The Summer Slammer
6th Birthday Celebrations
Saturday 13th August 2005
Club Creation

Tonight not only saw Illusion celebrate their 6th birthday but also using a brand spanking new venue in their hometown of Stoke-on-Trent.
With Illusion returning back to its hometown, the oldskool arena was once again showcased in the main arena alongside 3 other arenas.

Having a small detour around Hanley we finally arrived at club creation for just after 9:30. Club creation has it's own on-site car parking facilities which is very handy. From the outside the club looks really nice and lush similar to that of a super club.

It was already raining and we headed to the club there was an enormous queue already building up, and yet the club had been open for two hours, so you know it was going to be a busy night.

We was greeted on door by MC Energy and got our stage and vip passes sorted out. The bouncers were very strict on the door as I had a thorough search including the insides of my trainers.

Once inside we headed directly for the main arena and it was huge, in front of the DJ box was the main dance floor and there were two podiums either side for people dance in. Around the outskirts of the main arena were some comfy chairs for people to chill out in.

There were posters of tonight set times located around the venue but it looked like Nicky blackmarket didn't show up which was a disappointing as I was looking forward to some oldskool jungle from him.

Pilgrim and DJ Energy of Quest fame were on playing a 92-93 set with plenty of party tunes to get the place rocking. Pilgrim and Energy played ' Closer to all your dreams',' Cutter-Beyond control',' Some justice', 'Dreamfinder', 'Panic' and 'Music so wonderful'. Illusions resident MC Nitro was on and later was joined by MC Connie.

At this point I decided to have a wander around the rest of the venue, to locate the other arenas. The techno room was situated very close to the main arena and it was rammed in here with people stomping away. Straight through the techno room was the Hardcore arena and DJ SY was on alongside MC Wotsee. Having been to Fruit club the night before I didn't hang around in here too long. Going though the toilets in here leads you back directly to the main arena. Though what was shocking is that the toilets in here were unisex though there were separate gents and ladies.

Back in the main arena and DJ Blonde was on playing oldskool jungle in a quick 20 minute set throwing many tunes as he could fit into his set with very little mixing. He played 'MA2-Hearing is believing', 'Incredible', 'Arsonist',' Chopper', and 'Dread bass'. There was really no mixing just felt as if he was banging out as many tunes as possible in the short space of time available. Seeing that Nicky Blackmarket had cancelled, I guess he was just making up for what we had missed.

Next up was one of the sets that I've been waiting for Vinygroover B2B with DJ SY with MC Freestyle on the mic. This was an awesome set with these two going back to back. Playing a 94-97 happy hardcore set with plenty of the more underground tunes and a few tunes that I've not heard in a very long time.

Sy and Vinylgroover played' 6 Days', 'Airhead', 'Sensation', 'Now is the time' and 'Love of my life'. Freestyle was great on the mic looks like him and Vinylgroover are residents as they've played at every Illusion since last November. They pulled a few gems out as they played the RSR classic 'Sunshine, and Seductions 'Imagination' thanks for the rewind MR SY!! They ended the set with the Kniteforce classic 'Take me away' awesome tune.

Carrying on with the happy hardcore theme was Dougal and Magika, playing a quality Dreamscape set. Dougal played plenty happy hardcore anthems such as 'Feel free', 'Together Forever', 'Feelin fine', 'Steamtrain' and 'Heart of Gold'. Dougal ended the set with 'Pretty green eyes'. Magika looked a totally different person compared to last week at HTID, to be honest he's better off as an oldskool MC s that's what he does best, rather than trying to MC to new hardcore.

Well next up was supposed to be Slipmat and MC Jay J, but unfortunately this was another cancellation. So who better to replace Slipmatt than Pilgrim and Glenn Aston playing back to back. The midlands duo played a classic Flashback set, plenty of the Flashback tunes being played just a shame Lenni wasn't on the mic. They played 'The Slammer', 'Living in Darkness', 'Can you feel it',' Essence of aura' which switches the tempo half way through the tune and went down really well with the crowd.

Glen and Pilgrim continued to play the Prodigy classic 'Outer Space' with everyone singing along, and 'Express yourself', before ending the set with Rachel Wallace's 'I feel this way'. Glen would normally have played a Belgium type 90-91 set, which both of these are superb at, though having to play short notice in the main arena he had to use Pilgrim's records and they definitely did a great job with what they had especially at last minute!

Final set and what I've been waiting for in ages, the Kinetic duo of Brisk and MC Connie. This was an awesome set and definitely not for the faint hearted really bouncy yet it was oldskool similar to what Carl Cox used to play. Connie was superb on the mic complementing Brisk. Brisk played a few 92 tunes such as 'DJ Business' and 'Head in the clouds' before moving onto some of the harder stuff with a very big Dutch influence. Brisk played a number of bouncer stompers as he played ' E-Creation' an early tune from evolution before finishing the night with the Club Kinetic anthem from Diss reaction 'Jiieehaaa'

Overall what an awesome night from the Illusion team, is unfortunate a few cancelled though with their being a few other nights on tonight was hard to fit everyone in I suppose.

The atmosphere was magnificent with plenty of up for it people having a great time. I really enjoy coming to Stoke very friendly crowd lots of happy faces. The new venue was superb a really nice swanky club too, don't think their used to people coming in here without shoes and shirts. I do think that the night was very successful and hope to visit Illusion back here, as it looks like Keele is now out of the running for the time being. I really would like Illusion to get a late night licence at a future Illusion as leaving at 3am doesn't feel right as you still wanting more!!!

The best part of tonight was the oldskool being back in the main arena as to be honest the previous event at Manchester wasn't didn't meet my expectations. Tonight definitely made up for it by far.

Best sets has to be Brisk's oldskool set as I was gutted that I missed his oldskool back in November last year, so I was definitely not going to miss it a 2nd time round. The energy and mixing was amazing throughout this set. I also really enjoyed Sy and Vinylgroover set this went down really well, they didn't stick to many of the big happy hardcore anthems in comparison to Dougal's set

Massive respects to Alex, Stacie and the Illusion team, Pilgrim, Glenn Aston, Brisk (Your going to make me have a heart attack before I'm 25!!!!), Man parris, Sy, Vinylgroover, Freestyle, Marc smith, Connie, Wotsee, Rude, Smiley, Andy Techno and Marie.

Shouts to Jon Xlr-8, Will, Luke, Kerry and Birmingham crew, Sarah and the Northampton ladies, Carrie, Maz, Andrea (Happy 21st), Lee UHF, Olly Thumpa and Tansy, Ryan platinum, Overload, Kev Pikey, Smash, Mr and Mrs Darkside, Sam and her fella from wolves (original Flashback crew!!) Damo and Jim at UKScene, Shazza Spannered and Dave, Sammi from Rizzen also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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