The Payback
Air (formerly Code)
Friday 29th September 2006

Raveolgoy returned back to Air after staging their sell out enormous Birthday bash back in April, and presented The Payback event which saw Raveology rolling back the tickets prices to that of when they first moved to Air in early 2005.

Even with the ticket prices rolled back the line-up was still the same quality that of recent events featuring an array of both drum and bass artists alongside plenty of oldskool favourites spread across 2 arenas with a 3rd arena featuring DJ’s from local radio station District FM..

Headed down to Digbeth just before 9 and already there was quite large number of people already congregated at the queue waiting eagerly to enter the venue.

Headed straight into the main arena and DJ’s Disfunktion and Jaydan were on from Genetic. Located at the front of the DJ box there was a massive stage and platform with keyboards, computers and other bits of paraphernalia as later on tonight, Virus record’s Ed Rush and Optical were to perform a live pa in front of the Raveology crowd..

Around the main arena was located various Raveology banners and other murals that decorated the walls of the Oxygen arena. DJ’s Jaydan and Disfunktion were later joined by MC’s Hidro and Tempo.

Headed upstairs and Glenn Aston was on entertaining the oldskool crowd with 92-93 selection playing tunes such as ‘Flatliners’, ‘Fireball’, ‘Cuckoo in the jungle’ and ‘Anthema’ remix. Coventry’s veteran mc Man Parris joined glen Aston midway through his set, Glenn continued to play ‘Here comes the drumz’ before finishing of with ‘Hi-tek music’

Following on from Glen it was the turn of DJ Pilgrim, Pilgrim was playing a drum and bass session, dropping numerous rumblers such as ‘Dark soldier’ and ‘Shadow boxin’. The legendary MC Lenni joined Man Parris on the mic as they both went back to back, with Lenni hyping up the crowd with his own unique style. Pilgrim stepped up the years playing ‘Snapshot’, ‘Chopper’,and finally finished off with a special dubplate called ‘Got the message’, his own unreleased production I do believe.

Back downstairs and 3D-Mode’s DJ Devise was on, the main arena was rammed with hardly any space to move as it was filled wall to wall with ravers. MC Biggie was on the mic rocking his local crowd with his lyrics. Devise was showcasing plenty of material off the label such as ‘Enforcer’, ‘Jerk ‘n’ stutter’ along with a few remixes of some classics as he dropped ‘The beginning’ and ‘Worries in the dance’ remixes.

Back upstairs in the Nitrogen arena and Ned Ryder was on with MC’s Bassman and Lenni as the trio were performing a Quest reunion set. Ned Ryder was playing plenty of jungle favourites which the crowd definitely enjoyed. Playing classics like ‘Rickey’, ‘RIP’, ‘Hearing is believing’ and of course the timeless classic ‘Valley of the shadows’.

The Nitrogen arena was rammed during this set with hardly any space to move with people dancing on the platform in the middle of the dance floor as well as on top of the tables in the small cubicles on the sides!! Lenni and Bassman were amazing going back to back with each other with the crowd enjoying Bassman’s lyrics with lenni complimenting him, they were definitely bring back the vibes from Palmoas in Wolverhampton!!

Back down stairs and it was PA time from Virus records Ed Rush and Optical who were accompanied by MC Rhyme Time and a few others. Ed Rush and Optical were using the keyboards to play live tunes on their computer’s. Dropping ‘Pacman’ as well as showcasing material off their forthcoming album entitled Chameleon. One of the track titled ‘Perfect drug’ which featured a guitar solo, Optical took this opportunity to play the guitar live in front of the Raveology crowd

After the PA it was the turn of Derby’s very own Simon Bassline Smith, I enjoyed this set playing plenty of anthems which kept the crowd bouncing with tracks like ‘Hand grenade’ and ‘Dangerous’ remixes along with ‘Blood sugar’ and ‘Bounce’. Herbzie was on mic duty for this set.

Next up was another mainlander and also another oldskool legend also known as ‘The turntable psycho’ DJ SS. SS was playing an upfront set in the main arena obviously show casing fourth coming material off his mighty Formation records label.

SS was joined by MC Bassman who was doing a wicked job on stage with his unique style and dirty lyrics. SS selection was excellent dropping the likes of ‘Who’, ‘Everyday’ remix, ‘Look to the future’ SS even sneaked in the oldskool classic ‘Buck Rodgers’ which saw the crowd go insane!

Back upstairs and Manchester’s Stu Allan was on upstairs the amnesia house legend was playing a 92 set as he dropped ‘Fireball’, ‘Some justice’ and ‘Dub war’. There was no mc for his set as I would of thought Man Parris would return for Stu’s set.

Near the end of Stu’s set he started to play jungle a drum and bass with ‘Ready or not’, ‘Burial’ remix and ‘Badass’. Fabio was on downstairs playing a rolling set, Fabio was joined by both Fearless and Shabba D who were performing the mic duties.

In the Nitrogen oldskool legends Topbuzz were on Jason and mad p were here entertaining the crowd but unfortunately with it being last set the nitrogen wasn’t very busy in here. Jason started off playing early hardcore from ‘92 with tracks like ‘Waremouse’, ’Music Takes you’ and ‘DJ’s take control’. Though for the first half of this set Mad P was unable to mc with a mic not being available in this room.
It wasn’t too long before Jason started to play a jungle selection with the likes of ‘Dub plate’, ‘Terrorist’, ‘Super sharp shooter’ before finishing up here with ‘Black’.

With the arena closing up there was 15 minutes left so quickly headed downstairs and the Ratpack were finishing off proceedings in here. The Ratpack were playing a very familiar set they are known for and closing the night with ‘The Slammer’ and ‘Lord of the dance (Captain of the ship).

It was great to see Raveology return after a massive absence and with this being the payback event good to see that no corners had been cut. The production of the event was good with plenty of banners and hanging boards dotted around the arena’s along with the Air sound system.

The oldskool lineup was one of the best Raveology oldskool line-up’s is a long time, even better than when they used to feature oldskool in the main arena to be honest. Atmosphere was good and the vibe upstairs was great, seeing the nitrogen arena busy especially during The Quest reunion set from Ned Ryder, Lenni and Bassman, along with DJ Escape too. The main arena was packed out for a majority of the night right till the end making it another successful night from the Raveology team.

Big Respects to Magika and the Raveology crew, Lenni and Jo, Glen Aston, Pilgrim, Patrick, Fearless, Man Parris, Escape, Devise, Stu Allan, Bassman, Everson Allen and Lipmaster Mark, Jason Kaye, Biggie, Daddy dread and Herbize

Massive shouts to Luke and Will, Helen, Faye, Alpha, Sam, Kayleigh, Michael Syz, Mairead and Rickey, Sarah V, Gold and Tree, Robe$, Hidro, Sam, Manny, Tom Nocturnal and the crew, Gem and to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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