Easter Bank Holiday Special
Sunday 8th April 2007

After enjoying the Boxing Day bank holiday special at Turnmills, I didn’t want to miss the next event as Primal returned back on Easter bank Holiday with an awesome line-up. The artist featured on tonight’s line-up was immense but once again it was the oldskool on offer that really tickled by taste buds. The bank holiday events hosted by Primal feature some of the best from the drum and bass circuit spread across 3 arenas at Turnmills.

Having left Birmingham at 8 we arrived in London just shortly before 11 headed down to Farrigdon and located Turnmills close by. There was a reasonably sized queue outside and security was ensuring the queue was moving quickly. After receiving a brief search from the security we were inside the venue.

For those of you who haven’t been to Turnmills before the upper level is a café heading down a flight of stairs, we were inside a rabbits warren where the 3 main arena were situated.

Headed straight to the oldskool arena DJ’s Ben J and Dissect where finishing up. Ben J was playing a 92-93 set dropping the likes of ‘Never Felt this way’ and a classic from Basement records ‘Sounds of house’, there was no mc at this point so the music was doing the talking. The oldskool arena was busy with people were eagerly waiting for the Amnesia duo to arrive.

Doc Scott arrived with Man Parris and was ready to kick things off in here, Doc Scott played numerous classics from that would have been played at the infamous Eclipse / Edge up in Coventry. Doc Scott was playing a tuff hardcore set that featured classics such as ‘Force mass motion’, ‘Such a feelin’, along with his own timeless masterpiece ‘NHS’

Man Parris was tremendous throughout this set complimenting Doc Scott throughout and with the material that Scott was playing Man Parris was in his element. Doc Scott stepped up the years and played a number of darker tunes dropping in the timeless classic from Topbuzz ‘Living in darkness’ along with ‘Drummer of doom’.

I thought I’d have a wander around the venue as Turnmills is like a maze with loads of different rooms, it’s quite easy to get lost inside here. After finding my bearings I managed to locate the Red room and Full Cycle’s trio of Dj’s Krust, Die and MC Dynamite were on.

This arena was rammed jammed with hardly any room to move especially at the front with loads of people peering into the dj box. Krust and Die were playing lots of forthcoming material from the Full Sycle label along with Die’s remix of ‘Get closer’ and ‘Keep on moving on’. Dynamite was doing what he does best and hyping the crowd up from within the small dj box.

Following up was the set I was another set that I was looking forward to featuring the mighty Randall along side the guvnor Andy C with GQ doing the mic duties. As soon as these three stepped up within minutes the arena was completely rammed like a sardine tin with practically next to no room to move.

Randall and Andy C didn’t disappoint either with was a mind blowing set from these two. There was a variety of tunes being played with loads of party tunes mixed up with a number of rollers through out. Tunes such as ‘Downlow’, ‘Faith in Kaos’, ‘Drop it down’, ‘Busted’ and ‘Ladies Night’, where featured by these two.

With Andy C playing back to back with Randall it was guaranteed that Andy would tease in a number of yesterdays tunes to spice things up. Andy was teasing classics such as ‘Renegade snares’, ‘Helicopter’, ‘Dark solider’ and ‘When angels fell’. GQ was absolutely tremendous throughout the set with his powerful voice echoing through the walls within this arena.

Oldskool legend and Kenny Ken were about to step up in the oldskool arena so I quickly dashed there for the remainder of the night. Kenny Ken played a classic 94-95 set with MC Bassman plenty of classics from this era of drum and bass with the likes of ‘The burial’, ‘Set Speed’, ‘Intelligent woman’, ‘Calling all the people’ and ‘Hearing is believing’.

Bassman was livening up the crowd with own style of mcing with the one-liners and dirty lyrics which kept the crowd entertained through out Kenny’s set. Kenny continued to play ‘London’s most wanted’, ‘Superhero (My knight)’, ‘Bass II dark’ before closing up with the raga jungle classic ‘Code red’.

It was a great night down in Turnmills a friendly atmosphere from the crowd with plenty of people who were up for it all night making a nice vibe throughout the club.
I do feel that the arena used to host the drum and bass should be moved to the liquid room making more room to shock out.

Especially when you got the likes of Andy C, Randall and The Full cycle crew headlining in this arena, as when Andy and Randall stepped up there was next to no room to move even the sides where taken up and people having to resort to raving on the stairs before being moved by security.

There where some great sets being played I particular enjoyed the Amnesia house classic set from Doc Scott and Man Parris, as every time I’ve tried to catch the duo, I’ve missed them but tonight was definitely worth the wait and they definitely lived up to my expectations !

Another successful night from the primal team good to see nights like this on offer with such a strong line-up for as little as £12 definitely value for money a bargain of a night out in the capital !

Massive respects to Lee at Primal, Zoë and Colette, Satin, Man Parris, Doc Scott, Bassman, Kenny Ken, Tara, and Thalia , Cybergroove, GQ, Ripper, Krust, Die, Storm, Andy C, Randall Dynamite, Shy FX, Bryan G, MC Justyce, Fabio, Irah and Blackmajik and also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007