Hardcore Til I Die
"The UV Raver Party"
Air (formerly Code)

Tonight was the 3rd visit of Hardcore Til I Die here in Birmingham at club Air. This evening was named "the UV party", this is an annual event to be held at HTID. Not only that but at midnight I celebrated my birthday along with 5 years of raving!

This has been one of the most anticipated events since the line-up was released back in the summer, with HTID being a complete roadblock! Luckily for me, I made my reservations along time ago using the guaranteed entry number, and was ready to party!!

Well arriving into Digbeth just after 8 and meeting up with my friends we headed down to the club and was greeted by an enormous queue.
There was a lot of confusion to which queue people were meant to be in. The queue was split into paying guest list, credit card bookings, and pay on the door. Knowing that this event had sold out, surely there couldn't have been a queue for people with no reservations. Meaning everybody was queuing in one queue, with nobody actually really knowing what was going on. I wouldn't have liked to be ones queuing for hours and only to be told that the event had sold out!!!!!
We waited just under an hour to get inside, Hixxy was on the door greeting us as we went in, some recompense.

On the decks was next generations DJ Ham along side Robbie Long providing us with the finest nu-skool break beat they have to offer. It didn't take too long for the dance floor to fill up. The material that these guys were playing was unbelievable as it did feel like a drum and bass set, but not, if you know what I mean?!?!?!
I hope some of this material is to be featured on the fourth coming Next Generation album. Me likes what I hear!

During this set there were some crazy people walking around the venue, clowns on stilts and also I did think I spotted someone dressed up as Ali-G!!
I thought I'll have wander around the outdoor complex and see what they had, 2 fun fair rides on offer this time as there was no outdoor stage. Which would I have preferred an extra ride or an out door stage, answers on a postcard!

We headed up stairs to the oldskool arena and one of the midlands oldskool favourites was up, DJ Tango. Tango was playing a nasty dark core set playing a lot of obscure tunes from 93 with a few dark anthems thrown in such as New Direction. I didn't catch the MC's name but he seemed to be doing a good job he was even mouth scratching too and he did sound ok.

With 5 minutes left before I turned 24 we headed down stairs to catch the kick off set featuring Hixxy and Weaver along with MC's Storm and Whizzkid. This was one hell of a show and a half!!! As there was no podium in front of the DJ box this time round, there was a massive stage for these guys to MC on. Storm and Whizzkid hyping up the crowd moving from left to right. I've never heard of Weaver so I really didn't know what to expect all I knew was that he'd flown in from Australia.
I recognised some tunes, being Hixxy he was playing Raver Baby material. I caught my favourite tune of the moment from Clear Vu- I Adore, also End of time featuring Whizzkid.

After that set I headed upstairs to catch Topbuzz (Jason Kaye and Mad P). Looking around in the oldskool room I noticed a lot of the old Flashback faithfuls lurking in the shadows. This would have been the time that Flashback would of held their 8th birthday bash in Birmingham, but it's featured at next weeks Slammin. I don't think many of the Birmingham heads are going to be making the mission all the way to Shepton Mallet.

Jason started the set full of anthems but did sneak in a few dark tunes, as he played In Effect, Don't Go, Bombscare, Feel Better, and Dirty Games. I do wander what happened to all the tunes that he and Mikey B used to own when they used to play together? Topbuzz were distinguished for there quality jungle techno sets during the golden era of 91-92. Nevertheless Mad P did make up for it, as I don't listen to tunes being played, I tend to listen more to his chat. Jason ended the set in true fashion by playing some 95 jungle such as Black, Chopper and the classic from DJ SS - Lighter.

Well DJ Seduction was on next with his MC, MC Rude. I only caught the first few minutes of this set as I decided to chill out and grab something to eat.

What I like about HTID is that they do open the outside portion of Air as it does get kind of hot in there. You can also get a chance to catch up with people and grab a bite to eat too. Whilst outside I managed to get interviewed by Hixxy, lucky me!

Back to the oldskool room and a DJ that I've not seen for nearly 5 years Vinylgroover was on the decks. The last time I remember seeing him was back at Helter Skelter Millennium jam, he was accompanied with another face from the past MC Freestyle.
I only caught the first half of Vinylgroover set as I wanted to catch Sy and Storm.

It's been along time since I seen these two together playing an upfront set. I don't remember much of the upfront stuff that Sy played, apart from him playing his last tune the new "Dreadland" remix which Storm got the crowd singing too!

Well after Sy it was the man from Essential Platinum, DJ Dougal along with Whizzkid MC. Dougal was playing upfront as I remember him playing "Getting Better" and "Still the One". For the last pat of this set I decided to go back to the oldskool room and catch SL2 B2B with Altern-8.

Well I could only see Slipmatt here of SL2 fame and it was Mark One from Altern-8 playing along with the "Original Detonator" Robbie Dee. I really enjoyed this set as they were playing a lot of nu-oldskool along with the classics, such as "Higher state of consciousness", "Promise Land" and Urban Hype's "Trip to trupmton (feel the heat)", they ended the set playing the Prodigy classic, "Out of Space".

It seems that each rave I go to I just end up spending a majority of the time in the oldskool room listening to tunes that were made 15 years ago, just shows you can't beat these timeless classics!!

Well last set of the night and time for the "Morning Glory set" featuring Force and Styles along with MC Storm. Force started his set by playing oldskool as Force's first tune was the classic "Pacific sun", he carried on to play "Eye Opener", "Here I am" and then Styles took over playing upfront playing the new remix of "Cutting deep".

Tonight proved one thing and that Hardcore is back on the map here in Birmingham! Having sold out and with people travelling a good distance not just surrounding areas but as far as London and north as Manchester and Liverpool, just to get their hardcore hit! It just confirms that people are willing to support a Hardcore night were ever they are from!!

Hardcore Til I Die!!!

Big respects to everyone who wished me a happy birthday thank you!!

A massive shout to Hixxy and Mark Lambert (nice talking to you) for putting on a wicked show, also to Storm, Whizzkid, Rude, Seduction, Charlie B, Ben, Mark 1, Vinylgroover and Freestyle, Tango, Robbie Long, Alex Energy and Stacie

And not forgetting the ravers Leanne and Shaun, Sangita and Rachel, Jon Xlr-8, Wookie and Emma, Brian and Chris, Immz, Bertie and the Bromsgrove crew, Mark Mervin, Mad Maz, Astraboy, Charlie and James, Wizbit and Uplift, Sawyer, Olly Thumpa and Tansy and the rest of the USH.net crew and the Flashabck crew, Cheesy Quaver and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Apologies if you saw me acting like a fool, as I was extremely drunk, but hey it was my birthday blame my sis!

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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