dreams bar.

Druid continued to up the years and tempo as he began to drop ‘SMD#4, ‘In effect’ and the classics from Billy Bunter ‘Let it lift you’ MC Knight joined Casper along with MC Sharkey too.

Back inside Colossus, Re-Con and Whizzkid MC were both on, Re-Con was showcasing plenty of his own production work throughout the set playing tunes such as ‘Cry’, ‘Sure Feels good’ and ‘Only you’. Whizzkid MC true to form was hyping up the crowd getting involved with the ravers, whilst performing some of his beat boxing.

Whizzkid was joined on stage by Re-Con who performed a short PA of some vocal tracks which he sang live on stage in front of the ravers. Re-Con sang live tracks such as ‘Love Comes’ and ‘Little piece of heaven’, which went down really well with him hyping up the crowd along with Whizzkid too.

Heading back to the oldskool arena, just caught the legendary South Coast trio of Ramos and Supreme with MC Knight. What an awesome set this was, tune selection was spot on with some classic corkers from 95 and 96 ‘Sunshine’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘Love of my life’. MC Knight was in his element whilst these two were working on the crowd and rolling with the tunes. The south coast trio managed to get an extra tune at the end of their set and played the timeless classic from RSR ‘Gotta believe’ a great way to end the night.


Today was spent mainly at the beach as this was the final day for many of the ravers with most of the time spent at the HTID bar and larking around in the sea. On the evening we decided to go out for a farewell meal with old and new friends that we have encountered on our holiday.

Tonight was the final night of this 7 day hardcore marathon with tonight being hosted by HTID as a back to back special. Twista and Faydz were playing in the dreams café with a nice 92 selection as they played ‘Closer to all your dreams’, ‘She’s breaking up’, ‘I feel this way’ and ‘I need relief’ an awesome track. Faydz was showing off his scratching skills during the set and was very impressive. Uproar’s very own MC Rude joined Twista and Faydz midway through the set and got the party rocking.

I’ve not heard Rude MC over oldskool and was quite impressed his voice and flow worked very well over the oldskool session. Twista and Faydz carried onto play ‘Way in my brain’, ‘DJ business’ and ‘Let me be your fantasy’.

Headed into Colossus and DJ’s Squad-E and Breeze were about to start up, tonight was the final night and the dance floor was rammed. MC Storm introduced the set and thanked everyone for the past week before getting on with the business. Breeze and Squad-E rocking the crowd with ‘I say I love you’,’ When love becomes a lie’ and ‘Magic touch’ remix.

Back to the oldskool arena and Topbuzz were on, they were mid way through the set, playing earlier than I expected as this arena had opened up later some of the set times where juggled around and I caught the last half of their set. Mad P and Jason Kaye were on spinning some quality 92 tuneage with tracks like ‘Visions of rage’, ‘Get down’, and ‘Hold it down’.

The crowd were enjoying the mcing from Mad P with a few people reciting the legends lyrics, as lurking in the shadows was Whizzkid MC a great fan of Mad P. Jason finished off the set with Jonny L’s ‘Hurt u so’. DJ Hixxy was on next in the oldskool arena its not that often Hixxy plays oldskool and I was very interested to hear what he had to play.

Hixxy started off playing some breaks including a few of his own pieces and the crowd went right off enjoying some of his work. Hixxy moved away from the breaks and played more of the breakbeat oldskool hardcore dropping the likes of ‘Smd #1’, ‘Can you feel it’, and ‘On my own’.

MC Five Alive took over from Mad P keeping the crowd bubbling with his crowd hype and complimented the music with his minimal style. Hixxy went back a few years and played ‘Lord of the null lines’, ‘Breaking free’, ‘The slammer’ before closing with ‘Music for the people’ making his way for the drum and bass legend Nicky Blackmarket.

Nicky Blackmarket played a classic jungle drum and bass set, he started off with ‘Original badboy’ before he laid down with some classic jungle. MC Five Alive carried onto mc as Nicky Blackmarket educated the crowd giving them a history lesson in jungle drum and bass. Nicky started off with some early jungle with tracks likes ‘ champion sound’, ‘Final conflict’ ,’Renegade Snares’.

When Nicky dropped ‘It’s the way’ which featured Mad P on the vocal with his classic ‘Are you ready for some bloodclart jungle techno’ vocal Mad P took over on the mic from Five Alive. Mad P was in his element working the crowd over the classic jungle, it had been quite some time since I’ve heard Mad P MC over jungle and he did not disappoint one bit.

Nicky Stepped up the years and continued to play ‘Pulp fiction’, ‘Helicopter’, Trouble’ and ‘Police in Helicopter’. Nicky finished off the set with ‘Trust Me’ whilst Mad P sand ‘Leaving on a jet a plane’ lyric genius stuff!

That was the end of the oldskool in dreams café headed into Colossus and caught the tail end of DJ’s Marc Smith and Druid. This was a north versus south as the Rezerection residents went into battle with the Rhythm station legend with MC Wotsee refereeing the pair. The set was bouncy with them playing ‘Space oddessy 2001’ remix and ‘Nobody likes the records’.

Hixxy played the final set of this week long hardcore marathon at Colossus, Lloret de mar to a packed out dance floor. The MC partnership of Storm and Whizzkid took to the stage to relive that old MC2 magic on a big stage. Hixxy rocked the crowd playing some right corkers with few old gems mixed in for good measure with tracks such as ‘Rainbows’, ‘Elysium’, ‘Rock you softly’ and ‘Untouchable’.

It’s been over a year since I last saw Storm and Whizzkid perform back to back doing their MC2 routine working with the beat boxing and vocal scratching with Hixxy pulling off some scratching for Storm to imitate. Whizzkid left the stage for MC Storm as he took control of the crowd for the last 15 minutes. Hixxy carried onto play a number of raver baby classics playing ‘more and more’, ‘The way’ remix and ‘Come with me’.

Hixxy finished off the seven day Hardcore marathon with arguably one of the biggest hardcore anthems ‘Toytown’. MC Storm called Hixxy down from his dj box as Hixxy and the rest of the HTID staff along with all the team working behind the scenes made their way to the stage and thanked everyone for a very successful week in the sun!

Overall the week was great success with there being so many ravers who have travelled all this way for Hardcore with the club being full to capacity especially over the weekend.

There were a few teething problems that can be expected when you hold an event on this scale as not only are you looking after ravers at the event itself but also the HTID team were liaising with hotels and the local authorities. The staff took it in their stride to ensure that the event ran smoothly as it could. Event staff was always about and ready at hand with many of them patrolling the streets at night at hotels where the ravers would be staying.

There were few people that decided to take things a bit too far, which is unfortunate as you are always going to have a few bad apples that come out to an event be it a small local night or an event of this magnitude. For a number of ravers this event was their first holiday abroad without having any parental supervision as this event was also open to those over 17. Though overall 90% of the ravers where well behaved and were out to have a great time in the sun!

The atmosphere in the club over the 7 days was 2nd to none a great mix of people with next to no trouble happening inside the club. There was a good mixture of different ages partying throughout the week. The crowd was predominantly from all over the UK with a number of people who travelled as far as Holland, Canada and Japan. Proving how international Hardcore has become and with an event like this uniting people from across the globe under one roof raving as one!

It was great to see all the regular raving faces from back home with hotels being close by everyone was in walking distance. When you back home most of the time you only tend to hook up with each other at raves, where’ as out here in Lloret it felt like living on Hardcore Street!

I do feel that the upfront hardcore in the main arena was a bit too much at times as many of the sets throughout the week were quite repetitive.

The Freeformation night was something different from the other 6 nights in the Main arena, but I do feel maybe that HTID should have hosted an oldskool or a hardcore classics night. With artists such as Vibes and Livelee, Dougal Magika, Vinylgroover and Freestyle etc in the main arena giving the ravers a hardcore history lesson .

The only other gripe was the intensity of the heat as it just got extremely humid and sticky inside the venue, it would have been perfect if they had the ice machine that is used in the Revolution club up the road inside Colossus.

Don’t get me wrong it didn’t spoil the holiday but it would have given a needed break for the likes of Storm, Whizzkid, Wotsee and Odyssey who were working hard on the mic each and every night.

There was so many sets that I enjoyed throughout the week but what stood out for me was Darren Styles set on Tuesday night. A very fresh set with a number of new tunes and remixes being played and MC Whizzkid was on fire. Hixxy and Storm’s opening and closing sets where phenomenal especially on the opening night as when Storm stepped on the mic the duo received a rapturous roar which really summed up the atmosphere, and to finish off the week with Toytown legendary stuff.

There were a number of good sets in the oldskool arena too including Ramos and Supreme with MC Knight who played some classic hardcore from 94-96 along with Nicky Blackmarket oldskool jungle selection. It was just refreshing from what was being played in the mina arena, it was good to see a number of hardcore ravers appreciating the oldskool jungle and having Mad P was the perfect icing on the cake!!!

But overall I really did enjoy the whole week, after coming out here in 2005 for Innovation in the sun, when they featured hardcore at the Revolution club. It was only going to be a matter of time before hardcore would have been shifted to the main stage at Colossus. Hardcore does deserve a stage like this abroad, the house heads have Ibiza each summer, the garage crew go to Ayia Napa and now hopefully the hardcore ravers can come to Lloret de mar!

Everyone was up for it each and every night with a great vibe, was great to see the artist’s getting amongst it with the ravers in the crowd when they weren’t performing and enjoying themselves.

Roll on HTID in the sun 2008!!

Massive Shouts to Hixxy, Joe Mark and Chris Lambert, Presha, Spruce, Garry K, Ripper and all the HTID crew, Storm, Whizzkid and Mrs W, Knighty, Druid, Marc Smith, Druid, Joey Riot and Abbie, Kurt, Mad P, Jason Kaye, Nicky Blackmarket, Five Alive, Unknown, Ramos, Supreme, Sunset Regime, Breeze and Jo, Brisk, Robbie Long, Dougal, Lisa Marie, Wotsee, Mr Nex, Gammer and Birdie, Twista, Faydz, Brooksy, Sharkey, D-Ice and Reality, Slipmatt, Force and Junior, K-Komplex, Kevin Energy Arkitech, The Doctor, Casper, Rude, Odyssey, Smiley, Squad-E, Marley, Ribbz, Squidgy B, Rush Dee, Lloyd and Ollie from Innovation, Sub-Terra, Kiera, Tony Res, H100, Jon Doe, Uplift and Kaylene, Charmy and Flyin.

Big Respects to Shaun, Lisa-Jo and Phil, Lisa, Mat Chat, Danny Smithers, Sallie, Sara, Emma and Lou Lou, Smithy, Hana, Nick Xero and Fi, Daz Rampant, Jason Savage, Damo, Hatty and Nicky, Rob JPS and Stacey, Julie Delicious, Rude Boy Rob, Paul EP, Gemma, Emma, Leona, Dave the Rave and the South coast crew, Petreciuo, Simon Overlode, Dave Ecksta C, Wilfee C, Vapour, JB-C, Wookie and Jen, Hardcore Mark, John Buzz B and Jen, Charl, Kelly, Kate, Krissy, and the Lowestoftians, Joe, Kate, Foggy, Magz, Gemma and the Burton Crew, Turkish, Mad Maz and Rachel, Mam and Laura, Clodhopper, Roxy, James and Charlie, Obie, Michelle Whizzfish, Mr and Mrs E, Nick RsI, Chris Mental, Taha, Pleasure Dome Mark, Cheese Burger and his American Friends, Andy Sykee, Emma and Powertoolz, Raver Baby1, Loopy Lin, Gillian, Gareth, Gsus, Astraboy, Ush.net and DSI crew, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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