The Skooling Jungle Special
Medicine Bar
Friday 16th November 2007

Tonight Break-Thru presented their next instalment of the Skooling series at the Custard factory Birmingham. This instalment of the Skooling was the jungle special featuring the two mighty legends from this era Kenny Ken and Ratty. Kettering’s Flavaunit hosted their farewell party in the kitchen as their resident battled alongside the Break-Thrucrew.

Headed down to the Custard Factory shortly after 11 and DJ Nolige was finishing up in here. The Medicine bar was filling up nicely with Nolige dropping ‘Hello lover’ and Bukems timeless classic ‘Atlantis’

Up next was Kettering’s very own DJ D, DJ D took the crowd on a drum and bass journey dropping numerous classics from 94 onwards. Loads of favourites where being dropped such as ‘It’s a jazz thing’, ‘Nice tune’, ‘Horizons’ and ‘Lord of the null lines’. Birmingham’s very own dance troupe the Vixens took full control of the Medicine bar stage performing numerous routines that impressed the crowd.

DJ D continued to litter his with more classics including ‘Code red’, ‘Helicopter’ and ‘It the way’. When DJ D dropped ‘Valley of the shadows’, there was an eruption from within the crowd sending the ravers crazy!

Following on From DJ D was the Midlands oldskool hero DJ Ratty. Ratty aka lord of the darkside played plenty of rollers and darker tunes. There was plenty of scratching from Ratty whilst using the mixer to its full potential. Ratty mixed up the set with a few crowd favourites such as ‘The calling’, ‘Champion sound’, ‘Hear comes the drumz’ and ‘I bring you the future’. Ratty was joined by MC Algar who was keeping the crowd on their toes whilst he complimented the music.

After Ratty it was the turn of the AWOL legend Kenny Ken, was really looking forward to hearing Kenny one of my favourite Jungle dj’s. Kenny didn’t disappoint at all tune selection was spot on along with his impeccable mixing style. Kenny took the crowd down drum and bass memory lane as he played ‘We are IE’, ‘Step on’, ‘Intelligent woman’ and General Levy’s ‘Incredible’.

There was a surprise visit from Birmingham’s very own MC Bassman, Bassman and Kenny worked the crowd into a raving frenzy. Bassman was laying down his raw dirty lyrics, which was welcomed by the crowd throughout. Kenny continued to play ‘Stick up Kid’, ‘Arsonist’ before closing his set with ‘Champion DJ’.

Closing the proceedings was the Break-thru and Broken minds duo of DJ Pace and Phase 2 who rewound the clock back to ’95. Taking mic for the final hour was MC Biggie, who kept the Custard factory ravers on their toes throughout with his lyrics whilst hyping up the crowd. Pace and Phase 2 rocked the crowd with their selection dropping screwface favouties such as ‘Dictation’, ‘Gangsta’ and ‘Dark stranger’. When Pace dropped ‘Yes Yes’, the crowd went mental with the bassline rumbling inside the walls of the Factory Club.

Well what a great night from the Break-Thru crew especially with jungle era to be showcased down in Medicine bar. The atmosphere in here was electric with ravers old and new enjoying the tunes being played by the DJ’s.

Once again the ethos of the Skooling events is to educate and tonight the DJ’s didn’t really draw out for the big anthems throughout their set. The DJ’s were digging deep into their record boxes educating the crowd once again.

Massive shouts to Ric Reaction, Manikular, Dan B, Phase 2, Vicki Nike and the Vixens, Kenny Ken, Ratty, Tango, Bassman, Nolige, DJ D and Jayeye

Maximum respect to Ed and Rachel, Escape, Rod, Will, Millie, Mikey and Magz, Shelly, Taz, Jay and Jenny, Longjohn, Opiate, Flexa, David, Sue, EQ, Munkeh, Mrs D, Caution, Sarah, TNT, Kiri, Alice, Jinx, Josh and Arron, Hickyn, Devious, Fozz, Duncan, Shaka, Roundy, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007