Slammin' Vinyl
5th April 2003

Well it's been over 6 months since I return back to Milton Keynes. The evening entertainment was hosted by Slammin vinyl, we arrived at the sanctuary around 7:45 to be greeted by quite a large queue. Nothing was moving for quite along time it clearly states 8 o'clock open on the flyer but we didn't get in until 9, which is quite pathetic.
Security tonight looked like they were trying to do their job as when we was queuing up security were asking ravers for id. When I finally reached the entrance I was expecting to be searched but like every other sanctuary event i wasn't, I do think the security rely heavily too much on the metal detectors lets hope theres not much trouble here tonight.

Soon as I got inside the complex I headed straight for the cloakroom, not much of queue here, but you still can't beat the que club cloakroom. Once I dropped my coat I headed directly to the drum and bass arena to be greeted by the sounds of Mr Formation the DJ SS.
The production inside the drum'n'bass arenas was quite spectacular the stage was opposite the balcony. With large projection screens on either side of the stage, and behind the dj were situated a number of tv screens. It was good that they the dj and mc times on the projection screens, but this was only during the first hour. As they normally have the times situated on the merchandise stall, which was not the case here.

Back to music and yes it was DJ SS up first he was later accompanied by MC Eksman, I've heard quite a lot about Eksman, number of people have been hyping him up. He had some good chats plus also he did remind me a little of MC MC as he was good at getting the crowds response with his drum and bass chat. SS played the champion sound remix I was hoping that he would play dual voltage but this was not to be, a lot of remixes were played tonight as SS played another champion sound remix.

In the hardcore arena there was the maddest dj around spinning Mark EG playing hard trance to get the party started, loads of ravers stomping and mark being himself throwing records around, screaming and cursing at the crowd.

Back to the jungle and Shy Fx was up along side Eksman, shy was playing a mixture of some new and old tunes including the mighty wolf remix by Dillinja. The main arena was starting to fill up around this point.
Dougal was on in the hardcore room, he was accompanied by MC Marley, Dougal was playing a lot of new stuff of the essential platinum label including a lot of vocal tunes which I really enjoyed as it gave off a 96 vibe of what hardcore once was.

After Dougal was Raver Baby's DJ Styles, Storm and whizzkid was mcin for Styles. I didn't stay for much of this set, as Swan-e was upstairs in the sanctuary playing oldskool.

As I switched from arena's I bumped into to Dj Seduction had a quick natter as he's now back Dj'in to new hardcore, along with producing and promoting. Which he's looking forward to so look out for forth coming stuff on the Uproar label.

Back to the music and Dj Swan-E was on upstairs playing an oldskool set, which was something to break up the night as the oldskool room was a mixture of oldskool and hard dance / techno which is a bit odd as Mark EG was djin in here just before Swan-E.

Swan-E played some wicked tunes 92-93 set including bombscare also a tune that I still don't know but has the vocal "follow me up and down town"
More oldskool on in here as Styles was playing 94 stuff he was accompanied again by Marley on the mic, playing some of the break beat classics such as air head and six days.
Back to the jungle room and Brockie was finishing as it was the turn of the Tru Player DJ Zinc. IC3 and Fatman D were mcin for This set. The arena was now rammed, Zinc played a really good set including some classics such as the remix of watchin windows, brown paper bag. IC3 and fatman d were dong a brilliant job on the mic getting the crowd really hyped up.

In the fastrack room and it was the debut of DJ Paul Elstak, responsible for some classics such as Luv U more and rainbow in the sky. I know he plays hard gabba these days but this was for the headstrong really hard and stompy. This was sample of what the terrordome must be like in Holland bloody hard.

Headed back to the drum'n'bass arena for the PA from the raw hill crew, performing of course Mo' Fire. Dj E-Decay was on playing a lot of new material, which really sounds heavy, which I cant wait to hear. Spyda and Navigator were mcin for this. Spyda and Navigator were really enjoying this set freestyling of each other, which I really enjoy. They were later joined by MC Freddie Daddy, I've never heard of him before but he was introduced as some mad nutter from Jamaica which he bloody was he was, really crazy on the mic like he was possessed.

Straight after E-Decay was the ram man Andy C. I've not seen Andy C play for ages and he tore down the place, it was worth the wait. Playing a mixture of new and old tunes. Teasing in tracks during the mix such as trust me, and the one, he also played the remix of nitrous which wet down really well long side snow cats. Skibbadee turned up near the end of the set to give Spyda and navigator a break as really did do a good job tonight.

Soon as Skibba did he wolf chant everyone just rushed straight to the front on the arena it was sheer chaos seeing people just run straight to the front to get shouts.
Swift was on next thought id have a breather outside, as it was boiling hot inside. Headed directly to the merchandise stall, as they had some good deals on especially on some of the old packs. I had a browse at a couple seeing what I was missing. Well it was approaching 4ish so I thought id get my coat as there was no queue in the cloakroom.

Upstairs in the oldskool room and I could hear stompy break beats from 96 and a Dj by the name of Dice, he was playing 95-96 hardcore. This set was unbelievable as he played tunes from my favourite rave era, tunes such as Keep on trying also the Vinygroover vocal mix of toy town. As this tune was being played the raver got the whistles and horns and blew in unison which was something that don't happen as much theses days. This style of hardcore should be played in the main arena of the hardcore room, by someone like vibes and Livelee.

Jason Kaye aka topbuzz was on next but it was funny as he was introduced as the badboy of jungle Nicky Blackmarket, he was not amused. Downstairs and Adam F was finishing Skibadee was still mcin he was getting impatient as he was waiting for Shabba who was running late. It also seemed that fearless has cancelled tonight which is a bit unusual of him. I wanted to stay for Blackmarkets set but Sy and Storm were just about to start in the hardcore room.

Sy and storm were just unbelievable what the ravers needed to finish the night as Storm was just electric tonight keeping the party going till the early hours of Sunday morning. Sy played a flawless set, including the sweet harmony remix which he seems to be playing all the time and the ravers hands in the air anthem "Set U Free"!
Nuff said that was what needed!!!

Well I was dissapointed that Fearless never turned up, also I don't know what happened to Hype. But was still a good party with lots of dub plates being played and remixes which we'll be seeing in the shops hopefully soon.
Big shouts to; Whizzkid, Sy and Storm (how fuct was you), Andy C, Sedcution (hope it all goes well for you).
Also to Ed, Astro, Zoe, Collete, Sawyer + the Lichfield mob, Ricky and everyone else I met.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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