Raveology vs Breakin Science
Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
The Rojac Warehouse and Custard Factory
Saturday 6th December 2008

After a massive 6 month wait Raveology returned with their finale of the year. Tonight we also welcome for the first time in Birmingham Breakin Science who team up with Raveology to present Episode 1 : The Phantom menace.

For the first time ever Raveology ventured into the Rojac Warehouse which is part of the Custard Factory complex in Digbeth. The Rojac has housed some infamous parties since it has been used including HTID, Drop Beats not Bombs and more recently Public Enemy.

When I arrived at the Custard Factory I had notice that there was quite a large police presence that was ensuring things were running smoothly. Queuing really didn’t take too long with the queue split into different section those with tickets and another for the e-tickets.

After a thorough search from the security team I headed straight for the Rojac Warehouse. For those who have not yet been to the Rojac Warehouse the best way to describe it is those of you who may have remembered the old Sanctuary in Milton Keynes arena with the way it was set out with massive raised stage all that was missing was the balcony !

I was really impressed with the production inside here as it was rather bright and colourful with numerous murals along with inflatable’s hanging form the ceiling along with a rather impressive LED wall.

Raveology’s resident DJ Alpha was on the decks getting the party warmed up playing a nice selection of tunes including ‘Flesh Eaters’, ‘D for Danger’ and his own tune ‘Dragons den’ to get the crowd going.

Following on from Alpha it was the turn of one of the newest kids to hit drum and bass Original Sin. Original Sin has been causing a stir in the drum and bass world since been signed to the infamous Ganja records.

Tonight was no exception dropping plenty of material from Tru playaz’s label including his own productions, as he littered the set with tracks like ‘Forever’ remix ‘Fools’ ‘Ho bass’ whilst closing with ‘Decibel’.

MC Magika made a brief appearance on the mic and got the crowd jumping until Accapello arrived and took over.

Formation records head honcho DJ SS took to the decks and rolled with a heavy set. Raveology resident MC’s Biggie and Accapello were on ensuring the crowd were fully hyped up as the pair went back to back on the mic sparring off each others lyrics.
SS rolled out with the bangers keeping the crowd jumping as he dropped the likes of ‘Shining’, ‘Bounce’, ‘D for Danger’ and ‘Timewarp.

Following on from SS was Radio One’s DJ Fabio. Fabio rolled out with a more mellow set splashed with a number of rollers including Chase and Status’s monster anthem ‘Streetlife’ along with ‘Still in love’ and ‘Driver’. Eksman was doing the mic duties and was given a great response from crowd as he stepped up on the stage. Eksman had the crowd on their toes with lyrics that they where reciting back to him whilst he used the massive stage to its full potential.

Valve Recordings Dillinja took to the helm and brought a bag of heavy hitters with him putting the sound system through it spaces tonight in the Rojac warehouse. Dillinja opened his set with ‘Shining’ which caused a ruckus setting the standard for the rest of this set. Dillinja continued to play some monster tracks including ‘Forever’, ‘Who (oi), ‘X-Project’ remix and ‘Machete’.

Eksman was joined by Herbzie and the pair went back to back sparring of each other lyrics as thy battled it out on the mic. Taking over from the New breed pair was MC Skibadee who done the remaining half. Skibadee with his energy and fast spitting lyrics was hyping up the crowd ensuring that no-one was left standing still. Dillinja closed his set with the new remix of ‘Bell tune’

Next up representing V recordings was Bryan G a nice varied selection from Bryan taking the crowd on journey as he started off with some top heavy bangers such as ‘Offline’ ‘One finger test’ and ‘Can you feel it’.

Skibadee introduced the set to get things rolling but was shortly joined by was Juiceman and Fatman D. The pair took over where Skibadee had left off keeping the crowd hyped up. Bryan flipped the switch and went for a mellow liquid vibe for the 2nd of his set as he rolled out with ‘Coming from the top’ ‘Papa lover’ remix ‘Street life’ and ‘Pulp fiction’.

Birmingham’s very own drum and bass superstar DJ Hazard took over from Bryan G and was given a rapturous welcome. Hazard laid down the beats rocking the crowd with a number of dub plates. Spyda was hosting the set with his ragga chat which got the crowd going whilst Hazard laid down the beats including ‘Machette’ remix ‘Evasion’, ‘One finger test’ ‘Planet terror’ and ‘Killers don’t die’.

Up next was DJ Devize a very dark and deep selection from the 3D-Mode chief. Trigga joined Spyda on the massive stage as they performing a number of shadow demon rhymes which were recited by the crowd.

The executioner that is Andy C stepped up next and launched an onslaught of the finest drum and bass. The AWOL veteran GQ accompanied Andy C ensuring the crowd were kept jumping with his powerful voice that reverberated throughout the Rojac warehouse.

There were lots of crowd favourite being played by Andy C including ‘Smash TV’, ‘Can you feel it’, ‘Push it up’ and ‘Timewarp’ Andy C was showing off his prowess behind the decks tonight with his tight mixing and teases throughout the set with tracks like ‘ Its the way’, ‘Splash’, ‘Night flight’, ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Alien Girl’

Raveology resident CKB took to the helm briefly as we awaited the mighty Grooverider. The Class A recordings honcho played a few bits from his label including ‘Say when’.

Better late than never the godfather of drum and bass finally arrived. This was the long awaited arrival of the mighty Grooverider with tonight being his first appearance in Birmingham since his return.

Grooverider was given a fantastic welcome from the Raveology crowd as Bassman introduced there was a big cheer. Grooveriders introduction was fantastic his first track was a VIP dubplate that features a sample of David Rodigan.

The drum and bass legend commenced with an onslaught of the freshest beats dropping the likes of ‘Streetlife’, ‘The circle’, ‘Ho bass’ ‘Rah’ and ‘Killers don’t die’

Bassman was mcing for Grooverider the pair have a fantastic history behind them having worked together on the raving circuit for the past 15 years. Bassman entertained the crowd with his unique style with the ravers giving him the one finger salute whilst Grooverider continued to lay an onslaught of beats before closing his set with ‘Dr Feel Good’.

Final set of the night came from Nicky Blackmarket who was accompanied by Social Security. Nicky Blackmarket has taken Social Security under his wing having supported their material for many years.

Trigga and Macca closed the set with Nicky Blackmarket and Social secuirtyy trigga with his energetic style of mcing ensured no-one was left standing till the final record was played. Nicky Blackmarket and Social Security went back to back, with the delay of Grooverider the set was very brief but yet still enough time to cause mayhem as they played ‘Burn out’, ‘26 Bass’ and ‘Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My’

What a way for Raveology to bow out 2008 in the night was jam packed inside the Rojac warehouse. I was really impressed with the production and sound system in here along with the lighting and the LED wall that illuminated the massive stage.

There were some quite stringent searches tonight with the police over looking the event tonight ensuring everyone was kept safe. The vibe and atmosphere inside the warehouse was really electric throughout the night. There was a small skirmish but that was dealt promptly by the security other than that the crowd was well behaved.

Really enjoyed the sets tonight especially from Dillinja playing some right bangers along with Hazard and Andy C. Grooverider was impressive especially after his absence from the drum and bass world but a firm Raveolgy favourite!

It’s fair to say Raveology have a set a standard tonight with an all star lineup added with fantastic production on top of an up for it crowd, the right recipe for a night out roll on 2009!

Massive shouts to Magika, Jo and the Raveology crew, Eksman, Spyda , Bassman, Pilgrim, Hazard, Glen Aston, Andy C, GQ, Grooverider, Mistress Mo, Boogieman, Biggie, Accaplello, Trigga, Nicky Blackmarket Dillinja, SS, Herbzie, Skibadee, Devize, Alpha, Stanza, Original Sin, Jimmy, CKB, Nutcraka, Bryan Gee, Shayan, Long John, Gareth, Barrington, Derek, Social Security, Sly, Aarron, Zoe & Colette, Sarah & Colette, Reena, Tina, Gem, Amy, Sipina, Munkeh Lloyd, Mark SFX, Benny, Nick X, Dan B, Sophie, Hollie, Sipina, Cemtex, DAP, Gravity, Sophie, Neil Badboy, Benni Ka$h, Rachel, Patti, Andy Stringa, Josh, Tom, Tommy Spyda, Lauren and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognize.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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