Hardcore Til I Die
'The Peoples Choice - The Ravers Choice'
Air (Formerly code)
25th March 2005

Well it's the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend and what a way to kick-start the Easter weekend by visiting HTID at Air. With HTID carrying on with their individually themed nights, tonight's event was dubbed 'The peoples choice'. The Ravers dictated tonight's line-up by choosing their favourite DJ's and MC's to perform at certain times through out the night, using the online voting system on the HTID website.

Like previous HTID events at Air, tonight's event sold out well in advance with many ravers making use of the automated guaranteed entry text service to make sure they don't miss out on tonight's party.

We arrived in Digbeth just before 9 and were greeted by an extremely large queue tail backing down Heathmill Lane. There were plenty of mad for it people waiting eagerly for the doors to open. Luckily I was on guest list and was greeted by Hixxy on the door after a brief search from the friendly security and we were in.

On first were the Jellybeanz crew warming up the crowd, it didn't take too long for the dance floor to fill up. This was an interested set very experimental with various styles being played. They started off with some oldskool from '95 moving up the tempo and playing today's hardcore as they played 'Have You Ever', then started to drop some Drum and Bass over the Hardcore which went down really well.

Well after the Jellybeanz crew AMS was on next, like the previous HTID at AIR they kept the message service for people to send messages via to text to the large projector screen, which was situated behind the DJ box. I had a wonder outside and they had a variety of free fun fair rides on offer to including a Bouncy Castle and a bucking-bronto

At this point we decided to checkout the Nitrogen room as Ultrabeat's Chris Henry was on. Chris was playing a 'Scouse house' set which got the party bubbling up here, I enjoyed the 'Scouse house' being played as it's the right tempo for a warm up set nothing too fast and not too hectic. For those who don't know what scouse house is, basically it's old happy hardcore slowed down with a house beat behind it. Chris was accompanied by MC Ribbz he played 'Cry', 'Pacific Sun' also he played the Moby vs Enimen tune, which has the vocal 'nobody listens to techno' with the 'GO' sample behind it, which went down well.

After Chris Henry it was time for the 'Kick Off' set downstairs. The main arena was rammed to the rafters with hardly any space to move whilst Hixxy was on. Hixxy started the set with the signature theme tune to mark the kick off set. DJ Hixxy was accompanied by the MC ² duo of Storm and Whizzkid with mic's in hand and ready for battle. Hixxy played an upfront set featuring plenty of Raver Baby material to get the party going as he played 'Makin' me wanna dance', 'Fly Away remix', 'End of time' 'Scott Brown's Pro to*Plasm'. Storm and Whizzkid were rocking the crowd with their lyrics with plenty of interaction with the crowd with many ravers reciting their lyrics back to them. Hixxy also played 'End of time' and 'Just accept it'.
After the 'Kick off' set it was the turn of Next Generation's DJ Brisk, accompanied by Wotsee. It was good to see Wotssee back making a full recovery after his accident.
Brisk started of the set with the new remix of 'JDS's Higher love'. I didn't hang around for much of this set, as I wanted to check out the oldskool room.

Altern-8 was playing a DJ set Mark One was on the wheels of steel with Charlie B MCin for this set. Altern-8 was playing a 92-93 set with some dark side and early jungle tunes being played. As Mark played Bass Selective blow out,' a few Moving Shadow classic such as 'Got me burning up',' Feel good' along with Doc Scott's gem 'Here comes the drumz'

The oldskool room had a totally transformation as they got rid of the tables to make more dance floor space in here. The oldskool room started to get busy in here as people were getting in too see the Raver Baby Crew perform an oldskool set. The room started to hot up in here which reminded me of the Chapel arena at the Que club.

Step up Hixxy, Breeze and Styles accompanied by Storm and Whizzkid. This was an interesting set as these guys were playing a 91-94 set playing back to back. Hixxy was throwing more of the European influenced tracks into the set as he played 'Outlander - Vamp', 'Hypnosis' also and favourite of mine 'Give it to me baby'. The temperature started to rise in here, the security opened up the fire exit to allow a cold breeze in here.

Storm was MCing for the first half of this set and Whizzkid took over for the remainder. Storm's MCin to oldskool is amazing, as he was busting out some of his older lyrics, which I really enjoyed. Breeze and Styles played more 92-94 as they played 'DJ Business', 'Feel the heat', 'Music's so wonderful', 'Music for the people', 'In Effect', 'Hear me', 'Living in Darkness' Breeze finished the set with the Nebula II classic 'Athema (Confusion).

I was interested to hear what these three guys had on offer in the way of oldskool as it's not that often you get a proper oldskool set from these guys, and it's not often you get to see them mixing on vinyl these days as well. Though I did think the set went down well in here, Whizzkid's MCin suited well for this set to be honest he's very versatile as I've heard him MC not only to hardcore but of course oldskool and jungle, on all occasions he's done a fantastic job.

'Check one, Check two', yes it was the turn of the Jungle Techno kings Topbuzz. Jason Kaye and Mad P stepped up to take charge of the decks. Jason played a more 92 set at one point it seemed that Jason was playing a Prodigy back catalogue, he played 'Android', 'Pandemonium' and 'Everybody in the place'. It was great to hear Mad P as it's been ages since I've heard him, he was busting out plenty of lyrics with older members of the crowd reciting them back to him as he chatted the 'I can make you feel good like never felt before….' Jason played some other classics as such as Rabbit city's 'Cutter', T99's 'Anasthasia' and 'Kiss the sky'.

After Topbuzz it was turn of Quest and Flashback resident DJ Pilgrim. MC Energy of Illusion fame was MCin for Pilgrim's set as it looked like Robbie Dee was running late. Pilgrim was playing a 92-94 set speeding up the tempo from were Jason and Patrick left off. Pilgrim played the Hectic classic from Ramos and Supreme 'Crowd control' along with 'Can you feel it'' 4am' and 'Need your lovin' remix. Robbie Dee eventually turned up after being caught up in Blackpool earlier on. Luckily Pilgrim brought quite a number of record bags with him as it looked like Slipmatt was also running late too. Pilgrim rounded the set with 'Some justice', 'Bizarre inc's- Playing with knives' and 'Android'

Time for the final set of the night featuring the Quosh crew Sy, Unknown and Storm. The last time I seen these guys together playing a set was for Flashback June 2003 at Que club and boy it was worth the wait. Unknown started the set with 'Like a prayer' they continued to play other classics such as 'Heart of Gold,' Here I am', 'Shooting star',' Kick it', 'Devotion' and 'Elysium'. It was great to see the scratch masters at work playing together with Storm working off both Unknown's and Sy's scratch patterns with his vocal scratch. Well unfortunately it was that time for the Quosh duo to end as they finished their set with 'Dreadland'.

I really enjoyed tonight even though I spent a majority of the night tucked away in the oldskool room. The atmosphere in the oldskool room arena was electric with mixture of older and younger ravers raving together. The only qualm I have is that I think the message service on the screen needs to have some form of moderation, as some people were using as a way of abusing certain ravers and the artists performing.

Having not spent much time in the main arena it looked it was going off in there with plenty of up for it people having a good time. I think HTID has sent a message to the troublemakers and bullyboys that their attitudes won't be tolerated at HTID and other hardcore events.

To say a massive thank you, HTID will be celebrated their 1st birthday with a free party next weekend for all those that attended tonight so make sure you keep that golden ticket.

Massive shouts to Hixxy and the HTID crew, Storm and Sarah, Whizzkid, Pilgrim, Mad P, Breeze, Styles, Re-Con, Sy and Unknown, Mark One, Jason Kaye, Wotsee (nice to see ya back), Alex and Stacie, Robbie Dee, Marc Smith, Slipmatt, Ribbz, Ben and Katie.

Maximum respects to the ravers, Jon Xlr-8, Emma and Wookie, Andy Immz and Bertie, Andy Farmin, The Obviously girls, Craig, Stu GT, Strike, Cruze, Lisa and Lee UHF, Charlie and James, Jim and Damo at UKScene, Quavers and Mike at Born hardcore, Gareth, Purly, Lucy, Vic, Michelle, Andy M, Mark Mervin, Legs, Lisa-Jo and the rest of the USH.net crew also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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