Slammin Vinyl
3rd April 2004

Well its been just over 4 months since Slammin Vinyl have put on an event. Back at the Sanctuary Milton Keynes and with the future of the Sanctuary now in the hands of developers there are many few events left at this historic venue.

Tonight's event was slashed down to £18.50 which I think is a bargain for a mulit- arena event especially considering the venue holds over 4,00 ravers and with a superb line-up with an array of the U.K.'s finest Hardcore and Drum and Bass DJ's and MC's all in one venue you can't really go wrong.

Arriving at the complex after 8, we was greeted with a huge queue luckily we were on guest list and after a quick search we were in. The music wasn't to start till 9 so we had time to check out the rest of the complex, the Fastrack arena was closed for the time being so we decided to go to the Sanctuary, as that was open. Inside the Sanctuary they had a cd on to keep the ravers entertained.

Well it was fast approaching 9 so we decided to head back to the Fastrack to see if they opened the venue. When we arrived it seemed that some ravers were a bit too eager as someone collapsed and paramedics were rushed in straight away.

Well right on cue they opened up the Fastrack and it was party time!!

Next Generation's very own DJ Brisk was on first along side Wotsee. It was very odd to have Brisk on so early I thought, Brisk did the business and played a hard stompy set to get the party ready playing lots of new material off the Next Generation label.

After Brisk it was the turn of the Essential Platinum duo Dougal and Gamma, it looked like Dougal was playing the first hour of this set.

I headed to the Drum and Bass room and Simon Bassline Smith and Drumsound were playing MC'ing for their set was Full Cycle's, MC Dynamite. It seemed that they played a few tunes fourth coming on Technique along with some stompers such as the 2003 Chopper remix along with also the Nosher remix too.

Half way through this set I decided to go back to the Hardcore room and Gamma was starting his portion of the set he starting of with CLSM's break beat tune Drifting Away which got the crowd really hyped as this tune is really more Drum and Bass than Hardcore he also played Fire's In The Skies as well.

Back to the Drum and Bass room and Drumsound were finishing off and MC Bassman joined them for last part of the set. Next up Was DJ Spinna as it looked like Dieselboy was running late. Spinna played a varied set which I really enjoyed, he played a mixture of new and threw in some old classics in his set such as the Zinc remix of Junglist also played 26 Bass too. It was good to see Bassman with his dirty and classic lyrics a style that is original to him.

After Spinna it was the turn of the Tru Playa DJ Zinc alongside the 'El Matador IC3. IC3 was hyping up the crowd as only he does best. He really doesn't need to chat just his stage presence drives the crowd wild. Zinc played a wicked set, I didn't recognize many of the tune as it seemed he was playing some new material though there were few tunes that I did recognize such as Brown Paper Bag along with the Basement Jaxx remix of Jump'n'Shout.

I thought I'd head back to the Hardcore room and Raver baby's very own DJ Hixxy was finishing up. He played the Hardcore till I die remix of the oldskool classic Injected with a poison that sent the crowd mad!!!

After Hixxy it was Harcore's number one DJ, Scott Brown. Scott Brown was accompanied by Whizzkid MC, hyping up the crowd as he does very well with his beat boxing. It was good to hear Whizzkid alongside Scott Brown one of my favourite MC/DJ combo's, Scott played a bouncy set and he threw in Bring me round to love.

I didn't hang around much for this set as DJ Hype was on in the Drum and Bass room. MC's Herbsman and Fearless accompanied Hype for this set. Hype played a heavy set playing a lot of new material that I guess is fourth coming on the Tru Playaz, and Ganja records label. It looked like that Foxy wasn't to show and was replaced by new breed's Herbsman.

Back to the Hardcore room and DJ Breeze was on along with MC Storm, Breeze was playing a raver baby set. Playing some new material as well including the new remix of the force and styles classic Cutting Deep, also he played 24/7 too.

After breeze it was PA time with New Energy PA, featuring Sharkey Kevin Energy and K-complex. I'm not a big fan of freeform so I decide to miss out on this set and check out the Ram Man, Andy C. It's been a long time since I've seen Andy C, he was replaced last week by Mampi Swift at Accelerated Culture last weekend. Andy played a wicked set as he only does very well, Fearless was mc'ing for his set. During this set the Narni shakers were on stage strutting their stuff.

Well after Andy C it was the turn of the ravers champions Sy and Storm in the Hardcore room. Sy was playing a lot of new material fourth coming from Quosh including a few favourite of mine such as I Feel Alive, along with the new remix of Discoland and also a remix of Geos's, Easy Inside.

Back to the Drum and Bass room it was the turn of Nicky Blackmarket alongside New breed's Eksman. Nicky played one of my favourite sets of the evening. He played a few classics such as Police in Helicopter, the Stevie Hyper D tribute song Move Ya Body, Dual Voltage, Outer Space and the new remix of R-Type as well.

With 30 minutes left go I caught the end of Raver baby's Darren Style, with MC's Storm and Whizzkid. It was good to see these two go back to back with the MC2 business. Styles played the cutting deep remix also the new Electric remix as well. It was unfortunate that the end of this set was spoilt as someone collapse right at the very end.

Overall it was a good night but it was a shame as it seemed some people were over doing it right from the beginning not only in the Hardcore arena but also in the Drum and Bass room as well. The venue was really busy in both the Fastrack and Sanctuary all night, though it did get quite hot at times, which didn't help when the security closed the main exit in the Sanctuary.

It was good to hear a lot of new material being played tonight look forward to hearing the tape pack, but what also stood out was the new material coming from the Hardcore producers. As it seems that they are using a lot more breaks and Drum and Bass influences are creeping into the music which I must say is excellent!!!

Well it looks that Slammin Vinyl will be hosting the last ever event at the Sanctuary Milton Keynes, as come August this venue will be no more as another chapter is written into the rave history books.

Shouts to, Storm + Sarah, Whizzkid MC, Michael at Slammin, Fearless, SY, Scott Brown, Spinback, IC3 and Mistress Mo.
Also respect to Leanne, Ed, Ross, Zoë + Colette, Astro, Adam, Charlie + James also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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