Ram Records
Xmas Party
The End Nightclub
Friday 15th December 2006

Ram Records one of drum and bass biggest record labels giving us various timeless classics such as ‘Valley of the shadows’, ‘Quest’, ‘Night Flight’, ‘Turbulence’ to name a few. Every two months the Ram records crew, takes over one of central London’s popular night club’s The End, a club which is co-owned by The Shamen’s MR C and host their own night.

DJ’s from the Ram Records crew including Shimon, Red One, Subfoucs and of course the legendary Andy C all have residencies here, with Andy C showcasing a 2 hour long set, along side special guests.

After experiencing my first Ram Records night back in September this year, I wanted to check this night again before the year is out. With tonight’s line-up featuring Hype and Bryan Gee playing an oldskool set, some of the special guests I didn’t want to miss this Xmas party!

Meeting up with friends in Birmingham we headed down to London and arrived in the capital just before 11pm. After short taxi ride from Victoria to The End we arrived at the venue and were greeted by a large queue which spanned round the back of the venue.

Luckily we brought our tickets in advanced as the Ram parties are always guaranteed to sell out and didn’t want to be queuing out here in especially on this frosty winter’s night. Queuing didn’t take too long as the advance ticket queue was moving quicker compared to that of the normal queue.

After a brief search from the security in the clubs foyer we where inside the venue, walking down a flight of stairs which leads directly to the club. The club has a very underground feel to it, as the way the main room is laid out it resembles an aircraft hanger with its low ceiling. The main room is quite dark with the DJ Box located in the middle of the dance floor, where most of the crowd was congregated watching Shimon.

At the back of the room was located a set of large speaker stacks and the other side was the lighting box. There was a massive projector screen located just above the box which had some mad visuals going on.

Shimon was dropping current tracks such as ‘Dumpling’, Game over’ and a new remix of ‘Screamer’ which sent the crowd wild! MC Fatz was mcing for him, with his wireless headset lurking in the dark corners of the crowd allowing Shimon to have the full attention from the crowd.

Following on from Shimon was one of Ram Records newest additions Subfocus, Fatz continued to MC for Subfocus but was later joined by MC Dynamite. Subfocus was working the crowd playing ‘X-Ray’, ‘Aliens’, ‘Back to the oldskool’ remix and teasing in ‘R-Type’ sending the crowd ecstatic with junglists slamming the walls down calling Dynamite for the rewind! Dynamite was amazing for his duration of the set hyping up the crowd which he naturally does!

Next up was the first special guest of the night from Cardiff, Hospital records very own High Contrast. Was an interesting set from High Contrast expecting him to play a mellower / liquid style set but it he played quite a grimey rumbling set. Had a wander around the club and located the 2nd room which was where the main bar was. Bar prices were quite expensive than that of bars back in B’ham but hey it was xmas and everyone was celebrating!

Back to the main room and High contrast was finishing up dropping tracks such as ‘Gold Digger’ remix and ‘Racing green’. Well it was time for the 2hour set from the gu’vnor Andy C.

Andy and MC Dynamite opened the set with the new ‘Screamer’ remix, Andy continued to play ‘Where’s my money’, ‘Spaced invader’ and ‘Outter space’. Whilst teasing in crowd favourites such as ‘Digital & Spirit’, ‘Rah’ and ‘Nosher’.

Dynamite continued to mc for Andy hyping up the crowd with his lyrics and a number of chats from classic jungle tracks for the crowd to participate with. It wasn’t long before GQ took control of the mic, GQ was immense with his powerful voice controlling the crowd, without resorting to chat too fast and talking when he felt necessary.

Andy continued to take full advantage of the mixer using it to its full potential and continued to tease and mix in tracks sending the crowd wild. Andy was teasing in ‘Lighter’, ‘Nightflight’ and of course ‘Renegade snares’. The Ram man carried onto play ‘Aliens’, ‘Hand grenade’ remix, ‘Rockstar’ before finishing up with ‘Special place’.

From one record label to another as the 2nd special guest was Ganja records very own DJ Hype. Hype and GQ another great MC and DJ combination as these two work extremely well together. Hype was quite impressive scratching on the decks which he is world renowned for.

I enjoyed Hypes set, with him not turning up in Birmingham few weeks back so I was curious to what he would be playing tonight. Hype was playing Dillinja’s ‘Bell tune’ along with ‘Voodoo people’, ‘Everyday’ remix and a tune which samples the guitar riff from the ‘Apache’.

Hype was also showing off some of his turntabilsim skills that where an essential part of his early DJ career mixing in two copies of Dillinja’s ‘Holla’ teasing the crowd who going mental before allowing the record to finally drop. Hype carried onto play ‘Represent’ remix, ‘Snap shot’ and ‘The Nine’.

Penultimate set came from the final special guest, as Valve recordings very own Dillinja stepped up with veteran Kool FM MC, MC Moose. Dillinja was out here tonight to put The Ends sound system through its paces, testing it to the limit with some gut wrenching tracks including ‘Who’ and ‘Download’. I didn’t catch all of Dillinja’s set as in room 2 was a special oldskool set from V recordings very own Bryan G.

I’ve heard Bryan G play a few oldskool sets in the past but tonight he surprised me as he went back, I mean way back to ’92. The V recordings legend opened the set with ‘Compnded’ and keeping it 92 he continued to play ‘We are IE’ and ‘Gonna be alright’.
I was quite surprised by his tune selection as I would have thought he would have played stuff mainly from V and Philly Blunt.

There was a much older crowd in here whilst Bryan was on, as he was taking them back on a musical journey. Bryan stepped up the years as he began to play the timeless classic from Topbuzz ‘Living in darkness’ ’93 remix which sent the dance floor wild, Bryan carried onto playing ‘Music box’, ‘Fresh Jive’ and ‘Dubplate’

Well what a great night that Ram records hosted tonight, atmosphere from the crowd was definitely something. I like the way the club is laid out especially where the DJ box was situated, as it gives the club a nice intimate family atmosphere.

The DJ sets lived up to my expectations thoroughly enjoyed Andy’s two hour showcase as he really never disappoints with his mixing. GQ’s presence added that extra zest to both Andy C and Hype’s set.

The Ram nights are definitely not worth missing, especially with the clubs unique atmosphere. The end reached full capacity leaving many people out in the cold. It was well worth the journey from Birmingham and would definitely love to visit the Ram nights more often in 2007!

Respects to Zoë and Colette, GQ, Andy C, Hype, Bryan Gee, Dynamite, Five Alive, Ash-A-Tak, High Contrast, Joanne and Carl, Friller, Tara, Tasha and The Driver.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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