Masters of the Past
Q Club
Friday 4th July 2008

Masters of Past teams up with Birmingham’s very own MC Lenni to present the next instalment of this midsummer oldskool bonanza. The line-up featured many of the legends from the rave scene with careers that span over 10 years. Not only was there a monster line-up in the main arena of the Q club but this was toughened with a drum and bass to match.

Arrived down the Q Club and was greeted by fast moving queue after a brief search I headed straight to the main arena and caught DJ Ratty. The main arena was dressed nicely with a number of inflatables hanging from the ceiling and bright murals dotted around the arena.

The Midlands scratchmaster DJ Ratty was on entertaining the crowd whilst the main arena was slowly filling up. Ratty was playing a 93 set playing a number classic such as ‘music Box’, ‘Tales from the darkside’, ‘Dark matter’ and the new J-Tek remix of ‘Final conflict’.

Up next was DJ Reaction who covering as Slipmatt was running late. Reaction flipped the switch and went for a 92 piano direction a very euphoric set. Reaction littered the set tracks such as ‘Nurosis’, ‘Tell me why’, ‘Can’t stop the rush’, ‘Origination’. MC Ranski was doing the mic duties keep the crowd lively as we waited on Slipmatt.

Slipmatt finally arrived and was accompanied by MC Jay J. It’s been an absolute age since I last saw Jay J on the mic more than likely when Flashback was here 5years ago. I was expecting a PA featuring Lime but Lime was no where to be seen.

Slipmatt was playing a variation of nu-skool breaks alongside oldskool classics and got the crowd rocking as he dropped anthems including ‘Bombscare’, ’Kinetic’, ‘Injected with a poison’, ‘Beyond control’ and Pete Bouncer’s ‘Raving im raving’

MC Jay J was entertaining the crowd throughout the set with his classic lyrics that I’ve not heard in years. I felt the mic was not up to scratch as Jay J was constantly having to battle with the sound engineer.

When Slipmatt dropped Charly the crowd went berserk! Slipmatt continued to play ‘Closer to all your dreams’, ‘don’t go’ before closing off with ‘Way in my brain’ and the timeless track form the SL2 crew ’On a ragga tip’

After one legend to another as it was PA time from XL records Liquid. Liquid was here tonight performing a Live PA.

Liquid was armed with his laptop and keyboard and played live ‘Liquid is liquid’ and ‘Sweet harmony’. Liquid played a few other tracks including ‘House is a feeling’, ‘The year 3000’ and ‘Music’ along with some new material.

The PA went on longr than the crowd anticipated and shortly after the main arena dance floor dispersed very quickly into the other arenas. I’ve never seen a dance floor empty like this in my life.

Ray Keith was quickly drafted from the drum and bass room and into the main arena. The main arena started filled up once again as soon as Ray Keith laid down the jungle slammers.

Ray Started off his set with the jungle anthem from Shy FX ‘Original Nutta’ and continued to play ‘It’s the way VIP’, ‘Valley of the shadows’ and ‘Hearing is believing’

Lenni finally made his way on the mic and got his Birmingham crowd rocking on the stage he once ruled during the Que club’s hey day. Robbie Dee joined Lenni briefly on the mic as the pair went back to back.

Ray Keith continued with a classic jungle set dropping ‘Worries in the dance’, ‘Champion sound’, Shadow boxing’ and ‘Watchin windows’ before finally closing with ‘Dirty games’

Better late than never was the Jungle Techno Kings the one and only Topbuzz were in the house. Topbuzz carried on from where Ray Keith had left off with a jungle selection. Jason opened up the set with ‘It’s a jazz thing’ and continued to play ‘Dubplate’, ‘Helicopter’ and ‘Champion sound’

The voice of Topbuzz Mad P was on the mic and rolled out with his infamous lyrics which were recited by the older members of the audience. Jason rolled out for the remainder of his set with ‘Peace love and unity’, ‘Yes yes’, and closed off with ‘PFunk era’ as Mad P recited ‘Were leaving on a jet plane…’ lyric

With the delays on the motorways Bryan Gee was moved into the main arena and played alongside Fabio as we had a back to back special from the two jungle legends.

The pair opened up with DJ Nut nut’s Special dedication and continued to play ‘Roll on’, ‘Renegade snares’, ‘Li Li’ ‘Being with you’ and LTJ Bukem’s ‘Atlantis’ a favourite of mine ! Lenni was back on the microphone and was joined by his partner Ranski along with Robbie Dee.

V Records legend Jumping Jack Frost joined took over from Bryan Gee and Fabio to play the final set of the evening. Jack frost went for a full on Drum and bass slection as he got his set underway with Shy FX’s remix of ‘Chopper’,

There were quite a number of tracks from Jack Frost’s V records label being showcased throughout his set as he dropped ‘Angles’ ‘Set speed’ along with Capones ‘Friday’. Ranski did the final set of the night on the mic with the remaining ravers left in the building.

The turnout was quite disappointing considering the size of the line-up as there were only enough people to fill the main dance floor hence why the balconies were not open. Had this line-up been in the Que club a few years back it would of ben fair to say that the venue would have been busy. Though it has proven times have changed with people now in raving retirement.

The other gripe was the sound system which was not really up to scratch tonight with it cutting out a few times and you couldn’t not hear the mc’s through the mics at numerous times throughout the night.

Shame as this does not reflect on the performances of some of the artists tonight, thought it didn’t really help with their being a crash on the M6 delaying many of the artists by up to an hour in some cases.

There were some really good sets tonight especially from Slipmatt was enjoying his 92 selection with some of the nu-skool breaks thrown in. Also liked Fabio’s jungle selection was a shame that Topbuzz were on for a short space of time but with the delays on the motorway a lot of sets had to be shifted as Pilgrim and Sy ended up playing the back room.

Massive shouts to Lenni and Jo,Tek Prime, Billy and the Masters of the Past crew, Vicki, Nike and Jade, Escape, Ranski, Sy, Pilgrim, Reaction, Una and Dave Manik, Jason and Patrick, Ratty, Robbie Dee, Jack Frost, Ray Keith, Fabio Scarlett, Skitty, Hods, Spencer, Kirri, Tina, Astro, Sanj and Jenny, Emma and Sean, Claire and Donna, Sam, Cybergroove, Sue and Julie, Luke, Amy and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognize

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007