Slammin vinyl
10th August 2002

Mid-summers night raving

Now then what a good night this was. Got to Slammin for about 8ish and reached a huge queue which went all the way back which I've not seen for quite a long time. Searching didn't take too long even though I got searched by a women which is illegal but who am I to complain???

Headed straight to the fast track which had just opened and hour late, Andy farley was on playing hard house which is really not my thing, but the production inside here was amazing decorated from top to bottom, the stage was amazing which a huge lighting rig with some video screens also there was the set up for the lab4 pa which keyboards and things.

Went for the direction of the crazy bass lines into the jungle room and dj fluid was on with mc Sugar. They changed the stage around instead of the balcony looking over the stage it was the other way round which was kind of cool as I've seen the stage this way round since Skelter millennium. The dj booth was closer to the crowd than normally so you could see the dj's which nice to see.

Headed back to the fast track and Andy farley was finishing and on the mic there were some lads from the legendry town of Birkenhead mcin oh dear they got kicked off soon enough Brisk was up next with mc Whizzkid, playing some proper hard stuff nice to hear him first as it gets you going for the rest of the night. I decided to check out the oldskool room and Sy and Unknown were on playing hardcore playing out of space and also tango and ratty's final conflict cheers for the rewind.

Headed downstairs and Ray Keith with presha and Sugar on the mic Ray Keith was playing it dark side with my favourite tune at the moment the rip groove remix and also he played grimey which got the crowd brocking. Went back to the oldskool room and bass- line smith was setting up next didn't catch much of his set.

This is quite unusual for Slammin but next in the hardcore room was the Sy and Storm set oh yes they've never had these guy's on early really before which is unusual a bit like Skelter as they always used to have the prime sets which is nice to hear Sy and Storm were heavy playing some new tune of the quosh label and a couple from the newly released bonkers resurrection album. This set was absolute banging from start to finish with no in betweens with it being at this time, no excuse to give this set a rest.

Well it came 12 and I decided to have a break. Well after having some refreshments went and headed to the oldskool room and to see Force and Styles which I've not seen for quite a long-time and they were without MC Junior but had some mc by the name of APBwhich I've not heard before, they played more 94 stuff rather than all the stuff from the uk dance label, played jds higher love, 4am, 6 days and in effect.

Dj zinc was up next in here I went downstairs and Hype was on with mc presha but mc fatz was getting ready with his headset mic but Hype was to be honest playing a poor set I've heard better is it true that he's getting lazy these days??? Or are dj's getting better than him.
Back in the fast track was Hixxy playing some wicked raver baby and jelly baby tunes including the remix of follow me which I really love the vocal but do like the original still.

Well the raver baby pa was next with Styles, Hixxy, Breeze and co on the keyboards with Marley, Whizzkidz and Storm mcin and complete with dancers that looked very impressive indeed!! This was something that I enjoyed and really topped my night was a wicked pa, apparently the stuff from here will feature on a new raver baby album soon which of course meant no shout outs which some people didn't understand. With tunes like just accept it, living in a dream also another vocal tune, which had the singer on the mic think its call your shining.

Well back to the oldskool room and Druid was on playing were Force and Styles left off earlier with Marley and Odyssey on the mic. Brockie was on downstairs with Shabba d and well what was he wearing oh my god!!!! Never mind we all have bad days don't we? Back in the oldskool room and Druid was finishing up with Blackmarket well I know what he's going to play so I thought id give it a miss. Back in the hardcore room and Scott brown was finishing but I remember he played cold as ice.

Up next was Breeze with Storm mcing this set was one of my favourite sets from the night including the remix of follow me, black magic, also home which is another top tune!! I walked out half way through as I went to grab my stuff and when I got back I was raving away and some girl had a fit just centimetres away from me which was really shocking as it did put a damper on the night, but later on Storm got on the mic to let people know that she was aright and found out whilst I was getting my stuff another person collapsed as well.

Well last set was given to compulsions very own dj Demand was a good set to finish of the night I would have loved to have heard someone like vibes and live lee to finish this night, but Demand did a good job playing eye opener remix and power of love as last tune with Storm on the mic reassuring people about the people that collapse.
Well like I said was a good night really enjoyed myself with the train messed up on the morning meaning I didn't get home till 12 oh well, i need to drive or get coach next time as this chaos is here till xmas time!!!

Big shouts and respects to mc Storm and Whizzkid also to Sy as well thanks for the rewind.
Well big up to Chedda, Olly, Wookie, Leanne, Andy and Brett, Rob, also to the USH.Net crew and to each and everyone you know who you are.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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