3rd Birthday
‘The Award Winners Ball’
Air Nightclub
Friday 27th April 2007

After staging their first awards ceremony earlier this year Raveology teamed up with innovation to present The Award Winners Ball. Not only was this a party to commemorate the achievers from the awards ceremony but also celebrating 3 years of Raveology.

Tonight’s line-up featured the finest from the drum and bass world, as there were many of the winners from the awards party, including numerous artist who were making their Raveology debuts at air too. These included Zinc, Mampi Swift and the number one DJ Andy C!

Arrived in Digbeth shortly after 10 and there was a queue that spanned around the perimeter of Air nightclub. The queue was moving quickly after receiving a brief search from the security team. I headed upstairs to the carbon lounge which had just opened to catch Shauny C who was playing a classic hardcore set.

Shauny started off his set with Vinylgroovers classic ‘Groove control’, Shaun kept it mainly 94/95 throughout his set lots of breakbeat classics being dropped ‘Rush hour’,’7 ways to love’ and ‘ Bust a new jam’. There was no mc during this set but would have been ideal for Magika to have been on the mic, Shaun’s set reminded of the classic Dreamscape sets that Dougal and Magika once used to perform together.

Straight after Shauny C we headed downstairs to catch one of the sets I was looking forward to, featuring the award winners of the best Oldskool category Nicky Blackmarket and MC Bassman. The Oxygen arena was rammed whilst these two were on playing a classic jungle set.

The awards ball was once again sponsored by Sir Benni Miles and the main arena was decorated with plenty of murals supplied by them along with Raveology’s very own banners too. The main arena was rammed wall to wall with ravers who were taking up every free spot on the dance floor.

There was a great selection of oldskool jungle being showcased from Nicky as he was going through the years, from late 94 right up to 98 giving the Raveology crowd an education in drum and bass. There were lots of classics being featured such as ‘R-Type’, ‘Champion sound’, ‘Terrorist’, and ‘Champion DJ’.

MC Bassman was tremendous on the mic hyping up his Birmingham crowd with his infectious lyrics whilst getting rowdy and nasty with the crowd. Nicky continued to step up the years with some jump up classics like ‘Warhead’, ‘Man of steel’, and‘2 Degrees’ along with Capones ‘Friday’ an awesome track!

Following from Bassman and Nicky Blackmarket was one of the midlands biggest Hip Hop acts Moorish Delta. This was a new concept to Raveology mixing the night with drum and bass along with uk hip hop. Unfortunately this didn’t work out as expected, Moorish delta emptied the dance floor.

It wasn’t long before DJ Zinc came along to save the day which saw the dancefloor rapidly filling up within in minutes. This was also Zinc’s first appearance he was joined by MC Rhymes whilst the main arena filled upto full capacity once again.

A great set from Zinc with a variation of styles playing from the mellow liquid vibes to some darkside rollers and jump up party anthems as he was dropping the likes of ‘More fire’, ‘Bandwagon poos’ and ‘Game over’. Rhymes livened up the party atmosphere hyping the crowd with his lyrics and flow. Zinc was also showcasing lots of forthcoming releases from his Bingo beats label with tracks such as ‘Who you are’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Stepping stones’.

After Zinc finished headed upstairs to the Nitrogen arena as Kool fm’s Funky flirt and Profile were on, the Nitrogen arena was very busy whilst the Kool FM London pair were on up here. MC Carasel was on doing the mic duties and did a good job allowing the music to do the talking, keeping it quite minimal. I enjoyed the selection of tunes from Funky Flirt and Profile with tracks like ‘Represent’ remix, ‘Rah’ and ‘Where’s my money’.

Back to the main arena and the award winning combo of Andy C and Eksman stepped into the arena, this was also Andy C’s first ever appearance at a Raveology event and Andy C didn’t disappoint the Raveology faithful at all. Just before he started his set Andy received his award as he was unable to attend the Raveology awards.

This was a colossal set from the pair with Andy playing numerous party tracks throughout with tunes like ‘Rock star’, ‘Nosher’, ‘Ladies night VIP’, ‘Back to your roots’ and ‘Downlow’. With Eksman chatting numerous new lyrics confirming why he is an award wining lyricist mc, whilst sending the crowd into a mad frenzy.

Andy C was making full use of the mixer, using it to its full potential with numerous teases off some classic tracks such as ‘Friday’, ‘Dark soldier’ and ‘Nightflight’. Eksman was joined by fellow New Breed mc’s Fatman D and Herbzie, they were all sparring off each other and went back to back on the mic.

After Andy C’s set it was the turn of another winner as TC who took to the decks, his set featured many of his own production work which is tearing the drum and bass dance floors including his award winning track ‘Rockstar’ along with ‘Where’s my money’, ‘Game over’ and ‘Bounce’.

Herbize and Fatman D carried onto mcing for TC’s lots of back to back mcing from these two with a brief appearance from Eksman to spice things up. TC’s set featured ‘Busted’, ‘Get closer’, ‘0121’ before finishing of with ‘Pornstar’

Next up was a special guest set from the Metalheadz legend Goldie, Goldie flipped the switch in the main arena and played a dark rolling set showcasing plenty of tracks from his fourth coming 3rd album ‘Malice in wonderland’ along with his Metalheadz label too.

MC Fozz and Biggie where mcing for the drum and bass celebrity, with Fozz’s minimal lyrics to allow the music to do the talking combined with MC Biggie’s crowd hyping abilities, the Birmingham duo worked very well together. Goldie dropped ‘Ladies night VIP’, ‘Monkey boy’ and ‘Vanilla’ before finishing up with the remix of Jonny L’s ‘Piper’.

Next up was another artist making his Raveolgoy debut Mampi Swift who was accompanied by Manchester’s shadow demon MC, MC Trigga a surprise addition to tonight’s line-up. Trigga rocked the crowd with his energetic style of mcing working the stage and hyping the crowd in all directions with a brief appearance from MC Funstuff. Mampi Swift true to form performing plenty double drops and teases through out his set dropping tunes such as ‘Kloaking king’, ‘Rah’, ‘Signal’, ‘Special place’ and ‘Download.

Final set to round off the 3rd Birthday party, came from the award winning producer Birmingham’s very own DJ Hazard. A great set from the Tru Playa and what a way to finish the night, his set featured his current dance floor slammer ‘Busted’ along with ‘Beast city’, ‘Weston riddem’ and ‘Get closer’ remix. Trigga was accompanied by the late arrival of MC Fearless who hyped up the crowd, ensuring no-one was left standing with his lyrics and energetic style that Fearless possesses.

What another successful night from the Raveology crew, a great way to celebrate 3 years of Raveology. Tonight Raveology had the cream of the crop with those who achieved highly at the awards ceremony.

The only downside really was the addition of Moorish delta in the main arena, unfortunately they had emptied the dance floor but luckily enough Zinc came on and saved the day. It was good to see Raveology trying something different mixing up both the best of UK hip hop along side drum and bass. It obviously didn’t work but at least they experimented with something different.

It was great to see numerous artist’s making their Raveology debuts tonight hopefully we’ll be seeing the likes of Andy C, Zinc etc.. more often at Raveology, hopefully there is more to come!.

Overall it was a good night the ravers were out in force to see the best that the drum and bass world had to offer as Air nightclub being busy across all 3 arenas throughout the night. Proving how strong the current drum and bass scene is, especially within the midlands. The atmosphere was spot with everyone up for it all night no trouble a great party vibe all night!

Big respects to Magika, Jo and the Raveology crew, Fearless, Lenni, Nicky BM, Eksman, Fozz, Zinc, Andy C, Bassman, Trigga, Rhymes, Fun, Mampi Swift, Mistress Mo, Dangerous D, Alpha, Carasel, Profile, Funky Flirt, Biggie, Fatman D, Herbzie, Hazard, Escape, Accapello, Skitty and Andy.

Massive shouts to Shauny C and Abeyance, Manny, Gem, Stanza, Robes, Hidro, Lloydy, Bradie, Dynamix, Tom Nocturnal, Aaron, Wez, Sue, Sam, James from Suburban Sounds, Ric Reaction, Holly, Ben Fuze, Aimee, Holly, Sippy, Mairead, Danielle, Sam and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognize.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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