The Skooling at Marky in the Marquee
Custard Factory
Friday 21st March 2008

Tonight saw the return of Brazils DJ Marky touch down in Birmingham tonight as he brought a large number friends with him as Breakthru presented DJ Marky and Friends in the Marquee at the Custard factory.

The last week has been the UK weather took a turn for the worst as it has been rather windy with a number of storms reported around the UK added with a dash of rain.. When I arrived at the Custard Factory there was quite a large queue with people waiting patiently outside under the rain.

When I approached the Custard factory I had noticed that the marquee hadn’t been erected I was later informed this was due to health and safety reasons mainly due to the bad weather.

Seeing that the pool wasn’t going to be used the Marky and Friends was hosted inside the med bar whilst the kitchen was still home to eardrum dubstep. I was rather worried to where the Skooling arena was located. As the skooling arena was originally going to be hosted in the Medicine bar it was moved next door into the Gallery arena.

The Gallery is a spacious arena a little smaller compared to the med bar dancefloor but still the right size to cater for tonight’s Jungle line-up. Warming up the crowd was DJ’s Phase 2 and Kettering’s very own DJ D. I stepped into the Gallery and was greeted by the sounds of LTJ Bukems classic ‘Atlantis’.

Production in here was good with the oldskool vibe with massive murals dotted around the walls along with an impressive lighting show system was booming tho did fail a few times throughout the evening.

The duo played through the years of drum and bass there were plenty of tracks that had a raga influence as they rolled out with ‘I Spy’, ‘War in 94’, ‘Code red, ‘Lover to Lover’ and ‘Special dedication’.

Next up was the set I was looking forward to as it was the turn of Micky Finn and MC Bassman. MC Bassman was greeted with a rapturous reception from the crowd as the gallery arena had filled up to full capacity.

Bassman rocked the crowd with his unique style of lyrics and mannerisms throughout which was mimicked by the crowd. Micky Finn upped the years to the previous set as he went for a more 96-98 route as he dropped the likes of ‘ Bass 2 dark’, ‘Watchin Windows’, ‘Peace love unity’ and ‘Piper’. Micky and Bassman a great dj and mc combination that always go down well over the years.

After Micky it was the turn of the mix’n’blen Kenny Ken. I really enjoyed Kenny set as he tends to always delves deep into his record collection. There was a number of tunes that I’ve not heard in years being played Kenny which included ‘Lunar Bass’, ‘Lets Go’ and ‘Muzik’.

Bassman continued to mc for Kenny keeping the ravers hyped up his hometown with his one liner and dirty lyrics. Kenny threw in a number of classics in his set for good measure as he played ‘Set Speed’, ‘Intelligent woman’, ‘Pulp fiction’ before closing the set with Shy Fx’s ‘Original nuttah’.

Next up was the set that I was really looking forward to hearing as it was the turn of Randall and Modular. Randall, Modular, Digital and a few others have started up a new project called J-Tek. The ethos of J-Tek is making new music and fusing the sounds of the yesteryear today tonight Randall and modular where showcasing J-Tek for 90 minutes.

Randall and Modular opened up with one of their forthcoming J-Tek tracks ‘Fine night’. The duo where showcasing their J-Tek tracks alongside tunes from the 93-95 era as the J-Tek material fits in well with this era as they dropped ‘Living in a basement’, ‘further intrigue’, ‘Darkage’ and ‘Falling bombs’.

Stimulus’s MC Algar stepped up on the MIC for this set keeping the crowd rolling whilst complimenting the music. Randall and Modular carried onto playing ‘NHS’, ‘News at Ten’, ‘Visions of rage’, ‘We are i.e.’, Randall finished up with ‘Mr kirks nightmare’ remix.

Penultimate set of the night came from Skooling residents Scratch’n’Sniff, the residents kept on with the jungle vibe and upped up the tempo as they went down a ‘95 route. Algar was on the mic rolling the lyrics when needed keeping the vibe bubbling in here.

The Scratch’n’Sniff duo dropped classics such as ‘ Renegade snares’, ‘ Basic principles’, ‘Watchin’ windows’ remix before closing with the Dope dragon classic ‘Dictation’. With an hour left go before doors closed I decided that at this point to make my journey home.

Overall I did have a fantastic night at the Custard Factory, it was just a shame about the Marquee not being up but this was due to health and safety along with the recent bad. Unfortunately this did leave a number of people rather disappointed, I do feel that Breakthru did do what was best under the circumstances. All the artists that where advertised did play rather than cancelling and downsizing the line-up they still offered what was promised apart from the marquee.

With the Pool line-up being moved into the Med Bar it was rammed to the rafters all night in here, you couldn’t and there was hardly any space to dance. There was a great mixture of people out tonight of all ages creating a friendly atmosphere and vibe all round.

Massive shouts to Dan B, Reaction, Joe Phase 2, Manikular, Escape, Zoe and Collete, Randall, Micky Finn , Bassman, Modular, Kenny Ken, Gemma, Manny, Chris and Bone, DJ D, Jayeye, Ruthless, Biggie, Fozz, Calibre, Tnt Vytol, Gav, Benny , Nick X, Stu Pace, Nursa, Rachel, Georgina, Jay, Sarah, Adam, Sam, Jo Jo, Tree, Mistress Mo, Boogieman, Ben, Sarah, Jo, Bensun, Samas, Pez, Andy Witts and Zinky, , Dan Hickin, Una, Will Azonica, Jasmine, Pascale, Humphrey, Marcene, Aaron, Andy Trackin, CKB, Josh, Holly, Lauren, Sippy, Shakk, Sophie and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007