Bank Holiday Special

Well this was something new for the Koncept crew as for the past few months they've been running fortnightly nights at Bar Academy. But tonight was the turn of the Bank Holiday Special, an all-nighter located at the Dance Factory, Digbeth.

I arrived at the Dance Factory after 10, to be welcomed by a queue that stretched out quite far back, seeing the queue as big as this you know that night is going to be busy.

I walked direct into the main room and saw that it was kitted out nicely with large projection screens on either side of the DJ booth and with a mad laser, though I think that they did over use the smoke machine a bit. But the only real downer was that the sound system wasn't really up to scratch.

Up first was DJ Escape playing some wicked tunes, including Number One. With Koncept resident MC's Smilee and Maveric later on accompanying him.

It didn't take me too long to find the UHT room, it was quite small and more of a chill out room with big comfy chairs to sit on. In there was DJ GT. I was expecting mainly oldskool to played in there but to my delight GT was playing upfront hardcore.

Back to the main room and next up was people's favourite Nicky Blackmarket, Nicky played a wicked set similar to lasts weeks at Slammin'. New Breed's MC Foxy and also Herbsman joined him. It's been along time since Foxy was in Birmingham and he was enjoying himself loads hyping up the crowd. Nicky played tunes such as Dual Voltage, R-Type remix also the Hyper D Tribute song Move Ya body.

After Nicky it was the turn of Leicester's DJ SS I didn't hang around much for this set as UHT's Glenn Aston and Nexus were on. They were playing an oldskool 89-92 set, playing some wicked tunes from yesteryear such as Cosmos and Dibs - Star Eyes and Outlander's Vamp, with Glenn finishing the set with Keep The Fires Burning.

After Glenn it was the turn of DJ Ponder, he was playing a 92 set. He started with the Altern-8 classic Evapor-8 and he also played DMS - Vengeance, then threw in a few anthems to keep the crowd happy such as the Prodigy's Your Love and Liquid - Sweet Harmony. Even though this room was tiny it was good to see people raving to the oldskool tunes being played.

Back to the main room once more and Formation's Twisted Individual was on, Biggie was MC'ing for his set, and he played a lot of new tunes including many his own, such as Rusty Sheriffs Badge and Bandwagon Blues.

A quick check back to the oldskool room saw DJ's Unison and Cybergroove on, they were playing a dark 93 set littered with old jungle classics. Tunes I heard included Dark Soldier and Set Speed. A slightly drunk DJ Escape was giving it some in here (he he he).

Back to the main room and finishing the night were resident DJ's Alpha and Konspiracy. Alpha played his own tune along with Brockie's System Test.

It was quite good to see that the Dance Factory was being used again for nights on its own, to see so many people representing, and knowing that after the closure of the Que club Birmingham can still put on great nights and pull in a crowd.

The only downside really was the sound system, but with new nights coming these are just teething problems. During the night the promoter did apologize to me about the sound system and said it'd hopefully be sorted for the next one. I took this opportunity to tell him I couldn't believe how they managed to blag GQ for it!!!

Overall it was a wicked night, and something new and refreshing for the Birmingham scene.

Massive shouts to Justin at Koollive, the Koncept Crew, Nicky Blackmarket, Foxy, Glenn Aston and Nexus, Alpha, Escape, Biggie, Astro, Ross, Zoë + Colette, Ricky also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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