Ravers Reunited
The Xmas spectacular
Event 6
The Emporium
Saturday 15th December 2007

After a successful first year of events and establishing themselves on the mighty hardcore map, Ravers Reunited presented their grand finale of 2007 at The Emporium, The Xmas Spectacular.

The Xmas spectacular was Ravers Reunited Christmas party for the ravers who have supported them throughout the past 12 months. The line-up compiled for tonight featured the biggest names on the hardcore circuit alongside a massive hard style line-up to match.

Getting to Coalville didn’t take too long and finding the Emporium was quite easy as its sign posted off the motorway. Arrived at the Emporium shortly after 11, the venue has its own car park at the rear of the venue.

Arrived at the venue and there was virtually no queue when we reached the doors which is a bonus on this cold frosty night. We were greeted on the door by promoters Ortie and Keyes who were welcoming the ravers as they entered the venue.

Headed to the main room and was greeted to the sounds of Nu Energy and Notorious vinyl’s duo of Kevin Energy and Marc Smith. The party was already in full swing with the dancefloor rammed out with ravers.

The main arena was left the same as last time with the DJ box being in the centre of the arena giving it that intimate vibe as before with the MC’s and DJ’s being so close to the ravers. The arena had been decorated head to toe with a festive vibe there were plenty of inflatables dotted around the ceiling. Sound system in here was booming backed up with some intelligent lighting.

Marc and Kevin where playing a bouncy set, there was lots of upfront material from the duo as they played ‘You can dance’, Pendulum’s ‘Fasten your seat belts’ along with a remix of ‘Like a prayer’. MC Gazy J and Obie kept the crowd lively throughout.

Following on was DJ Brisk and Kurt, the pair continued from Marc Smith and Kevin Energy with a bouncy energetic set. Uprising’s very own MC Mental was doing the mic duties rocking the crowd with his lyrics.

Midway through the set I headed to the 3rd arena to catch a DJ Unknown and Whizzkid MC perform nu-skool breaks set. I was looking forward to catching this set as Unknown has been in the studio making a number of nuskool breaks under the name of SCAM alongside the Krafty Kuts. Unknown started off the set with a number of oldskool classics such as ‘Raving I’m Raving’, ‘Way in my brain’ and ‘Let me be your fantasy’.

Whizzkid true to fashion was beatboxing whilst getting the crowd rocking in here, his style definitely suits oldskool. Unknown laid down a number of nu-skool breaks, lots of samples and remixes of old ’92 classics including a relick of Liquid’s ‘Liquid is liquid’ and the Congo natty classic ‘Code red’

Headed back to the main arena and was hearing the ravers singing ‘Jingle bells’ looked like I was just in time for the Elation Xmas PA from HB and Ponder. Ponder took to the decks whilst HB and MC Ethos where both dressed as Santa and HB was armed with an accordion entertaining stuff!

The PA was definitely not to be taken seriously, but was all in the name of the festive spirit. Loads of Christmas songs and carols given that hardcore touch including ‘Glory to the new born king’, ‘Silent Night’, ‘Mr hanky the Xmas Poo’ and ‘Stay another day’.

Quosh’s DJ Unknown took to the decks after the festive madness from Elation. Unknown was showcasing plenty of upfront tracks from Quosh’s headquarters during the set. Unknown opened up with an updated remix of the Quosh ’97 classic ‘Devotion’ which went down a treat, Unknown continued to play ‘Clit commander’ and ‘Hands of time’.

Ravers Reunited’s very own Ortie was on the mic and hyped up the crowd with his lyrics and stage presence. Ortie was joined on stage by Quosh’s very own Lou Lou who made special performance sang ‘Caught up in your love’.

From one label to another as it the turn of the Raver Baby showcase from the award winning duo of Breeze and Styles. Breeze and Styles played a very uplifting set plenty of tracks from the recent Clubland X-Ttreme Hardcore album. Tracks such as ‘Feel like I feel’, ‘See the light’ remix and ‘Flashlight’ were played throughout.

Storm was mcing for the first half of the set and whipped the crowd into a frenzy with his lyrics old and new. Storm was joined for the 2nd half of the set by Whizzkid MC, Whizzkid continued off where Storm had left. Styles dropped ‘Girlfriend’ which features Whizkid on the vocals and he got the crowd involved with him.

Breeze and Styles continued with their Clubland showcase as they played ‘Burning love’, ‘Rise again’, ‘Slide away’ and the current dancefloor slammer ‘Cruising’ which went down a treat !

After the Raver Baby showcase it was time for Essential Platinum to take over. Hardcore legend DJ Dougal was on alongside DJ Gammer, MC Storm returned to the stage for the mic duties. A very euphoric and vocally selection set from the Essential Platinum duo as their set featuring tracks such as ‘Truly Madly Deeply’, ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘When I close my eyes’.

With Dougal having others booking tonight he made a sharp exit and Gammer took full control. Storm ensured the ravers were kept on their toes as he hyping them up, whilst having a scratch battle with Gammer on the decks. Gammer raised the tempo and dropped a number of belters including ‘Bust’, ‘The tunnel’, ‘Discoteka’ and ‘21st Century rush’.

Penultimate set of the night came from Raver Baby’s very own prodigy Squad-E. Whizzkid had the ravers bouncing throughout this set getting plenty interaction whilst they recited his lyrics.

There was a very vocally selection from Squad-E with plenty of his and Re-Con’s production on show with the likes of ‘My direction’, ‘1000 kisses’, ‘Out of my Hands’ and ‘Promised land’. Near the end of Squad-E’s set we decide to make our way back home.

What a way to bow out after a first year of putting events on, the Ravers Reunited team definitely gave the ravers a Christmas party to remember. This time of year is quite difficult to promote especially as you have both Christmas and New Years Eve round the corner, along with major events at the beginning of the month too. Once again the Ravers Reunited got the ravers through into the Emporium to party the night away.

Really enjoyed the sets tonight particularly Breeze and Styles Clubland X-Treme showcase, tune selection was spot on and of course having both Storm and Whizzkid on the mics too. The Elation PA worked very well definitely not to be taken seriously but all in good Christmas fun seeing everyone smiling throughout and singing along.

After a successful year things can only get better roll on 2008!

Massive shouts to Ortie, Keyes and the Ravers Reunited team, Storm , Whizzkid, Breeze, Styles, Unknown , Gammer, Marc Smith, Brisk, Kevin Energy, Kurt, Mental, Squad-E, Lou Luo, HB, Ponder and Ribbz.

Biug Respets to Shaun, Lozzy (Happy Birthday) Sallie, Danny Smithers, Mat KoTR, Mad Maz, Lucy, Kate Mags, Pleasuredome Mark, JBC (Happy Birthday), Tessa, Kate, Nelza, Rudeboy Rob, Turkish, Yozza, Tristan, Shane, Obie, Enemy, Static,Mike Vapour, Hana, Ricta, Ush.net and DSI crew, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognize.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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