Hardcore Til I Die
Mayday Madness
Ministry of Sound
1st May 2005

Well it's the Bank Holiday weekend and what way to finish the weekend by visiting HTID at the world famous Ministry of Sound, London. This was my first visit and also HTID's first visit to this prestigious venue. With HTID scouring the UK to find the finest venues that the country has to offer, how will hardcore go down at the Ministry of Sound?

The line-up featured not only all the HTID favourites alongside oldskool legends but also a room showcasing the best up and coming talent within the hardcore scene.

Leaving Birmingham we arrived in the capital for just after 9, arriving at the Elephant and Castle, via Hyde park, Parliament square, Millennium eye some of the great sights the capital has to offer. It took us quite some time locating the venue, I do like raving in London but the only problem it's poorly sign posted.

We finally found the Ministry of Sound located down some side street, which I didn't expect. Having parked up and secured our belongings we headed to the venue. We were greeted by quite a large queue, which edged onto the end of the street. Though it was quite fast moving and didn't have to wait too long before we got into the venue.

From the outside of the venue you could tell why this venue has got the reputation that it has. It looks very plush with massive projections of the Ministry of Sound logo projected on the walls of the venue and lighting up the night's sky.

After a thorough search we were inside the venue, once through the corridors of the Ministry you directly hit the oldskool arena. This arena is quite spacious with plenty of room to move plus located here is the main bar. The oldskool room was decked out with HTID logos and with mirror balls hanging from the ceiling.

Headed to the main arena and Robbie long was on warming up the crowd with some breakbeat hardcore. The sound system in here was rather quiet too from what I expected. At the front of the arena was located the DJ box with a stage at the front for the MC's to perform on. Either side of the DJ box was located some massive speaker stacks, though people did use these throughout the night to chill out on. The lighting in here was quite poor I thought, as it was quite dark in here most of the night, though the laser and strobes were quite impressive.

After getting my bearings I headed back to the oldskool room and DJ Jedi was finishing up he played the Moving Shadow classic from 2 Bad Mice 'Waremouse'. After Jedi it was the turn of Twista, I've never heard Twista play out before though seen his name on plenty of the HTID flyers. I was quite impressed to what he played, as he started the set with nu-skool breaks he played 'The outer space' remix and continued to play 'on my own' and 'Isotonik's 'Lets get down' which went down quite well. Nice to see DJ's Diggin out some classics.

Well I found the New breed room and The Jedi masters featuring MC Yoda were finishing up. Next up was Shauny C with MC Sykee, Shaun started the set with a mega mix, which is a compilation of his, and Abeynace's tunes ranging from 'Time to Fly', 'Have you ever' and 'Star Tonite'. The arena might be small but there were plenty of people in here supporting new talent, and also for HTID to give the new talent not only a chance to play at a high level but at such a world-renowned venue. Shaun continued to play a Raver Baby style as he played 'Only time', 'Be happy', 'Poison', '2Xtreme' and also 'Chennai'. After this set I headed into the bar to see N-Joi.

N-Joi were performing a DJ set, Raindance's MC Strict was on mic duty keeping the crowd hyped. N-Joi played some early techno tunes as they played 'Joey Beltram's -Energy Flash, 'The Vamp', 'Hurt you so' they finished the set with the Woostick remix of Moby's classic 'Go'.

In the main arena and Dougal and Gammer were finishing up, the sound system in here got turned up but not as loud as I expected it to be, especially with signs of excessive sound levels as you entered the main arena. Heard of Valve???

The main arena was really hot in here though there was some air conditioning as I located a spot at the front stage under a cooling vent, thank god. Gammer ended the set with 'Scott Brown's - Boomstick', which went down really well. Next up was the Next Generation showcase featuring Brisk and Ham with Wotsee on the mic.

Originally Seduction and Rude were supposed to be on at this time but swapped sets with Brisk and Ham. Which was a good idea I thought as this set was fast paced and stomping. Had it been on later I don't think I would have had the energy!!!
This was one of my favourite sets from the Next Generation duo, as they played 'Crazy love', 'Posion', 'Be Happy' remix and 'Dancefloor Termor', they also played some nu-style gabba tunes which were bloody amazing!

On at the same time in the oldskool arena Hixxy and Ramos going back to back with the teacher and ex student playing some oldskool classics. RSR's Ronnie G was MCin alongside Whizzkid MC. The set featured plenty of 94-95 classics as they played 'The slammer',' Let it lift you' and the RSR classic 'Sunshine'.
I've caught Whizzkid MC over a few oldskool sets recently and I personally think he does an amazing job over oldskool respect.

Back to the main arena and it was the HTID boss yes DJ Hixxy alongside MC Storm. Hixxy opened the set with a new remix of the oldskool classic 'Set you free'. Hixxy's set featured plenty of new material. Storm was hyping up the crowd as always and hurling friendly abuse at people sitting down, 'What you doing sitting down at a rave???' was all good jest. Hixxy played a new tune which features Storm's 'Futuristic Entertainer' rhyme, which went down really well along with anew remix of 'Pretty green eyes' along with 'Special D - Come with me'

Mark One of Altern-8 fame was on in the oldskool arena with MC Charlie B, Mark was playing some oldskool jungle with a couple of ragga jungle tunes thrown in too. As he played 'Conquering Lion-Code Red' and 'Original Sess' along with 'Ready or not', 'Bad Ass', 'Warhead' though he did cut the mix quite short… It was quite nice to see the Ratpack mingling with the ravers during this set, as both Mark and Everson were having a brock whilst the jungle was being played.

After Mark one it was the turn of Topbuzz who were slightly late as the Ratpack were going to swap sets. Well both Jason and Patrick turned up, Jason started the set with 'Doctor of dance' to get things going. He started to play quite a number of tunes from 1990. Plenty of early house tunes as well keeping the tempo quite mellow in here. Jason started to play some big tunes from '92 as he played 'Android', 'Charly' and 'Your love'. At this point I decided to head to the main arena to catch DJ Druid.

DJ Druid was playing a classic Rhythm Station set alongside MC Storm, playing some proper early bouncy techno tunes. Was good to hear this sort of style in the main arena of a hardcore rave just to break up the evening. Druid played 'Fuck my best friend', 'Cold as ice',' Peoples party' and 'The Antisocial- My way'.

Well after Druid it the turn of Sedcution and MC Rude, though at this point we decided to leave.

Overall I had a wicked night atmosphere was brilliant as a certain minority of ravers didn't turn up, plenty of up for it people. With it being a warm day it did get quite hot in the main arena, though there is numerous air vents dotted around the arena it's a matter of finding one to dance under.

I did think that it was quite over priced at the bar, as it was £3 for a bottle of water and £4 for a bottle of beer. I found it quite amusing watching the staff at the Ministry as every 5 minutes I noticed them walking around the venue with a dust pan and brush making sure the place was kept clean, which you don't' get to see very often at a rave venue.

There wasn't really a designated chill out area and plenty of people were just sitting around in the corridors leading to the main room but some other making use of the speaker stacks.

Have to say my hat goes off to HTID for finding a different venue rather than using Air and the Empire, I mean who would of thought of having hardcore at the Ministry of sound?

Best set's of the night has to be Brisk and Ham, especially with it being on early and Druid's Rhythm Station set playing some under played old bouncy hardcore.

Massive respects to Hixxy and HTID crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Brisk, Ramos, Ronnie G, Everson Allen and Lipmaster mark, Jason and Partick, Styles, MC Rude, Mark One, N-Joi, Charlie B, Chris Lambert, Twista and MC Strict.

Big shouts to Shaun and Leanne, Bertie, Doug, Purly, Gazy J, Craig, Mel, Skyee, Mike from Bornhardcore, Jim and Damo from UKScene, the lovely lady in red who brought me a drink (you know who you are!) Rob from True Hardcore, Kev, Carrie, Lisa-Jo, Michelle, Lee UHF, Andy Legs and the rest of the USH.net crew also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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