Break-Thru presents:
The Skooling Part II
Medicine Bar
23rd March 2007

Break-Thru renowned within the midlands for hosting parties at the Custard factory presented The Skooling. The Skooling concept is a night turning back the years to showcase the artist that made up today’s dance music scene.

I arrived at the Custard factory shortly after 10 and the night had just begun with Glenn Aston taking the wheels of steels. Glen was on first and took us quite far back to the bleepy acid house era and was played a number of Belgian classics such as 'My sound’, ' Quadrophonia' along with 'Fireball' and finishing off with 'Keep the fires burning'

Following on from Glen was The Skooling resident DJ’s Reaction and Manikular aka Scratch’n’Sniff. I was very impressed by these two, great tune selection with many underground tracks from 92. This was not your typical ‘92 hardly any of the big anthems from this golden era in dance music history but they kept the crowd dancing as the Factory started to get quite busy.

There was one tune that stood out for me during that set that Manikular played entitled ‘Theme Spirit’. This set paved the way for the midlands oldskool legend DJ Ratty.

Ratty was impressive, been quite some time since I’ve managed to see the midlands legend play out. Ratty carried from the 92’ era where Scratch’n’Sniff left off, as he played 'Mentasm' before he started to step up the yrs. It was when Ratty dropped 'Its a jazz thing' (electric boogie mix) that saw the dance floor go crazy.

Next up was the Jungle Techno kings, a nice 92 selection from the Buzz with plenty of golden classics with the likes of 'Charly', 'Dj's take control' and 'Way in my brain'. It wouldn’t be a Topbuzz set without the duo dropping the timeless classic 'Livin' in darkness’, especially with Mad P being here taking mic duties, Mad P was awesome some new lyrics with the old favourites!

Final set of the night came from DJ Pace a screwface set, with lots of drum and bass classics being featured through out. Again another impressive tune selection with Pace starting off with 'Here comes the drumz' moving onto 'Intelligent woman', 'Spiritual aura', 'Renegade snares' and before finally finishing off with Congo Natty's 'Champion dj'.

The atmosphere was spot on lots of old Flashback faces from the Que club here making a presence, lots of happy faces no moody bods. It was good to see a mixture of all ages in the crowd tonight as the younger crowd where definitely getting a grand history lesson, with the older ravers reliving the past years.
The DJ sets were spot on not an anthem fest of 92 classics but a good variation showcasing the early dance music scene and giving people a good education into the roots of dance music.

This night has got some great potential to go forward, best night I’ve had out in along time. Onwards and upwards!

Shouts to Vicky, Reaction, Sarah, Dan B, Szygzy and the Breakthru crew, Manikular, Ratty, Patrick and Jason, Pilgrim, Glen, Luke, Jonnie C and the Asbo crew, DJ X, James from Suburban Sounds, Benny, Opiate, Watcher, Fozz, Alpha, Phase 2, PM, Jinx, Vicky and Rich, Brian BK, Arron from Raveology, Scott and Juicy, Pez, Cow and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007