Ravers Reunited
Event 7:
The Hardcore Face off
The Emporium
Saturday 29th March 2008

Tonight Ravers Reunited presented their first event of 2008 as they touched down back at the Emporium in Coalville to present Event 7: ‘The Hardcore Face Off’.

The hardcore face off featured an array of the finest artists that hardcore has to offer with a number of back to back specials tonight including the Essential Platinum face off from Hixxy and Dougal !

Heading to the Emporium is quite easy especially as it is sign posted once you leave the motorway. Arrived at the venue and was greeted by quite a large queue that spanned down the high street, though the queue was moving quite swiftly.

After a brisk search by the security team I made my way to the main arena. Production in here was impressed with a number of inflatable along with a few projector screens and UV cannons that where dotted around the ceiling.

Warped Science’s very own Al Storm was on alongside MC Obie. Al Storm was showcasing lots of his own material from Warped science including a lot of crowd favourites such as ‘If I were you’, ‘Pretty Green eyes’, ‘Its over’ and ‘Poison’ which got the crowd bouncing.

Keeping the bouncy flavour was Lethal Theory’s DJ Kurt and Ravers Reunited’s very own Ben X-Treme, The pair were joined by Liverpool’s MC Mental, Kurt and Ben Xtreme were playing a hard and bouncy set that kept the crowd on their toes as they were dropping the likes of ‘Rock ya hardcore’, ‘Making me wanna dance’, ‘Feelin Fine’ and ‘Only you’.

After the bouncy set was the award winning producer DJ Gammer, Whizzkid MC joined Gammer on this set. Gammer and Whizzkid MC rocked the party with Gammer dropping tracks such as ‘Let the beat drop’, ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Girlfriend’. Whizzkid hyped up the ravers with his lyrics whilst getting the crowd to interact with him throughout.
Gammer continued to play ‘Every time I close my eyes’, ‘Inspiration’, ‘I see the light’ before closing with ‘Come running’.

Next up was the set I was looking forward to featuring Hixxy and Dougal. Dougal had not arrived so Hixxy went alone on this set. Hixxy started off playing upfront hardcore, he dropped ‘Perfect world’, ‘Wii go crazy’, ‘No one’ remix.

Ravers Reunited very own MC Keyes was on the mic and rocked the Coaville crowd with his catchy lyrics that the raverrs where enjoying. Hixxy flipped the switch and began to play some classic hardcore tracks including ‘ Panic’ remix, ’95 style’, ‘Now is the time’ before finishing off with ‘Higher love’, really enjoyed this little trip down memory lane from the hardcore legend.

After Hixxy it was the battle of the labels as the head honchos of both Quosh and Evolution battled it out tonight. Hardcore legends Sy and Scott Brown took to the 1210s to commence battle with Whizzkid MC refereeing this battle. Sy and Scott brown played a very bouncy set dropping the likes of ‘Making me wanna dance’, ‘Clit commander’, ‘Keep the crowd jumping’ and ‘Do it like we do’.

Whizzkid MC worked the worked the ravers throughout the set beat boxing whilst Sy would be performing his scratching patterns, good to hear Whizzkid over Scott Brown too a favourite dj and mc combination of mine. Scott Brown upped the tempo in this set adding the harder sound that he is renowned for as he dropped ‘only your love’, ‘Elysium go crazy’ before finishing up with some gabba including pieces from Tommy Knocker and Neophyte.

After this back to back special it was the turn of Raver Baby’s very own DJ Squad-E with the Ravers Reunited duo of Keyes and Ortie. Squad-E was tearing down the Emporium with his dropping a lot of his own tracks as he played slammers such as ‘Angel eyes’, ‘Doesn’t matter’, ‘My direction’ , ‘Promise land’.

The Ravers Reunited duo of Keyes and Ortie kept the ravers entertained throughout Squad-E’s set, as they got in with the crowd with the odd mosh dive for good measure! The Raver Baby prodigy continued to play ‘Open your heart’ remix, ‘What ever you want me to be’, ‘Insane’ and ‘21st century rush’.

Following on from Squad-E was the turn of the award winning combination of Darren Styles and MC Storm. They were given an electric welcome by the ravers as soon as they stepped up, Styles was shortly joined by Breeze who was caught left behind on the journey up here.

Breeze and Styles tore the roof down the as they were showcasing material from both of their respective new labels Junkbox and Futureworld as they dropped ‘ Right by your side’, ‘Rise again’ , ‘Different groove’, ‘Flashlight’ and ‘ Burning love’.

Storm rocked the party whilst he took full advantage of the stage whilst being full of energy to ensure no-one was left standing still during the 60 minute showcase from the duo. Breeze and Styles threw in a number of crowd favourites such as ‘Discoteka’, ‘Come running’ and ‘All about you’ before finishing off with ‘Girlfriend’.

After this breath taking set we decided to head home, well what a way for Ravers Reunited to kick off 2008. The Emporium was rammed jammed throughout the evening a great turn out considering this was the following weekend straight after the Easter bank holiday weekend. Atmosphere inside the club was electric with everyone up for it all night a nice friendly vibe that ran through the club.

Tuneage was on top form really enjoyed the 2nd half of Hixxy’s set shame Dougal was unable too play back to back as that would have been the icing on the cake. Set of the night for me was Breeze and Styles its been a considerable time since I’ve seen these two play back to back and it was well worth the wait !!

Massive shouts to Ortie, Keyes and the Ravers Reunited team, Storm, Whizzkid MC, Styles, Breeze, Sy, Re-Con, Gammer, Dougal, Lisa Marie, Hixxy, Squad-E, Scott Brown, Squidge B, Ribbz, Unknown, Kurt, Unknown, Kambell, Mental, Ben-Xtreme and Al Storm.

Big Respects to Shauny C, Kelly, Kate, Gemma, Foggy, Rude Boy Rob, Mat KotR, Hanna, Tessa, Nelza, Nick, Heffers and Lewis, Mad Maz, Pureblood, Hayley, Obie, Phil Friciton and Lindsey, Olly Thumpa and Tansy, Cruze, Wilfee C, Dave Control, JBC Ush.net and DSI crew, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognize

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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