5th Birthday celebrations
6th November 2004
Keele University

Tonight Illusion was celebrating 5 years of oldskool madness. With all ticket outlets selling through the roof and the only tickets left being those reserved on the door you knew tonight was going to be a full house!

It's been along time since the last Illusion nearly 6 months ago, but it was definitely worth the wait. Tonight's line-up featured an array of stars from past and present, some old and new names. There was a live PA and album launch from the old kinetic boys record label, non other than DJ Brisk!

Well we left Birmingham for round about 7pm and go into Keele for about 8:30pm. Parked up on the university complex so we knew the car was safe and headed for the venue. We got there and there was not much of queue, being greeted by the friendly security and after a brief search we were in.

This event was on during the university's term time the number of rooms allocated to Illusion was slightly reduced compared to previous events held here. There was no Shelly's reunion room as the main room's music policy was strictly Hardcore and classic house. The games room featured upfront Hardcore, and downstairs in the dungeon was the drum and bass room featuring ATM magazine.

The production in the main room was terrific the draping on the ceiling glowed under the UV and with the lighting and the crazy laser going off into the crowd throughout the night. In the centre of the dance floor was a platform for people to dance on, on the main stage was two video projection screens featuring videos from past raves including a very young Jumping Jack Frost. The speaker stacks on the dance floor were huge and definitely loud!!! The production keeps getting better and better after each visit!

Manchester's XTC was on playing a classic house set to get the party going playing some classic tunes such as The Prodigy classic 'Everybody in the place' and Xpansions 'Move your body'. Illusion's very own MC Energy was on mic duty with MC Nitro.

I grabbed a drink, the prices here were very reasonable being a student union and then we headed to the Hardcore room. Kniteforce's legendry Luna-C was on, playing a rolling set as he played a few classics such as 'Take me away' remix and the new tune from Jon doe aka CLSM 'Transmission to Mars', which went down a treat.

After Luna-C it was the turn of Vinylgroover and MC Freestyle, and what a set this was! He played a wicked 95-99 set littering the set with classics, starting with some early Hectic tunes such as 'Heaven', 'Take me away', 'SMD # 4','Here I am'. During this set the room was bouncing and the heat was taking its toll though it was definitely worth it! Also the sound system started to play up and at some point's the microphone would just cut out.

Half way through the set I nipped out to catch Easygroove and Daz Willot in the main room. They were playing an early old house set with tunes such as 'Got me burning up', 'Closer to all your dreams' and 'Far Out'. Amnesia house's old boy Man Parris was on the mic during this set.

Back to the Hardcore room and Vinylgroover was still on he carried on playing tunes such as 'Eternity', 'JDS- Higher love' and started to change the direction of the set moving onto playing a few more upfront Hardcore tunes such as 'E-logic - The gate' and Scott Brown's 'Basic Nature'.

Near the end of the set Whizzkid MC joined Freestyle on the mic. Illusion's MC Energy a little drunk I may say, got on the mic and delivered a speech to thank us all for the past 5 years!

After Vinylgroover it was the turn of the Raver Baby head honcho aka 'Tha Boss' Hixxy.
With other events on tonight some of tonight's billed artist had to swapped as it was advertised Hixxy would be accompanied with Storm and Whizzkid. Well with one half of the MC2 duo Whizzkid did not fail to tear down the house. His beat boxing style is amazing as I really enjoy his MC chat 'Let's Roll'. Hixxy was playing a mixture of old and new tunes he started the set with 'Better than Life' and played 'Eye opener remix', '24-7', 'Still the one', 'Crazy Love' also 'End of time' featuring Whizzkid MC.

Brisk was on in the main room accompanied by another club Kinetic legend MC Connie. I've never heard Brisk play an oldskool 93-94 set before but I really liked what I heard.

Well what happened next…………….. It seemed that there was an evacuation as the fire alarm was set off. I'd like to give maximum respect to the security for getting everyone out of the club within 10minutes. Had something did kick off it did prove that the security team would be able to evacuate the club safely. Whilst waiting to be let back into the venue some individuals decided to throw plastic cups at the security yet it weren't their fault. We even had a visit from the local fire brigade. Well after an hour and everyone slipping in the mud, we were eventually allowed back into the club, it took a bit bit of time to swing back into things.

Headed to the Hardcore room and Storm had arrived along with MC Wotsee, Brisk was on playing back to back with Devastate. They played a bouncy set Brisk played the Ruffneck classic Jiiieeehaaa. With the mic cutting off during the set it finally took it's toll as Storm and Wotsee decided to leave. Well it was PA time in the main room from Liquid.

With all paraphernalia on stage Liquid were in the house, though it was a bit too short for my liking with his MC on stage hyping up the crowd. On his keyboard Liquid played 'Sweet Harmony' and 'Liquid is Liquid'. An underrated tune and yet so dark!

After The Pa we decided to grab something to eat and chill out for a while.
Back to the main room and it was time for Swan'e and Mad P.
Swan'e played a 92 set as I thought he was going to be touching a bit of a jungle tip seeing as he was accompanied by the Jungle Techno MC, Mad P, but he played a pure 92 set littered with anthems from 92. Swan'e played tunes such as 'Just a little love', 'Head in the clouds', 'The bouncer'. With Mad P on mic rolling with his unique style this was an enjoyable set as Swan'e played Topbuzz's 'Living in Darkness' with Mad P rhyming over the tune it just sent a shiver down my spine with delight!
With the shenanigans of earlier I thought we would of got an extra 30minutes but unfortunately this was not the case. As he finished the set the crowd called for one extra tune, which we did get, Awesome 3's 'Don't Go' with Mad P getting crowd participation as he chatted 'rushing on jet plane' chat. With Mad P now back in demand he's been writing up some new material as he was using some lyrics that I didn't recognise.

Well overall this was an amazing night, proving that Illusion are not a small oldskool night in the midlands with people travelling as far as London to get their oldskool kicks, things can only get better! The atmosphere was electric with a real party atmosphere the crowd were definitely up for it. Was a shame about the fire alarm going off as it did take sometime to get back into the swing of things.
It's unfortunate that Illusion can only get a 3am licence, as it would have been nice for the event to run till the early hours of morning, Though the event does start at 7pm so that does make up for that and plus leaving at 3, you still have that buzz wanting more.

Set of the night for me was Vinylgroover's oldskool happy Hardcore set. I really enjoyed this set as I do miss all the old happy Hardcore that once used to get played from 95-96. Gave me chance to dance away me blues.

Massive shouts to Alex and Stacie and the rest of the Illusion crew, Storm and Sarah, Whizzkid MC, Mad P, Man Parris, Brisk, Hixxy, Luna-C, Smiley, Wotsee Rude, Vinylgroover and Freestyle.

Big respects to the ravers Jon Xlr-8, Andy Techno and Marie, Olly Thumpa, Jim the 'Click-aholic', Ken, Bubble from Jellybeanz and the crew and also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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