Random Concept
Featuring the Valve Sound System
Saturday 27th May 2006

Random Concept finally returned back to Birmingham after a good 12 month break, tonight Random Concept teamed up with DNB infest and Metropolis to bring a star studded drum and bass line-up to Birmingham. They also brought with them Dillinja and Lemon D’s mighty Valve sound system to rumble the walls of Air.

It’s been along wait since the last time the Valve system has been in Birmingham the last being nearly 2 years ago. I’ve only witness the Valve system a few times so I was definitely looking forward to catching the system back in Birmingham.

Headed into Digbeth shortly before 11 and was greeted by a colossal queue stretching down the road, reminded me similar to that when they had the drum and bass awards winners party here. Guessing with the Valve system featured here tonight and the return of Random Concept back to Birmingham many people didn’t want to miss out on tonight.

Queuing didn’t take too long and after a quick search from the security team headed straight for the main arena to find Garry K finishing up with Eksman and Tonn Piper on the mic, warming up the early crowd. The main arena was already busy with the club only been open under an hour there were plenty of ravers brocking out.

The main stage and dj booth was totally transformed at the front of the arena with Valve kitted out the front of the arena with sky high speaker stacks subs and bassbins.

Following on from Garry K was the turn of Mickey Finn was playing a rolling set as things were already under way, Eksman and Tonn piper were joined by Accelerated Culture’s resident MC, MC Presha. Was good to see Eksman added to the bill last minute, I enjoyed Mickey’s set he started off with some raga jungle tune and played ‘Roll slow’ featuring Eksman along with ‘Deep’, ‘No1’ and ‘System check’. When system check dropped the crowd went wild hearing it on the Valve system shaking your innards!

Next up where the duo responsible for this astounding sound system, Dillinja and Lemon D. Dillinja started up proceedings on this immense system dropping some dirty tracks to test the system in this super club. Dillinja and Lemon D dropped ‘Girls’, ‘The Vault’, ‘Take me all the way’ and ‘In the Grind’. They also dropped a DnB remix of Kanye West’s ‘Goldigger’ this got the crowd shocking out hard!!! Foxy was mcing for the Valve duo and did an awesome job of hyping up the crowd with plenty of ravers getting involved with lyrics Ouch!

After the Valve duo was the turn of two of the hottest producers in the scene at the moment Chase and Status. Birmingham’s very own MC Biggie was on mic duty for this set rocking his hometown. Biggie was later joined by MC Det on stage. I’ve not heard Chase and Status play out but heard of their production work and was quite impressed with their set as they played ‘Bambatta’, ’Represent’, ‘Quest’, ‘Aint too loud’ and their own track ‘Druids’. During this set saw the arrival of Vixens dancing on stage but with the speaker stack so high you couldn’t really see them, shame though as I’ve heard so much good stuff about them.

Headed upstairs to Nitrogen arena and caught the tail end of Dangerous D’s and in time for DJ Escape. Escape and Bassman were on the arena was quite busy whilst Escape was on with Bassman. Escape opened his set with Hazzard’s ‘Ninja Technique’ and continued to play ‘Scare Dem crew’, ’Only one way’ and ‘No1’. Showcasing plenty of material from 3D-Mode, nice to see this room packed out whilst Escape was on!

Back downstairs and DJ Krust on playing an awesome set, GQ and Fearless two of my favourite drum and bass mc’s going off together, what more can you ask for?
I didn’t recognise many of the tunes that Krust was dropping but there was some serious rumblers being played. Krust did play ‘No1’ and ‘Follow the vision’ remix which went off big time but there was one certain tune that he played which made my stomach rumbled on the awesome sound system.
GQ and Fearless were rocking the crowd as these master of ceremonies do best, many ravers reciting Fearless’s lyrics and GQ there to compliment the music with his powerful voice.

Penultimate set of the night was from the guv’nor Andy C and MC Shabba D. Andy started the set with TC’s ‘Jump’, this literally got the crowd bouncing Andy continued to play a mixture of new and old’ish tunes within his set. Andy played ‘The vault’, ‘Pacman’ and ’Swamp thing’. Andy teased in ‘Renegade snares’ whilst playing ‘Airplane’, Andy dropped ‘True romance’ a favourite tune of mine which sounded immense on this system as the bassline rattled through my body.

Final set of the night was from Nicky Blackmarket featuring MC Juiceman on the mic for the final 60 minutes. Nicky played a heavy jump up set plenty of crowd pleasers from him. Nicky dropped’ Warhead’ remix, ‘The beginning’ remix ‘Selector’ and ‘All crews/ It’s Jazz thing’ remix. Plenty of remixes of old classics tune going round at the moment being played, some good work too!

It’s been along time since Random Concept or Accelerated Culture have visited Air the previous visit being last summer. Rather than having a permanent home now, they have decided to take the name further a field, as they’ve began touring up and down the UK. Earlier this month they were at the Brunel rooms in Swindon and in June there heading for the capital at the world famous Ministry of Sound. I guess with Raveology hosting regular events at Air in Birmingham it would be unfair for both promoters to be competing against each at the same venue.

Overall I did enjoy myself tonight and was about time that the Valve sound system returned to Birmingham shame that it wasn’t the full system as it was about 1/3 of the full system. It was loud tonight but I fort it could of been louder, had Dillinja and Lemon D brought the full system there wouldn’t be much dance floor space left in the main arena.

The atmosphere was top notch not any trouble and everyone definitely up for it all night, security weren’t taking any risk as there were full stringent searches with a strict door policy as they had decide to use an outdoor cloakroom for people who turned up with hoods and caps.

The only downside really is the drinks prices at Air which isn’t the promoter’s fault just the way Air work, they were only serving bottles and mixtures all night at the bar which can make it a rather pricey night.

Massive shouts to Mark and Chris Lambert, Garry K Joe and the rest of the Random Concept crew, Fearless, GQ, Dillinja, Lemon D, Eksman, Mickey Finn, nicky Blackmarket, Foxy, Biggie, Escape + Amy , Bassman, Devise, Hazzard, Magika

Big repsects to Zoe and Collete, Lisa, Helen, Brian Bk and sean, Pete and Charlie, Benny, Scott Munkeh, Astro, Taz, Trackin, Mairead, Ricky B, Scott, Trackin, Rich, Maggie, Kayleigh, Michael Syz and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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