2nd Birthday
Air (formerly Code)
Friday 28th April 2006

Tonight was not only the return of Raveology at Air but also Raveology were in full party spirit to celebrate their 2nd Birthday here. To treat the midlands drum and bass fraternity tonight’s line-up consisted of 3 of the biggest pioneers in the drum and bass world featuring LTJ Bukem, Goldie and Roni Size, a star studded line-up to say the least!

Headed down to Digbeth just after 10 and was greeted by a massive queue which covered the outside circumference of Air. There was a strong presence from security as Raveology were determined to make this party 100% trouble free, there was a strong security presence with sniffer dogs patrolling the queue along with the local police.

Queuing didn’t take too long as the queue moved quite quickly, I was greeted on door by Raveology’s MC Magika, after a quick natter I headed down to the search tables were the security team were carrying out stringent searches.

Straight to the main arena and DJ Devise of 3D-Mode records was finishing up. Wolverhampton’s DJ Dangerous D was on next and the main arena was looking very busy. The main arena was kitted out with a massive Raveology banners at the front of the arena in front of the DJ booth, floating above the main stage was a net of balloons ready to be dropped latter on in the evening. The large projector screens above the DJ box was displaying tonight’s set times along with information about forthcoming Raveology events, dotted around the main arena was various graffiti and rave murals.

Dangerous D’s set, set the mood for the party getting everyone bouncing with his tunes as he dropped ‘Tink ur bad’, ‘2 Bad’ and a tune featuring MC Eksman ‘Semi automatic’ lyric which got the crowd rocking.

After Dangerous D it was the turn of Birmingham’s very own True Playa the DJ Hazard, MC’s Hidro and Skeeze were mcing for him. I enjoyed Hazards set playing plenty of upfront tunes featuring many of his own along with a few classics for the crowd as Hazard dropped ‘All the way’,’ Selector’, ‘You don’t need to know’, ‘Use your brain’ and ‘Girls’.

Headed upstairs to catch Glenn Aston, Glenn was playing a ’93 set, plenty of darkside tunes and bass rumblers. Glenn dropped a few crowd favourites along with a favourite of mine ‘Let’s Go’ remix from Nasty Habits aka Doc Scott an awesome tune, Glenn continued to play plenty more of ‘Ruff beats’, ’Darkage’, ’Anthema’ and Ratty and Tango’s ’Tales from the Darkside’. I enjoyed Glenn’s selection of tune from the ‘93 era, as Glenn stayed away from playing typical anthems from this era of the rave scene.

DJ Escape was on next after Glenn Aston, Escape was playing an upfront set with MC’s Hidro and Jaff doing the mic duties. At this point I headed downstairs to catch the Metalheadz main man DJ Goldie.

I was looking forward to his set especially having missed most of it when I was in London over the Easter bank holiday as he was on very early. I was not left disappointed at all from Metalheadz guv’nor. MC’s Bassman and Fozz were on the mic hyping up the crowd on stage. Whilst Goldie was on the main arena was rammed like a sardine tin. There was not much to room especially at the front of the arena though the crowd were going wild to Goldie!

Bassman was tremendous on this set working the stage with his lyrics getting down and dirty with the crowd. Halfway through Goldie’s set the net of balloons exploded onto the stage with MC Bassman showing off his football skills kicking balloons into the crowd.

Goldie’s set was immense he dropped ‘True romance’, ’Dubplate’, ‘Angel’ remix and ‘Murder tonight’ definitely testing Air’s JBL sound system, to its limits by playing some deep bass and rolling rumblers !

Headed back upstairs and Nicky Blackmarket was on, I was expecting the 2nd arena to that be a bit empty at this point considering that Roni size was on downstairs. Infact the oldskool arena was very busy. Nicky was playing tune’s mainly from 96-97 onwards plenty of crowd favourites such as ‘Poison Ivy,’, ‘The Beginning’,’2 degrees’, along with The Streets ‘Has it come to this’ remix which got the crowd brocking!

After Nicky’s set I headed back downstairs to catch the legendary Roni Size with MC Dynamite. Roni Size was here with his laptop with the Final scratch programme set up and mixing using two records throughout the set. To be honest you couldn’t notice much different well I couldn’t from that of vinyl.

With Roni being one of drum and bass’s prolific producers him using Final Acratch gave him the perfect opportunity to play plenty of new material straight off his laptop to the ravers. He did throw in numerous crowd favourites as he dropped ‘X-factor’, ‘All crews’ remix, ‘Jam Rock’ remix, ‘Follow the vision’ and ‘Out of breath’.

Dynamite MC was tremendous on the stage mcing to the crowd hyping up with his lyrics using his hip-hop and drum and bass style to his full advantage. Back upstairs and DJ Pilgrim was on playing a nu-skool breakz set.

Pilgrim’s set was very interesting as I’ve not heard him play breakz before but it went down really well as the crowd was definitely enjoying it. There were plenty of tunes which sampled many oldskool classics as I recognised ‘Vamp’, ‘Sweet harmony’, ‘Every body’s free’ all being sampled throughout his set.

Back downstairs for the final hour and Simon Bassline Smith was on with Drumsound along with MC Youngman. The main arena was still busy for the final 60 minutes. I was very impressed with this set to be honest and it’s been a while since I last heard Bassline smith play out.

Bassline smith and Drumsound where promoting their forthcoming album from technique recordings. They played ‘Follow the vision’, ‘System check’, ‘The beginning’ and an old favourite of mine ‘Ska’.

I really enjoyed Raveology’s return to Air was definitely worth the 4 month wait! Especially having the 3 biggest names in drum and bass today this was a night that I wasn’t’ going to miss. The atmosphere and vibe tonight was spot on didn’t notice any rude boy element nor bad vibes at all in both arenas plenty of people were up for it having a great time.

Goldie’s set definitely was one of my favourites fair play to him for playing as he was in crutches still recovering from his leg injury he recently endured, Glenn Aston’s though the only thing that let down Glenn’s set was the number of mc’s who jumped on the mic and slightly ruined his set. Another set I liked was Bassline’s smith with him playing last set his selection was excellent and kept the party jumping into the early hours.

The 2nd arena I felt lived up to it’s expectations compared to the previous Raveology event at Air. Many of the DJ’s did play oldskool rather than going for the drum and bass route like the previous event.

Massive shouts to Magika and the Raveology crew, Glenn Aston, Pilgrim, Mistress Mo, Goldie, Bassman, Nicky Blackmarket, Dynamite, Hazard, Devize, Escape and Amy, Mark and Chris Lambert

Big respects to Zoe and Collette, Helen, Jessi, Brian BK, Benny, Scott, Cheeky One, PM, Robes, Jaff, Amy, Mairead and to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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