Slammin Vinyl
The Que Club
9th February 2002

Well its been along time since I've being to a Slammin vinyl event since September I was looking forward to this night as I was in my hometown were my rules apply!!!!
Well we got to the Que club for 8:45 this queue was getting massive we were all the way near the restaurant I don't think people were happy with the noise the ravers were making!!! The doors opened on time and the Queue was moving smoothly and swiftly.

Well straight to the main arena this was good!!! Better compared to the last time I visited the Que club in Jan!!!
The visual and audio assault on the ravers was unbelievable with the large projection screen. Which I like with dj times and also they had camera set on the decks so you could see the dj mixing (shame hype or Sy weren't in there could see some scratching and trigger fingers!!!) the lighting was amazing and the lasers were wicked, lots of inflatable in the ceiling.

Up first was DJ SS basically started were I left off from the true playaz nite, the main room started they didn't open the side rooms till 10ish. I went and placed my coat in the cloakroom, I went into the hard dance room and Billy bunter was up first playing hard house I didn't stay in there much but the production in this room was good plenty of lighting loud system. I returned in the main arena and DJ SS was supposedly booked for a two set but due to his commitments in Leicester for his formation night this was cut short and last minute replacement to cover, till the next dj was flashbacks mistress mo. She hadn't played any these records ever but made a good job she got into the groove after two/three tunes some kid thought it was rap. There were no mc's this moment I went into the hardcore room and Billy bunter was finishing up jimmy j was in the oldskool playing u guessed it six days!!!!

Dougal was in the hardcore room and his set was unbelievable with wizzkid on the mic he was just tearing it up. Dougal was playing some of the raver baby stuff including wanting to get high. The hardcore room was getting too hot for me so Back in the main arena and Andy c was finishing up with shabba d on the mic just blaring it up. The only problem with shabba he chats too fast.

Andy C was similar to what he played in Jan but still a good set. Mampi swift was on the decks he played he one and also a good tune planet dust local mc was on the mic fila. I returned in the hardcore room and Dougal was still on finishing his set and storm just arrived.

Brisk was up next he was playing a bit gabba techno which is really not my cup of tea, I checked the oldskool room and rat pack were finish and hixxy was starting his set was good similar to that of bonkers 3 which was good but the problem is these rooms get hot too quickly. Into the main room and DJ Kenny ken was on the decks i spotted my fave mc Lenni he was there but not mcin just raving. Kenny ken was good played some wicked new stuff I don't the names of these but I spotted the remix of dark soldier the crowd went mad for it I spotted wizzkid brocking out at the front you rude bwoy!!!!!

The crowd tonight was really not from the midlands more out of towners faces I see mainly back in Milton Keynes not in Birmingham but it was good and the vibe in all three arena was good all night. After Kenny ken was dj rap which I caught the first 10 mins she played the messiah also the champion sound bc remix as well kept the crowd alive MC MC turned up shame though coz the mic was not on properly so you couldn't hear him but he was loving it jumping on the stage I think mc's love mcin in the main arena of the Que club.

Into the oldskool room was Donavon bad bwoy smith he played a good oldskool jungle with Lenni on the mic giving enough shouts for us nice!!!! I popped back into the hardcore room to find my fave dj doing his last 20 mins HIXXY!! He played some wicked tunes some really new stuff. I haven't listened to any new hardcore for a long time and this stuff was eurphic and rushy. Storm was on the mic giving the crew enough shouts, hixxy played a couple tunes which including the vocal talents of mc storm living in a dream and why oh why. He finished the set with the anti-scoial. Mistress mo was on next playing hard house, which is really not my thing.

Back to the oldskool room and MC MC was mcing and bad boy smith was still on he played burial, tnt, dark solider and also sing (time) tune but his set was cut short due to the power going out for a brief moment. I though I get back to the main room. Well Rap was still on just finishing her set and MC Dett was on the mic blaring his usual chats which kept the crowd hyper. Hey the dude was bouncing like a raver as well I like the vibe he gives out to the crowd.

Brockie was running late and Donovan bad bwoy smith was on he played some good tunes but you know when brokcie's on as the crowd went mad playing the classic brockie anthem warhead with det going mad and then represent!! This set was awesome!!!!!

Well the last set of the night SY!!! This was a set not be missed the room was rammed of ravers waiting for there heroes Sy,and storm are the RAVERS CHAMPIONS!!!! Playing some quality new tunes and storm well he's got lyrics his vocally scratching with Sy is just amazing storm was on fire!!! Thanks for the shouts ,with the room rammed out I left and went to the oldskool room with the godfather Slipmatt with mc Lenni. Slipmatt played the classics bomb scare with my vocal remix hehe and the pete bouncer tune but to be honest the best that I liked was this old house tune and the crowd went mad I don't know what its called but it was wicked it had to get the rewind!!! Thanks Lenni.

Well I thought i would catch Nicky blackmarket with Skibadee. He wasn't mcin which was shame he was there but not mcin with half the dj's being at one nation tonight I could understand with them being late but not mcing well… the crowd was on the stage all the ravers loving it up only caught bout 10 mins of Nicky B and went to get my coat. I thought i'd go back in the room with 5mins to go and room was losing its vibe but people still raving the light came on and it was time to go home I quickly ran too the hardcore room and Sy was till on playing 5 mins over which I think the bouncers weren't happy about!!!

Well a good night in generally I couldn't tell who played the best set there loads of them I was in all 3 arenas and hat shows you how good the night was.

I'd like to say this was a major improvement on Slammin return to the Que club compared to the last event back in June!!!

I'd like to say massive shouts and respects to Mistress mo, jimmy, Lenni, Storm, Sy, Dougal, Hixxy, Andy C, Rap and Whizzkid!!
And of course the ravers!!

Wilson, 4-D, Ed, Chedda, Xlr8, Astro, Marky, Jungle Princess (Charly), Jess, Wookie, Marcus, Zoe + Collete and all the crews I met but don't know your names.
C ya soon!!!!
Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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