Raver Baby
'The Birth'
The Empire,
Milton Keynes
26th February 2005

Raver Baby an event spawned from Hardcore Til Die, featuring all the HTID favourites and carrying on the similar theme, with the 'Kick off' and 'Morning glory' sets.

What will tonight's event be different from that of the events back at Air in Birmingham?

Having left Birmingham just before 7 we arrived in Milton Keynes around 8:30'ish. After parking up at the Leisure plaza complex we walked towards the Empire nightclub and was greeted by large queue with plenty of eager raver's waiting in the frosty nights weather. The queue was split into two, with guaranteed entry and guest list after having our guest list places confirmed we headed straight to the main arena.

There was a total transformation of the club, the décor was amazing with loads of murals covering the walls and the balcony of the club. It was good to see no expense was spared on the production for tonight's event. A massive projection screen was situated above the DJ box, which allowed people to send text messages for the crowd to view. I would of thought that they would also display set times on here, though the screen was mostly advertising the next HTID at Air. The main stage was kitted out with plenty of paraphernalia for tonights live PA from Nu-Energy.

Warming up was DJ Jedi playing an oldskool set, this set was banging having spent last night raving in Air at Raveology I just carried on from last night shenanigans. Jedi played a mixture of tunes from 92-93 as he played 'Tell me Why', 'Doc Scott's - The Surgery', 'DJ Business' and 'Way in my Brain'. I was really enjoying this set, nice to see people getting a bit of a history lesson whilst warming up.

After Jedi, the craziest Nutter in Hard dance was on next Mark EG, at this point we headed upstairs to the 2nd arena.

The 2nd room featured various styles ranging from techno, gabba and breaks. Raw Elements' Chris-E-Manic was on this was another oldskool set to get warmed up Chrissie was predominantly playing the years of 94-95. A vintage year for break beat hardcore as she played 'Slipmatt's - Hear me', Chrissie finished the set with the RSR classic 'Age of stomp'.

Whilst upstairs we had a bit of a wander as the merchandise stall was located up here. Tape packs from previous HTID events were on sale here. Though downstairs at the back there was a record stall with plenty of vinyl on sale ranging from breaks, hard trance as well as hardcore.

Back downstairs and the dance floor was rammed DJ Frantic was on playing hard trance. After Frantic it was time for the 'Kick off' set featuring Breeze and the MC² duo of Storm and Whizzkid. Breeze started the set with the kick off theme and played 'You're my angel'. Storm and Whizzkid were hyping up the crowd and throwing glow sticks into the crowd. Breeze played a vocally Raver baby set as he played 'Getting better',' Electric' he finished the set with 'Heartbeatz'. Which is now out for national release and hopefully hardcore will get the credit that it fully deserves.

After Breeze it was the turn of Gammer, MC Odyssey was MCing for his set. Gammer played 'Really love you' and 'Punch drunk'. His style is similar to Scott Brown I would say as he started off the set with hardcore and playing a hard style towards the end.

Well after Gammer it was the turn of Essential Platinum's Dougal. Uproars MC rude accompanied Dougal. Dougal played a vocally upfront set, he played a remix of an old favourite 'Kick your legs in the air', 'Q-Tex's - The reason' and 'Heaven on earth'.

Well it was PA time from Nu-Energy featuring Kevin Energy, AMS and K-Komplex. I'm not a big fan of freeform but I did like some of the tunes that they were playing as they played 'Strings for adagio' and other tunes featured on the Nu-Energy label.

After the PA it was the turn from another member of the Raver Baby collective Darren Styles. Whizzkid MC was MCing for Style's set. Styles started the set with 'Makin me wanna dance', Whizzkid was hyping up the crowd with his beat box and interaction with the crowd. Styles continued to play plenty of hands in the air tunes such as 'Cutting deep remix', 'I Adore', 'Slide away', 'Getting better' and 'Cry'

It's good to see that at all HTID and Raver Baby events that they enforce a zero tolerance policy on bullying and bad attitudes. The way the scene is progressing and getting stronger we don't need a minority ruining anyone's night. Someone did try it on and boy did they get a shock and Storm came from the stage and kicked them out as this is the only they will learn is to show them the door.

After Styles it was the turn of the Raver's champions Sy and Storm. I always enjoy a Sy and Storm set, as I've been brought up on them since I started raving many moons ago. With Sy's scratching with Storm vocal scratch to match. SY played a bouncy set as he dropped 'Only your love', 'Let it go' the new 'Here I am remix' 'and 'Open your eyes to love'. Sy finished the set with a new remix of 'Makin' me wanna dance'.

Penultimate set of the night came from Next Generation's DJ Ham. I enjoy the new break beat sound, as people know I enjoy drum and bass as well as hardcore. With the break beat you get the cross over between the two music styles, as you can have a rude boy skank and also bounce like a loon. Rude was MCing for Ham, Ham played 'Be happy' also he played 'Drunk with love' which is featured on the Brisk mix of the new Hardcore Heaven album and is a top tune!

Well Hixxy was on next though we only caught the first tune 'Heavens above' as he dedicated it to Adam Harris, who was involved in a car accident along with MC Wotsee. We didn't hang around much during this set as one of my friends had to be up early catching a ferry to Sweden.

I had a great time out tonight, the only thing that let down the night was the sound system, as at the beginning of the night it was kept quiet but unfortunately wasn't allowed to be used to it's full potential. The atmosphere was electric with plenty of party people who were definitely up for it. I'm glad about the zero tolerance policy, as we don't really need people like that in our scene whatsoever and rightly so they should be shown the door and never welcomed back.

A lot of the advertised sets were switched around as there were no shows from Recon, Seduction and Brisk. With Wotssee being out of action, Rude and Odyssey played extra sets, get well soon Wotsee.

The water in the toilets were nice and cold which is great for refilling your water, as I remember the days at the Que club were they would only have warm water running and it would drip as it took bout half hour to refill your water bottle.
Well the next Raver Baby event at Milton Keynes is sometime in July so look out for that one, also looks like we may finally get hardcore at the Skydome in Coventry very soon watch this space!

Massive shouts to the boss Hixxy, Lambert and the Raver Baby crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Rude, Breeze, Styles, Chris-E-Manic, Odyessy, Uplift, K-Komplex, Dougal, Ben and Katie.

Big respects to the Shaun and Leanne, Wookie and Emma, Andy Immz, Bertie, Little Immz and the Bromsgrove crew, Mike at Bornhardcore, Brian BK,Hiney, Olly Thumpa, Sawyer, and Pricey, Gamma, Charlie and James, Jim and Damo, Stu GT, Andy Farmin, Astraboy, Carrie, Vic and Lucy, Sam, Rampant, Raverbaby, Obie, Andy M, Peter and the rest of the USH.net crew also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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