Random Concept
Music Forever Album Launch
Air (Formerly Code)
Friday 8th April 2005

Tonight was the album launch of Charge recordings album 'Music Forever'. This was my first visit to Random Concept, after hearing how successful the first event was I wanted to check out Random Concept for myself.

Random Concept does not only feature drum and bass but also makes full use out of the other 2 arena's that Air has to offer, with a Breaks and Liquid arena's.

I arrived just after 10:30 and was greeted by quite a slow moving queue, the queue didn't start to move until 11. The dress code policy of tonight was no caps or hoods and security were enforcing this code. As they were actually taking people's hooides and caps off them and placing them into a cardboard box, I wander if they would receive their items back later on in the evening.

Emptying my pockets and a brief search I was in, walked straight into the main arena and Garry K was finishing up. MC's Presha and Biggie were MCin, at this point the main arena started to fill up.

After Garry K it was the turn of DJ Fresh, Fresh was playing plenty of his own material along with some old Bad Company classics mixed in, as he played 'Torpedo's', 'Floodlight' and 'Tombraider'. Fresh's new material is featured on the fourth coming Music Forever album. Presha and Biggie were hyping up the crowd, as they were MCing back to back.

During the set Presha was throwing in whistles and horns into the crowd to try and encourage some participation from the crowd. The main arena was rammed at this point, there was not much room to move, especially at the front of the arena.

Next up was DJ Blame, I've not heard him last play out. So I was very interested to hear what Blame was up to these day's, as I know him for more his early stuff on Moving Shadow. Blame started the set with 'Screamer', he played 'Mysterons', 'Rah', 'Submarines' and teased in 'The Nine'. Skibadeee turned up to MC for Blame's set hyping up the crowd with his infectious squawk, as he is the 'Lenny Henry' of the Drum and Bass world.

To follow up from Blame it was the highlight of the evening as it was the main man from Charge, 'Mampi Swift', with his partner in crime 'The El Matador' IC3 accompanied Swift. Swift's set was awesome with double drops and impact mixing. This set was on for two hours he dropped numerous tunes playing some old favourites along with new as he played 'All that jazz',' Outter Space', 'In the grind', 'Floodlight' and 'Play me', teasing in a few favourites such as 'The One', 'Turbulence' and 'Dubplate'

IC3 and Skibadee were MCin back to back for the first hour then after IC3 was left on his own. With the energy that Mampi has from his mixing I swear he could be gabba DJ as there is not time to stand still when he's on the decks! Near the end of Swift's set saw the arrival of Dynamite MC.

After the showcase from Charge, DJ Friction was up next, this was one of my favourite set's Dynamite and Fearless were on MCing back to back. I really enjoyed Frictions set, he played plenty of my favourites tonight mixed in with plenty of new tunes too. With Dynamite and Fearless working off each other, giving the set that extra edge.

Friction dropped an old favourite of mine 'True romance', along with 'Nosher', 'Outter space', 'Back to your roots' and 'Aint too loud'. Andy C was running late so Friction had to play an extra 15-20 minutes, but I don't think he didn't mind as he looked like he was really enjoying himself behind the decks!
His last tune was heavy rocking the dance floor I don't what he played but it does have a Dillinja sound to it!

Finally Andy C did turn up, Fearless MC'ed through out his set a classic DJ and MC combo! Andy's set was rocking teasing in many tunes with his quick fire mixing sneaking in 'Renegade Snares', 'Turbulence' as he played 'Black tarantula' 'Back to the oldskool' and 'Spread love'.

With Andy turning up late he finished his set at 5:20 as apposed to 5. As the crowd got one extra last tune he finished the set with the new 'Burial' remix he sneaked 'Trust me ' over it.

Overall I had a good time tonight, I didn't venture much out of the main arena, though I did have a peak in the breaks room, as I do enjoy breaks with it's oldskool vibe to it, though the room was empty. There is a night dedicated to Breaks at Air, though I think it would bring a totally different clientele especially with Shut up and Dance headlining legends in their own right. So hopefully that should be busy.

There were no dancers or even the live break dance show, which was a bit disappointing though there must have been a valid reason for them not being here tonight.

With the text message board being used at Air, I do think that it does really need some form of moderation, as there were plenty of abusive messages targeting some of the artists tonight. I know there's having a laugh but some of it is beyond a joke.

The crowd here tonight was similar to that of previous Accelerated Culture nights at Air. I didn't see any trouble or any moody vibes, with plenty of people enjoying the music raving and having a good time.

Massive shouts to Fearless, IC3, Andy C, Biggie, Garry K, Chris Lambert, Zoë + Collete, Ben, Amy + Chris, Escape, Alpha (good to see you man!!), Mello from District, Brian BK, Oly Thumpa, Mandrake, Munkeh and the DNBA midlands crew and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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