Slammin' Vinyl
The Que Club
15th February 2003

Slammin Vinyl back in Birmingham at the Que club, with the Que club closing soon when I do not know. So I might as well make the most of the parties left here.
Not been out raving since new years eve I was well up for this one, with a phat line-up and being Slammin you can't go wrong.

Got to the Que club and was greeted with a fairly large queue, security were a bit tight tonight. Headed straight to the main arena and to be greeted with DJ Phase 2 of broken mindz playing the warm up. The main arena was decorated quite well but it's a shame the lighting didn't match.
It was really dark most of the time in here, as you couldn't really see he DJ's on decks at times. In the hardcore room DJ Eon was on I remembered him playing at flashback's b'day at the sanctuary not too long ago. He was playing stuff of blatant beats and evolution including Scott brown's neck breaker, which is a top tune!!!

Back to the main arena and the DJ Bro Bro Brockie was up, there was no mc in here for the first quarter of this set then Charlie B was appeared on the mic, I've not seen him for quite along time he did a god job then the man they call IC3 appeared hyping up the crowd as he knows how to. Brokcie was playing his usual set including tunes such as mars.

Straight after Brockie it was the tru player Hype, it was a bit unusual to have him on early but with big events happening in the capital it didn't surprise me. IC3 was mc'ing for Hype, half way through he went back to back with Charlie B, IC3 got on the dance floor to have a brock out and mc along side Charlie B. Hype was playing a good set including original nuttah, bad company's snow cats to mention a few.

Popped into the hardcore room and Billy Bunter was on along side Sharkey mc'ing for him, Sharkey was due to play later as Hixxy was on international duty down under. Back to the main room and the man they call the mix'and'blend Kenny Ken was up he played some wicked tunes including the sample from 9/11 disaster and also a remix of an oldskool classic one tribe what have you done, he played some weird salsa tune. IC3 was accompanied again with Charlie B.

In the oldskool room DJ Phantasy was on playing an oldskool jungle set and flashback's very own mc Lenni was mc'ing for him. Playing all the usual tunes he even played 26 bass which really isn't oldskool but with rat pack looking like a no-show he looked like he was running out of tunes, Phantasy finished his set with his new tune of easy recs.
In the hardcore room DJ Energy was on along side mc storm he played some hard tunes of the freeform style, including sharkey's get fucked and get rocking.

Back in the main arena and Kenny ken was still on he was accompanied by Fatman D and Shortston mc who I've not heard for quite along time. After Kenny Ken was Leicester's very own DJ SS it didn't surprise me when he played a remix of lighter as I think it gets remixed every year. Following SS was another formation DJ Twisted individual he was accompanied later by kool-fm's Biggie.

In the oldskool room and another DJ from the past Swan-E I've not seen him on line-up for a very long time he played a good set more from 89-92 including the dreamscape tune along with edge 1 which always goes down well.

DJ SY was on in the hardcore room and played a very good stompy set including an updated Quosh remix of liquid's sweet harmony. Storm was just hyping up the crowd, as he knows how, very well!! SY was playing a lot of new tune which I think are to appear on his new album ultimate hardcore 2 and his Quosh label. At times in the hardcore room I felt as i was one of the oldest in here as the new breed of ravers are very young or am I getting old?? It's good to see new faces into the scene as the music is crossing over to the hard house fans as rumour has it sundissential will be hosting the bonkers album launch.

Well back in the main arena and another member of the flashback crew was up Mistress Mo and what a she played a blinding, dark and one of the best sets of the night I reckon, including a jump up classic trick of technology, she was playing over time as it looked like that Andy C was not to show along side Shabba D. Broken minds Phase 2 played the remainder of what would have been Andy C's set.

Back to the oldskool room and Nicky blackmarket was on playing the anthems along side mc Lenni. He was playing tunes such as you got me burning up, bass 2 dark, r-type, champion DJ and a surprise our the record bag m-beat incredible. He finished the set with wolf.

Last set of the night was Dougal playing tunes of the raver baby label as he making up for hixxy being abroad. In the main arena Ratty was finishing up as Zinc was on international duty over in Canada, Nicky was next along side MC Dett. Dett was amazing tonight hitting the lyrics hard and fast he went back to back with mc Supa, Nicky played a good set which was flawless including the full cycle tune with mc Tali I got a lyric on my lip.

Best sets of the night probably had to have been Mistress mo, Kenny Ken, and SY and Nicky Blackmarket.

Well another Slammin vinyl has touched down in Birmingham and the Slammin vinyl party was a success. Back to the Que in 2 weeks for flashback come on. Well big shouts to Mistress mo, Jimmy and Lenni, also to storm, SY, Whizzkid, Dougal, Blackmarket, Charlie B, IC3 also to the ravers.

Of course to the following Ed, Astro, Chedda, Leanne, Charlie 'N 'James, Zoë, Collete, Raz Power plus many more.
Till next time.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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