Raver Baby Event 9
Easter Bank Holiday Sunday Special
Easter Sunday 23rd March 2008
Air Superclub

Since the closure the Empire in Milton Keynes Raver Baby have predominantly hosted their events in the southwest, either at The Brunel rooms and The Bristol Academy but tonight they touched down in Birmingham at Air super club to present Event 9 ‘The Easter Bank holiday special’ To finish of the long Easter weekend.

Air is a familiar stomping ground with the hardcore fraternity having been the home to HTID and more recently used to host Uproar. I arrived at Air and as always the ravers where out in full force to party the end of the Easter weekend.

Headed straight for the main arena to warm up and caught the tail end of DJ Twista who was playing a ‘94 set as he closed his set with ‘Rainbow in the Sky’. The front of the arena had a large stage plus with equipped with an additional lighting rig with a pair of plasma screens which looked rather impressive.

Chris Henry was on next and played a scouse house set with plenty of remixes of Hardcore tracks including ‘Hold me tonight’, ‘Sure feels good to me’, ‘Rise again’ and ‘Cry. Chris Henry’s set went down really well with the crowd as it was rather vocally as well as bouncy too.

Next up was the kick off set performed by Squad-E and MC Storm, the Raver Baby duo ensured the party kicked off in style. Squad-E laid down a number of slammers throughout his set including a couple of his own remixes as he dropped ‘Promise Land’ and ‘Doesn’t matter’.

The oxygen arena was rammed throughout this set with hardly any room to move throughout. Storm rocked the crowd hyping them up with his lyrics old and new sending the ravers into a mad frenzy. Squad-E continued to play ‘Wii go crazy’ and ‘Girlfriend’ with the arena being full to the brim I decided to retreat to the Nitrogen arena.

Tonight the nitrogen arena was hosting a history of hard dance with a number of DJ’s playing classic sets. I managed to catch Marc Smith and The Doctor who were playing a Rezzerection set. Plenty of classic bouncy techno tunes being played by the Scottish duo as they dropped classics such as ‘Here to invade’, ‘Detonated’, ‘I’m a raver baby’ and ‘Fuck my best friend’.

MC’s Ribbz and Sharkey and Squidgy B entertained the ravers throughout this set ensuring the ravers where kept bouncing as the Scottish duo raised the temperature inside here. Marc Smith and The Doctor concluded their set with ‘Jiieehaaa’, ‘Do what ya like’ and ‘Boom n pow’

Headed to the carbon lounge to find DJ’s Twista and Faydz finishing up an oldskool rave breaks set. Plenty of breaks remixes of rave classics being played including ‘Higher state of consciousness’, ‘Gotta believe’ and ‘Higher love’

After the rave breaks set it was the turn of the midlands favourite oldskool DJ, the DJ Pilgrim. I really enjoyed this set from him as he started off with a 93 tip dropping classics such as ‘Intrigue’, ‘Music so wonderful’, ‘Total XTC’ and ‘New direction’. MC Knight mc’ed for the first half of the set keeping the crowd bubbling before MC Friction took over for the remainder.

Pilgrim stepped up the years with his selection and played a number of predominant 94 hardcore tunes including ‘Incomplete darkness’, ‘Feel Free’ and ‘Sample mania’ which I’ve not heard him play before which resulted in the arena filling up quite nicely

Keeping on the 94 vibe was former Rhythm Station resident DJ Unknown, DJ Unknown took us on a journey back to Aldershot dropping classics including ‘E-Creation’ , ’95 style’ and ‘Airhead’. The south coasts MC Casper kept the crowd bouncing in here throughout the set. Unknown stepped up the tempo up inside here as he began to drop the likes of ‘Party Time’, ‘Ride like the wind’ and ‘Let the music’ classic tunes!

I finally dragged myself away from the oldskool arena and headed downstairs and arrived just in time for the Darren Styles and MC Storm. Originally this set Darren was billed to be back to back with Hixxy but unfortunately he could make it so Darren went alone. The main arena was rammed jammed once again as the hardcore faithful wanted to check out the award winning duo. Darren was playing lots of crowd favourites including ‘I will be’, ‘Flashlight’ and ‘Burning love’.

With the main doors left open there was a cold draught running through the Oxygen arena throughout the night and MC Storm ensured everyone was bouncing whilst rising the temperature with his infectious lyrics that the crowd love! Darren carried on with a number of euphoric tunes dropping ‘All about you’, ‘Come running’ and ‘Right by your side’, before closing the set with ‘Beachball’

Following on from Darren Styles was the turn of Essential Platinum’s very own DJ Dougal. Whizzkid MC accompanied Dougal the duo had previously been performing elsewhere this night and where greeted where welcomed with a massive response.

Dougal got things going dropping a number of bouncy tunes such as ‘Don’t stop go!’, ‘Wii go crazy’ and ‘Feel like I feel’ a current favourite of mine! Whizzkid MC was immense throughout, there was a lot of energy from Whizzkid as he ensured the crowd where kept on their toes.

Headed back upstairs to the oldskool arena and caught the tail end of DJ Swan-E who was playing a jungle classics set. MC Fivealive kept the vibes bubbling as he hosted the set complimenting the music when necessary. Enjoyed what Swan-e was playing as he stayed away from the typical anthems as he dropped ‘Closer to god’, ‘Whoo haa’, ‘Warhead’ and ‘Casino royale’.

I caught Kevin Energy downstairs midway through his set with MC Wotsee. Kevin was playing an intense freeform set throwing in some hardcore numbers for good measure including ‘Need your loving’. After this set the bank holiday weekend finally took its toll and decided to retreat and head home.

Well it has been quite some time since I last ventured to a hardcore rave and tonight I really enjoyed myself. The tuneage was spot on from all the DJ’s I was impressed with a number of sets especially Marc Smith and The Doctor as they took us on a journey to the highlands keeping it really bouncy and playing numerous classics, along with Quosh’s DJ Unknown Rhythm station classics. Though it was hardcore’s number one, Darren Styles that particularly stood out for me as he dropped slammer after slammer added with MC Storm keeping the ravers rocking!

Having not been to Air for a hardcore rave I totally forgot how rammed this venue gets as there was hardly a free spot to dance in the main room for most of the night. With the main doors being open all night it did bring in quite a frosty breeze in the main room which kept the temperature down.

The atmosphere inside the venue was spot a great party vibe throughout the venue which can only really be found in a hardcore rave. Overall a great night to finish the Easter bank holiday weekend with!

Massive Shouts Mark, Chris, Hixxy, Joe and all the Raver Baby crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Pilgrim, Knight, Styles, Marc Smith, Re-Con, Sy, Unknown, Dougal, Lisa Marie, Brisk, Joey Riot, Squad-E, Lou Lou, Marley, Robbo, Joey Riot, Scott Brown, Ribbz, Squidgy B, Static, Enemy, The Doctor, Faydz, Twista, Supreme, Five Alive, Swan-E, Sharkey, Chris Henry, Casper and Scottie B

Big respects to Phil and Lisa Jo, Sallie, Lozzy, Mat KotR, Izzy, Michelle, Anne Marie, Amanda Kev Pikey and Laura, Lisa, Damo, Rudeboy Rob, Joe, Kate and Foggy, Savage, Nelza, Mark Pleasure Dome, Shane, Gem and Mitch, Upfront, Tome U4ea, Aidan, Saz, Tessa, Mark, Cat, Lucy, Saz, Hiney, Sawyer, Foxy Rie, Gsus, Astraboy, Adam Lee, H-100, DSI crew and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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