I've not been to stoke for quite along time for a good hardcore rave, tonight was the launch night of a new upfront hardcore night, JEDI. Stoke embroiled in hardcore history with their famous Club kinetic, tonight had some of kinetic's old faces including the DJ Brisk and mc Connie.

Originally planned to be at club Metz it was moved to a venue not so far away
This club is a little bigger than what I first expected compared to club Metz, the lighting was ok for a small club also there was a small laser within the DJ booth.
As the beats got the harder the sound system started to suffer, as the sound system during the first half of the night did cut off, but this was sorted quickly.

We arrived around ten greeted to the sounds of hardcore past DJ's D-Lite and 2 Step were on the wheels of steel playing some of my favourites from yester-year, including Scott Browns classic, now is the time along with sample mania also a couple of vocal tunes including surrender (free me from despair there's so much to share…) this set was bouncy a set that you would have found DJ Brisk playing around '95
The mc was on the dance floor mc'ing to the crowd I think his name was gazy-j part of the organised chaos crew I think.

Next up was the one and only and the ravers favourite DJ Sharkey, he was accompanied by no other than mc Storm. Sharkey played a very hard set, as during his set the sound system couldn't cope. He played a different set to what he played last week at Slammin. Including pilgrim, techno rocker, party zone and fly with me, he also played some really break beat tunes, which felt like modern jungle / drum and bass sound to them, the way hardcore once used to sound. It was really good to hear these types of tunes. Storm was really amazing I've not seen him on fire like this for quite along time. I think it maybe different mc'ing to a small crowd compared to the large scale arena's such as the Que club and sanctuary as the atmosphere is totally different at these types of nights.

Next up was DJ Benson of vibealite fame Storm was mc'ing again for him as well, I've not seen this DJ before he played a mixture of labels mainly hixxy's jelly baby stuff and a couple of tunes off blatant beats, also he played a tune that I've not heard for years expansions which is a top tune, (I've not heard this tune since '99) He played a couple of tunes off Scott browns evolution label such as neck breaker, turn up the music I think he also played chase, he finished the set with last years major anthem your shining. At the end of his set he was giving away some cd's which as during his set his name was being chanted as he had his a band of loyal ravers with him.

Well up next was mr evolution Scott brown, he was accompanied by club kinetics very own mc Connie. This set was hard very hard you could tell who the hardcore were during this set. He played some new material which I didn't recognise but played a couple of classics off the bonkers album including rock you softly and definition of badboy which went down really well with the crowd.

Last but not least was Brisk, Sharkey started to mc for his set then Brisk was accompanied by his long time mc Connie. Brisk started were Scott brown left. Playing it hard and fast, Brisk was also using cd's as well as it seems easier to get new tunes our on cd rather than vinyl these days. His set was filled of remixes including Eye opener and the bee gee's classic Hold me now.

This was a good night, this was the opening night and had a good turn even with the last minute change of venue it was still rammed. There was a large northern presence in the crowd here, its good to see people travelling high and low to support hardcore.
Big shouts to XLR-8, Thumpa and Sawyer, Cruze also nuff respect to Storm & Sarah, also Brisk, sharkey, Scott brown, mc energy and to midlands up and coming DJ Eon.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007