Random Concpet
In association with Drum and Bass Arena
Carling Bristol Academy
Saturday 12th August 2006

Since Random Concept returned earlier this year they have been touring around the UK hosting events in Swindon, Birmingham and London.
Tonight they touched down at the Bristol Academy, Bristol is well known for its drum and bass scene as Bristol is the home to the infamous Roni Size and Full Cycle records, with a number of events happening on a weekly basis.

Arrived in Bristol after 9 and easily found the Academy, Chase and Status were up first warming up the crowd DJ Status of Chase and Status was up first tonight. It wasn’t long before the main arena had filled up.

Status was playing ‘Loves theme’, ‘Hand Grenade’ remix and ‘Bounce’ to warm up the crowd with MC Presha who joined Status mid way through the set. The Bristol Carling Academy is a concert venue, with a massive stage at the front of the arena with a large dance floor and a double layered balcony over looking the dance floor.

The Balcony was decorated with Random Concept hanging boards also at the front of the main stage and behind the dj box was a massive projector screen. Sound system in here was loud thought it could have been louder but it was good enough to feel the bass!

Eksman and Herbzie took over from Presha on the mic, DJ Hype was running late and Status continued to play ‘It’s a jazz thing / All crews’ remix, ‘Who’ and ‘The beginning’ remix. Finally Hype arrived, better late than never!

Hype was accompanied by MC’s Eksamn and Herbizie for a majority of this set with the addition of IC3. These three were mcing back to back and getting the crowd really hyped up with IC3 getting plenty of crowd participation.

Hype rocked the dancefloor with tunes like ‘Warhead’, ‘Represent’, and ‘Snapshot’ whilst teasing ‘The nine’. With him being late his set was quite short with him playing for bout 30 minutes.

After Hype a bit more punctual Andy C with MC Shabba D were up next. Andy was dropping in tracks like ‘Selector’, ‘Blood sugar’, ‘Number one’ and ‘Bounce’. Teasing in various tracks like ‘Ska’ and ‘Style baby’ whilst working the mixer to its full advantage.

Foxy took over form Shabba on the mic mid way through this set. Foxy was getting the crowd hyped up with his lyrics he also got Andy to rewind a track 3 times. Foxy was joined on stage by the Vixen dancers who have started to feature at various events up and down the UK.

Following on from Andy C was the turn of one of my current favourite DJ’s, DJ Friction, Foxy continued to MC for Friction. Friction was mixing up on three decks showcasing his amazing deck wizardry that he possesses.

Friction played the new remix of ‘Back to your roots’, ‘Where’s my money?’, ‘Follow the vision’ and ‘Who’. Mid way through the set Foxy and was joined by MC Fearless and these two started to spar off each other as they decided to mc back to back. The crowd were really enjoying these two as they mc’ed off each other.

Fearless mced for the duration of Friction’s set, Friction continued to drop ‘Number one’ and ‘Twist em out’ before finally ending his set with ‘Blood sugar’.

Next up was Mampi Swift, Swift in true fashion was playing a really hectic set mixing tunes in and out as he does naturally whilst double dropping and pulling off various teases. Tune selection was spot with him dropping ‘Distressed signal’, ‘It ain’t too loud’, ‘X-Ray’ and ‘Style baby’.

Fearless was mcing for a majority of this set and was later joined by the ‘Black Tarantula’ aka MC Spyda. These two were mcing back to back working off each other really well. Swift carried onto to double drop and tease in various tunes like ‘Rah’, ‘Hi-Tek’, ‘Dubplate’ and ‘The one’.

Continuing where Swift left off was Mickey Finn who was next up on the 1210’s. Mickey was playing a set with a few ragga influenced tunes. With Spyda working on th mic gave the set that extra umpth as Spyda is known for his raga style of mcing really complimenting this set. Mickey played a few crowd pleasers such as ‘Ghetto story’ and ‘Who’.

Penultimate set of the night came from the Metalheadz chief and drum and bass’s very own superstar the one and only DJ Goldie. I really enjoyed Goldie’s set as he stayed away from many of the anthems and tunes that most of the other DJ’s played tonight.

Goldie was showcasing tracks off the ‘Headhunterz’ LP and of course material off the mighty Metalheadz label. Not only were there 3 decks on offer but a set of CD-J’s which Goldie made full use off playing plenty of upfront and brand new material.

Goldie dropped ‘Re-dial’, ‘Talk to frank’, ‘Cambridge hardcore’ and ‘Fear heaven’, awesome tracks and definitely testing the sound system in the academy! Spyda mc’ed for Goldie with his raga chat not running out of breathe nor lyrics and keeping the crowd ticking.

To close the proceedings tonight was DJ Krust representing Bristol’s infamous Full cycle crew with MC Fun. With only 30 minutes left we decided to make tracks and head home.

This was my first visit to Bristol for a Drum and Bass night and I really enjoyed myself tonight, having previously ventured down to Bristol for Hardcore Heaven. The crowd tonight were really up for it great atmosphere and friendly vibes, definitely worth visiting Bristol in the near future!

Impressed with a number of sets particularly that of Friction and Goldie. I enjoyed Goldie mainly for his selection having not resorted for the current top 10 and playing plenty of unreleased material making use of the CDJ’s available. Friction impresses me every time I see him it wasn’t that long ago when I never heard of him to be honest and he’s exploded on the drum and bass circuit with his mixing and tune selection upwards and onwards!

Massive respects and shouts to Mark, Garry K and the Random Concept crew, Fearless, Eksman, IC3, Zoë and Collette, Andy C, Friction, Goldie, Micky Finn, Spyda, Foxy, Helen, Ben, Tori, and the Up the Cut crew, Sarah, Vicki, Jade and the Vixen Crew, Fun, Presha, Drum and Bass Arena crew, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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