The National Drum and Bass Awards 2007
Air Nightclub
Saturday 17th February 2007

It’s been over 2 years since the last drum and bass awards party was staged, which was hosted at In Coventry by Accelerated Culture at the end of 2004.

The awards ceremony is a night where the Drum and Bass community can celebrate the last 12 months achievements within the scene, bringing together people from around the UK. Tonight Raveology presented the National drum and bass awards at Air nightclub in the heart of England, Birmingham.

Once the Awards party was announced early December, voting commenced allowing the ravers to have an input into the outcome of tonight’s award winners.

Arrived in Digbeth just shortly before 10 o’clock and was greeted by a massive queue with the drum and bass fraternity waiting eagerly to get inside for the awards party.
Technique Recordings Simon Bassline Smith was warming up the crowd, the main arena was dressed with Sir Benni Miles banners that were tonight’s sponsors. The main stage was decked with Raveology murals and there was a pedestal to be used for the award presentations later on in the evening.

Simon Bassline Smith was entertaining the crowd with an upfront set and was playing direct off his laptop using the final scratch programme. There was no MC for the opening set which allowed the music to do the talking Simon dropped ‘Human Nature’, ‘Phantom Force’ and ‘Back to your Roots’ remixes.

Upstairs in the Nitrogen arena and oldskool legend DJ Pilgrim was on playing a 92 – 93 set, the arena was starting to get busy in here. It’s not that often that Pilgrim plays an oldskool 92 set at Raveology His tune selection was 2nd to none dropping the likes of ‘Come together’, ‘NHS’, before switching to a few dark side numbers with ‘Tales from the darkside’ and ‘Atmosphere’.

Pilgrim finished his set with Ratty and Tangos ‘Final conflict’ remix, making his way for Glen Aston. Glen took over where Pilgrim left and was later joined by MC Lenni. The 2nd arena was bubbling up whilst Glen and Lenni took us through a oldskool journey from 92 through to 93, as he played ‘ Lets go’, ‘Kiss the Sky’, ‘Ruff beats’ before closing off with the Production House classic ‘Vengeance’. Lenni was working up his home crowd with his own style of hype.

Back downstairs and the main arena dancefloor was rammed being filled to the brim with ravers. Tech Itch was on playing a very dark techy set, something that was definitely new to the Raveology crowd. His set was hard and dirty with Tech Itch playing his own material along with pieces from Kryptic minds, Limewax and a few others. I didn’t catch the MC’s name, but to be honest this set didn’t really need an mc as the tunes were definitely doing the talking.

A change of direction of style as Twisted Individual stepped up on the decks, MC’s Eksman and Shabba did the mic duties for this set. Twisted was playing a very up front set lots of party tunes with numerous stuff off Grid and Zombie records that where being played. The crowd where enjoying Eksman and Shabba with their lyrics, half way through the set they where joined by Fatman D and MC Herbize of the New breed crew.

Up next was Birmingham’s very own DJ Hazard, his set really livened up the party, rocking his home crowd with a great selection of tunes. There was a lot of his own material being showcased including his Radius records and of course Playaz, dropping the likes of ‘Lowlife’, ‘Don’t be a hero’, ‘0121’, ‘Only One Life’ along with ‘Game over’.

The New breed quartet of Eksman, Fatman D, Herbsman and Shortston where in full effect, sparring lyrics off each other and definitely hyped up the main arena of Air night club.

Well it was time for the award ceremony as we took a 30 minute break from the music momentarily as the legendary Grooverider and Birmingham’s very own MC Biggie, who was looking very dapper in his white suit, took to the stage and hosted the awards ceremony. The winners where presented with their awards, TC gave us a live rendition of his monster hit ‘Rockstar’ when he collected his award. MC Bassman presented the Stevie Hyper memorial award and with Stevie Hyper’s family in attendance, it was Stevie’s nephew Darryl who picked up this monumental award for such an influential and sorely missed legend within the raving scene.

The champagne was corked and a confetti bomb exploded from the ceiling which fell and littered the stage. On with the show, Radio One’s drum and bass duo Fabio and Grooverider stepped up.

Raveology resident MC Bassman was hyping up his home crowd and was accompanied by two special guests the Black tarantula MC Spyda and Manchester’s finest MC Trigga. The crowd were enjoying the Shadow Demon Coalition crew with Bassman dropping his one liners, Spyda with his raga chat and Trigga with his lyrics.

Grooverider was armed with his I-book which was plugged directly into the mixer and was selecting his tunes off his laptop. Fabio and Grooverider where playing a very upfront set dropping the likes of ‘ Get Closer’, ‘Downlow’, ‘Your soul’, ‘Chatting rubbish’ and ‘Who (oi)’ remix.

Another surprise addition to the Raveology line-up, was currently one of the hottest producers at the moment, out of Bristol city TC who was here to replace High Contrast. TC’s set featured plenty of his releases and remixes which are currently tearing down the drum and bass dance floors. TC’s set featured ‘Warhead’ remix, ‘Deep’, ‘Where’s my money’ and ‘Game over’.

MC Fearless arrived and joined the Shadow Demon Coalition on stage, he was greeted with a rapturous welcome from the crowd, the Raveology crowd where enjoying his lyrics as he hyped up the party. TC finished his set with his monster hit ‘Rockstar’.

Penultimate set came from legendary Nicky Blackmarket, Fearless was accompanied by MC Fun, these two were battling it out with each other on the mic sparring off each others lyrics. Nicky Blackmarket entertained the crowd with his mixing playing plenty of current crowd favourites with the likes of ‘Bloodsugar’, ‘Get Closer’ and ‘Deadline’ remix

MC Fun was joined later by Bassman and Trigga for the remainder of Nicky’s set. Nicky started to drop a number of classics which the crowd where definitely enjoying, dropping ‘Watchin windows’ remix, ‘Champion sound’ remix, ‘Original sess’, ‘Twist em out’ and ‘Dark soldier’.

Final set of the night was scheduled for Formation records DJ SS, but it looked like he was stuck in Leicester tonight so filling in for him was Musik Hertz DJ Escape. Escape has been busy in the studio recently and was showcasing plenty of his current tracks mixing them up with current party tunes.

MC Fun and Trigga mced for the remainder of the night ensuring the crowd where partying into the early hours. Escape kept the crowd bouncing for the final 60 minutes, rocking the crowd to the sounds of ‘Partys over’, ‘Get closer’ remix, ‘Number one’ along with the classic ‘Dubplate’.

Tonight was another successful night from the Raveology team who brought us the national awards after a 2 year absence. Previous award ceremonies have seen presentations made in between sets which would stop the flow of the party every hour, where as tonight the awards presentation was done in one go worked better to allow the flow of the night to run smoothly.

The party itself was busy with pre advance tickets selling out leading up to tonight, with all 3 arenas busy for most of the night. The atmosphere from the ravers was 2nd to none everyone up for a wicked time.

The artists where great and it was interesting to seeing the reaction of the crowd to when Tech Itch played. His style of drum and bass is something that is totally different to what is normally showcased at Raveology, but the crowd where enjoying this set.

It was great to see the awards after a 2yr absence and especially being hosted in Birmingham brining it to the centre of the UK. Bringing drum and bass minded people from up and down the UK for one night under one roof.

Big Respects to Magika, Jo and the Raveology team, Lenni, Fearless, Eksman, Glen Aston, Pilgrim, Nicky Blackmarket, , Hazard, Devise, Escpae, Biggie, Bassman, Spyda, Fabio, Grooverider, Simon Bassline Smith, Fatman D, Herbzie, Fun , Shortston, Lloyd and Ollie from Innovation, TC, Skitty, Andy, Fozz, Dangerous D, Cleon from DNB infest, CKB, Alpha, Trigga, and Ryhmes.

Massive Shouts to Taz B, Andy Trackin, Micheal Syzmatic, Lloydy, Gold and Sarah, Leechy, Aaron, Amy, Ric Reaction, Alice, Kirri, Jinx, Fayeboo, PM, Neil BadBoy, Danielle, Robes, Rehno, Cow, DSI Drum and Bass arena Crew and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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