Slammin Vinyl
Oh my gosh, what a wicked night.

We got to Bletchley for about seven. As we walking up to the rave the queue was massive they hadn't let anyone in the snake but the queue was huge !! We had to wait ages, the queue really didn't start moving till bout 8:20 got in for about 9:30 didn't really mind coz I think Lisa pinup was playing not too keen on her style but I hate queuing and you just hear the baselines and think to yourself let me in!!!

Now when I finally got into the rollers Billy bunter was on with Charlie B I couldn't get into it what so ever. I wandered off to the back off the rollers too see if mistress mo was on but she wasn't it was Sarge playing hard house and I mean Hard and Ribbz was MC'in I personally don't like hard house but for some strange reason I was bouncing to this I quite enjoyed the hard house. For only 30mins though then it got a little boring.

I went off to the oldskool room but there was no DJ on, me and rapid thought umm lets have a go on the decks¦ maybe not! I think it was J.J.Frost on downstairs with Shabba, some wicked tunes was being played I think the bad company remix of champion sound was played I was giving it large to this.

Went back upstairs and DJ Kaos was on, bout time with mc Ethos. Now Kaos's set this was amazing he was playing mainly 95-97 happy which was my fave year but never went to the raves but the tunes were just excellent. He played one of my fave Seb's Rainbow island which is wicked " I wana fly chasin' rainbows in the sky" I just love my vocally happy hardcore I know people hate me for liking me cheese but come on its just so uplifting!!

Straight after Kaos it was Hixxy with the Charlie B the Tottenham boy's started off with the beck remix I'm a loser. Charlie b was wicked, he was just taking the piss out of any gooners (arsenal) out there!! Hixxy was wicked playing some classics again the old 95-96 little 97 happy. See this is why I like the oldskool coz I was brought up on Bonkers series and couldn't go to raves coz I was young now I'm just re-living my youth!! After Hixxy there was no DJ available Charlie b was asking any DJ's in the house but talk of the devil no-other than Vibes turned up though i didn't stay too long.

Back to the rollers think it was energy on he was playing' some stompy hardcore/hard house style just caught the end of his set. Demand was on didn't really take it in much but just had to dance Hixxy was up playing his raver baby stuff I like it coz it nice and vocally but people would disagree but who cares its still phat!!

Storm was just wicked as ever the man is the dogs I mean his rhymes just get the crowd going and the mouth scratching is just so amazing.
Well Mark EG was on you know what this guy is just too much for me the man has lost the plot but everyone was loving it all the ravers were just chanting his name, I thought its time for me too have a gander outside.

Well the merchandise stall had some wicked bargains next time I'm going to come up with good wad of cash with me or maybe Slammin start taking credit cards umm maybe not!! They had the absolute oldskool classics for 6 quid half the price than hmv and also the united dance series for a fiver now that's a bargain. The bungee jump looked phat man all the nuters were queuing up for it. I was like you lot must be mad!!

Went into the oldskool room coz the rollers was still banging techno went and seen DJ Phantasy never seen him live but his jungle selection was classic. Well I caught the last 10 mins of Mark EG but I seen Dougal getting ready. Dougal and Storm that's a combo I'll like too see more often he played my all time tune U SURE DO the kick your legs in the air mix!!! Now that is what I was doing I was just amazed, I love that tune and to hear it in the rollers was something amazing!!

He played a more trancy hard-housy hardcore set really everything mixed up in one set. He played a new tune at the end couldn't get clue what it was called but his missus somehow knew all the words maybe she done the vocals but I loved the tune. I think the crowd loved the coz I know mc Ribbz did he was dancing all over the stage also for some strange reason will had brought a panda with him to the rave!! Maybe not a real one but a mask weirdo!!

Right " Welcome to London's no1 Everson Allen and Lipmaster mark the RATPACK" now that's a classic line cuz you know when they come to the rave they just tear it up. They played the remix of the for an angel mix really bassy but phat had the classics including searchin for my rizla mixed up with nu skool breaks and finished off with captain off the ship!! No clipper gutted I've not heard that live since decadance many many months ago but I cant complain maybe they'll play it at flashback in two weeks!! Two hours before the end and Scott brown was on I think its' time to get my coat also I wanted to buy some c.d.'s before I go. The cloakroom wasn't really that long compared to Slammin in November just had to wait bout 5-10mins not that long really.

Scott brown was still on so I thought I'll check out the oldskool room just before the night was over and too my surprise my fave jungle/oldskool DJ Mr. Nicky Blackmarket played some wicked selection tune like the champion sound renegade plus many other his style of quick mixing just pulls it off every time.

Last hour was approaching and you know whose going to be stepping on the wheels of steel the one and only SY with the lyrical genius Storm! I cant remember the first tune he started off with but he played I can't stop another classic happy track also I need your loving he slipped shooting star in the mix the crowd were loving it large I don't know how Storm does the mouth scratching but how wicked is it?

Well amazing Slammin have pulled it off haven't they??? Didn't have any problems with security really just the fact they opened up late cant really complain. The production was mediocre I have seen better I liked the stage in the sanctuary having the DJ on his own stage and the mc with his little platform. The rollers was quite spectacular with the video screens left and right of the stage. I liked the dancers on the raised platform that night with their water pistols and they're sexy dancing thought I was in a strip joint for a moment!! They had some amazing characters like the mirror dancer yes a mirror dancer now to explain this is basically a bloke in this costume covered in mirrors with torches for hands and the lights that bounced off him were quite trippy. There was also this bloke looked like a greyed out policeman doing stuff like those street blokes do you know the pulling the everlasting piece of rope thing. That's the kind of stuff I like the little characters and dancers makes the night a little bit special.

Well all I have to say is job well done Slammin just sort out the queuing well really it's the sanctuary problem but I have too say I enjoyed my self once again.
I will be seeing most of the midlands crew at flashback so see you in two weeks.

Shouts to; 4-D original hall green raver, Dazz aka Rapid, Paul aka D-Livelee also shouts to the rave virgins Wilson and Rosheen. Cheeda, Kev, Sam crew, the dontgiveaf** girls, the Solihull ladies, also the bloke from Shirley also shout to all the Birmingham and midlands massive. Shout to Hixxy, Kaos, Vibes, Dougal Storm, Wizzkid, Ribbz, Charlie B, Ratpack not forgetting Mistress Mo!

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007