Slammin vinyl
7th April 02


What an amazing night this turned out to be.

Well this was supposedly an 8 o'clock we arrived at bletchly round about 8'ish and joined the queue bout 8:45 we arrived and the queue just start to let people in we didn't have to queue that long only problem just the staffing for the queue seem to not have a clue. Got searched and me cameras in as I boycotted the sanctuary since September due to problem of last but no problems tonight. Well I touched inside, brought a horn and off I raved.

Straight into the fast track arena and I think Billy bunter just finished his set as I could hear Sharkey mcin whilst I was queuing I've not heard him for such a long time. The décor in the fast track was blinding inflatable lasers and lighting was amazing through out the night but I didn't stay in there for too long and headed straight to the drumnbass room and was caught by no other than Dougal's dad and thought well might as well get an interview cant wait for the video.

Anyway I caught Ray Keith one of my fave dj's and five alive was on the mic, really not impressed by him. I had a wonder up stairs to the oldskool room and caught mistress mo setting up, thought i'd stay in here for a bit she played an oldskool housey set with the classics thrown in for good measure.

Went back to the dnb room and fluid was on his set well wasn't that impressive really dry the crowd also couldn't really get into it as well and I headed straight back upstairs and mo was finishing and druid was just about to start he played the classic panic and Sharkey was mcin to some oldskool happy classics. Man thought I was listening to some of my old 96 tapes. This was one of my fave sets of the night.

After druid finished I thought I best put my coat in as I was boiling. Cloakroom was a bit weird as it was some sort of porter cabin but was good. I had a look around whilst I was outside the bungee looked really impressive but was far too expensive in my opinion 15 quid I could have a got a tape pack or a ticket for rave with that money the merchandise stall had some offers on as well with some really old tape packs wish they had a cash point nearby also glad they didn't or i'd be broke come 6.

Anyways back to the dnb room and it started to fill out got to the front and seen most of the b'ham crew mashing it up all my regulars were there that I know seemed like a mini flashback big shouts and respect b'ham crew. Up now was Brockie but no Dett instead with mc ic3 he was amazing.

IC3 nuff respect this bloke deserves shaking ravers hands and giving out nuff shouts he was hyping up the crowd like an mc should be, Shabba came half way through his set. I'm not a big fan of Shabba anyways so we wont go there. Kenny ken with Dett, ic3 and Shabba on the mic this was amazing as they kept passing the mic to each I like mc's when they mc off each other.

Well this is what I've been waiting for, the PA the Shy FX was blinding Di came on stage everybody was singing along to shake it ladies love this tune believe the dancers were going mad on stage. He mixed out of shake it straight into the remix of wolf I was going mental shocking, brocking and mashing it up people were getting scared but it was all fun. Whilst chilling I bumped into mc storm had a quick natter with him whilst cooling off and who did I see going stairs Slipmatt with out his legendary pony tail. I was shocked the ponytail has been part of rave history I caught a bit of Slipmatt's set.

Well time for the meet up and I met some new faces and old.
Nicky Blackmarket was about to start his set in the oldskool room I couldn't afford to miss that.
As I walked upstairs I heard one of me old time favourite champion Dj, along with trick of technology and the classic dark soldier. Five alive was mcin but I wasn't really all impressed with his style.

Back to the main arena I got to the front and met loads of people from b'ham and other ravers I know and Kaos was just finishing his set and he played a good remix of the urban takeover classic bad ass and Scott brown was up next. I went back to the dnb room and ed rush was up playing techy stuff which was good something different compared to shake it and the vocal mix of the terrible LK bah I hate these tunes with fearless just killing the mic nuff respect.

Well Nicky was starting his main set fearless was mcin half way through and again five alive was finishing off. I headed upstairs and the grand master of jump up Mickey Finn was up I caught him playing I though set speed not too sure, room was well hot in there but I stayed for a bit and chilled out. Yes I've been chilling out most of the night but has been well hot.

I thought I best get me coat, as there was no queue there, I didn't want to get hit with the rush like I did nearly 2 years ago. Well one of my fave dj's were up next in the playing last sets Ramos, Supreme and Marley in the oldskool room Sy in the hardcore room and Mickey Finn finishing off in the dnb why do they do this too me.

I was torn between what sets to do. Well I started off with the RSR crew really enjoyed what I heard then into the hardcore said hello to storm cant remember what Sy was playing back to the dnb room and with 15mins left I said my good byes to my b'ham at front and back to the hardcore room Sy was amazing along with storm he played power of love remix I got rewound but never finished playing I don't know but it did. Sound engineer!!!!!

Well what an amazing night the dnb room was really were I spent most of the night but I couldn't believe how many time LK was played with shake it but tunes of the night probably the remix of wolf, planet dust and Grimey that tune rocks it!!!!

Anyways big shouts to Wilson, 4-D, Dazz, Charly, Zoe + Collete, Snow, Paul, Marcus, Wookie, Simon, Astro, Oldham Boys, Kev, Grob, Doc-e plus many others from that I've forgotten but well big respects.
Well another Slammin at the sanctuary and with a long wait till the next one maybe in September or sooner who knows see ya soon.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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