Ravers Reunited
‘This Ones 4 The Ravers’
Event 4
The Emporium
Saturday 28th July 2007

Ravers Reunited is a new hardcore promotion ran by MC’s Keyes and Ortie, which is held at the Emporium Coalville. Ravers Reunited line ups try to do something extra different to that of existing promotions. Having heard many great things about Ravers Reunited I thought that it was about time that I made the journey back to Coalville.

I’ve not been to the Emporium since Uproar used to host events here until the end of 2005. So I was interested to what new changes have been made to the venue since my previous visit.

Coalville is a short journey from Birmingham, we heading straight up the M42 and was in Coalville in no time! Finding the Emporium is very easy and parked up in the car park situated at the rear of the venue.

Arrived at the venue shortly after 10pm and there was quite a large queue that stretched up the high street where the Emporium is situated. Queuing didn’t take too long and was welcomed on the door by co-promoter MC Keye’s who was greeting the ravers as they entered the venue.

We headed for the main arena via a small corridor and the dance floor was already filling up, I was quite impressed with the production of the main arena. The main arena had changed since my last visit. The layout was different in here as the DJ booth had moved down to the dance floor and was against the main wall in the middle of the venue which was accessible by all in the venue.

The sound system was booming and there was plenty of décor with various inflatables dotted along the ceiling, the walls was covered in murals that glowed under the clubs UV lights, whilst the crowd where submerged by a large green laser throughout the night.

Dougal was stepping up but there was no sign of Squad-E shame but still Dougal rocked the show with his selection. Dougal dropped ‘Faith’, ‘Sunshine’ remixes, ‘Sure feels good’ and ‘Hold me close tonight’ a nice vocal numbers from the Essential Platinum supremo.

Ravers Reunited’s very own MC Keyes was up on the stage, Keyes is one of the many new breaking talents to hit the scene and worked well with the crowd, getting quite a lot of participation from the crowd. Keyes was later joined by co-promoter and another emerging talent MC Ortie. The duo worked very well together sparring off each whilst getting the crowd jumping. Dougal continued to play ‘The tunnel’, ‘Feelin fine’ before closing off with ‘If I were you’ remix.

Following on from Dougal was Vibes, Force and MC Livelee, MC Junior was meant to join Livelee for an mc battle but unfortunately there was no show from him. Livelee was excellent on the mic hyping up the crowd on his own. Livelee was spitting his classic infamous lyrics which got the crowd reciting with him, he had a number of new chats that he was showcasing.

Next up was the godfathers of hardcore set featuring the legendry DJ Sy and Slipmatt. I’ve not heard Slipmatt play new upfront hardcore in a very long time so was interesting to see what he had on offer working with Sy. Rocking the crowd was Whizzkid MC, ensuring the ravers where kept in check throughout.

Mid way through the set I headed to the oldskool arena which was situated to the side of the main arena, Vibes and Livelee where in here performing a classics set. Really enjoyed this set from the legendary duo lots of classic tunes from ‘96 being played. Vibes dropped ‘Forever together’, ‘Autumn days’ and ‘ Techno Wonderland’. A classic Vibes and Livelee set and was enjoyed by all those in the crowd with a number of the over 25’s lurking in the shadows.

Vibes carried on playing ‘Heart of gold’, ‘Follow me’ before finishing of with ‘Rave is a mystery’ Sy dashed from the main arena to perform in here Sy opened the set with ‘Now is the time’ and proceeded to play ‘All systems go’.

Headed back to the main arena and DJ’s Unknown and Gammer were playing a back to back scratch attack special with of course MC Storm.

Unknown and Gammer where showcasing plenty of stuff from both Essential platinum and Quosh as they played ‘Be with you’, ‘Faith’ remix, ‘Bust’ and ‘ I see the light’. Storm was rocking the crowd getting the hyped up with his lyrics, with there being an open stage Storm was virtually in the crowd and was interacting with the ravers, ensuring everyone was bouncing!

Next up was residents X-Treme and Keyes, they where playing an upfront set which featured quite a number of their own material. Xtreme opened the set with ‘Take a chance’ with Keye’s on mic doing a live PA of this track.

The next set was a three way back to back special featuring not only Re-Con and Kurt but also the addition of Joey Riot. Joey was meant to play earlier on but finally arrived to take part in this special three way set.

Kurt and Jeoy took on Re-Con in this back to back special, the set featured plenty of material from both respective labels. This was a Lethal Theory and Raver Baby showdown. Joey and Kurt played a lot of their own productions throughout from Lethal Theory as they dropped the likes of ‘Twilight Zone’, ‘Life Force Generator’ remix and ‘Make ‘em Bounce’ a very bouncy selection indeed.

Whizzkid hosted this set keeping the ravers rocking throughout this penultimate set, he complemented the tunes with his unique style of mcing. Re-Con mixed up this set with a Raver Baby assortment dropping plenty of crowd favourites such as ‘Cruising’, ‘Sure feels good’, ‘Magic Touch’ remix’ and ‘Only you’.

After this showdown we decided to venture back home.

Overall it was great being back at the Emporium and I liked the changes they have made here, with the DJ booth being in the dance floor, the stage was quite upfront and personal.

What was more interesting was how busy the event was as it had been sandwiched between two massive hardcore events either week. Let alone being on the same night as one of the biggest dance festivals and yet still pulled off quite a substantial amount of people in the venue tonight. Ravers Reunited is relatively a new night to hit the hardcore circuit. The past four events they have hosted have been successful and have been talked about within the hardcore circles as one of the nights to check out.

With quality line-ups matched with some impressive production and an up for it crowd really adds a recipe to a good night out. Ravers Reunited is still young and has lots of potential in the near future.

Massive shouts to Ortie Keyes and the Ravers Reunited team, Storm, Whizzkid, Livelee, Vibes and Alex, Re-Con, Hixxy, Sy, Unknown, Ribbz, Dougal, Slipmatt, Joey Riot, Gammer, Force, Cruze, and Ribbz.

Big Respects to Shaun, Lozzy, Joe, Kate, Mags, Foggy and Jemma, John Buzz-B and Jen, Heffers, Olly Thumpa, Sawyer, JB-C, Mad Maz, Rachel, Elle, Andy, Jamie, Timmy, Manchester Claire, Tessa, Phil Friction, Elle, Loopy Lin, Ricta, Pleasure Dome Mark, Sharl, Emily, Gsus, Ush.net and DSI crew, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognize.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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