Slammin Vinyl
The Que Club
Saturday 13th July 2002

Well another Slammin at the Que club. After the success of the previous Slammin at the queue will this one live up to the same??
Well got there for about 9 having seeing the queue quite long they opened the doors on time.

Once inside the hardcore room chapel was not open until 10. Went off to the main arena and DJ Phase 2 of broken minds was playing a more oldskool set with stuff like reach out, we can be free being played. The chapel side didn't open till 10 with Sy playing first but not in the chapel but in the side room which is a shame as this room got rammed very quick and got hot fast.

Sy played a more 96-97 happy set with tunes like peoples party, rainbows in the sky also heart of gold being played with people singing in unison. The vibe inside the hardcore room was electric most of the night. Sy was on for 2 hours with storm turning up for the last hour of his set. Storm just rocked the place with every body mcin with him. The oldskool room was now moved to the old cloakroom with mistress mo setting up playing a more old house set later on the MC from Altern-8 was DJin' playing a jungle set he dropped a wicked mix of champion sound into pulp fiction which got the small crowd inside here rocking.

Back to the hardcore room and Brisk was playing he also dropped the new remix of eye-opener and with Wizzkid mcing was a good set nice and bouncy but it didn't help with it being extremely hot in here. Went off into the main arena to cool off and Nicky Blackmarket was on with Dett mcin and he was rocking the rave proper with people mcin to some of his lyrics I remember him playing a his chopper / Ska mix and also the rip groove remix which I really like. Back to the hardcore room and breeze was up playing stuff of his infinity label and some stuff of Hixxy's raver baby label as well Storm was mcin alongside him.

I've not heard Breeze play since Nye 00/01 nice to hear him again. I strolled off to the oldskool room to find mo playing as vibes had cancelled she played more break beat happy oldskool set. With stuff mainly off the hectic label, which I really enjoyed, and of course mcin alongside her was the legendry mc Lenni.
Back inthe hardcore room was Dougal and Livelee, Livelee was mcin to new hardcore which was a bit odd still using his classic lyrics such r.a.v.e.r. Hardcore raver that the crowd all love but to be honest it's a bit outdated with the new stuff.

Back in the main arena and Ray Keith was finishing off with five alive mcin but who turned up MCMC. He rocked the whole crowd showing he why he is called MCMC. Adam F was up next. But we had a bit of a technical, as there was a problem with mixer, also the police turned up in the main arena looking around the stage and the side which I felt was a bit odd. Once the mixer was fixed on with the show and Adam f played a wicked set he played the remix of wolf, which is heavy, and MCMC was just going mad calling for the rewind.

Back to the hardcore arena and Vinyltrixta was finishing his set with Mark E.G. about to start his I thought i'd chill out for a bit having found out that the chill out room was opened. Back to the hardcore and Scott brown was on with Wizzkid he played the remix of eye opener and also a new remix of hold me now which is stompy as hell, well Scott brown was playing this.

Well with the Slammin having a low turnout with global gathering in 2 weeks and Slammin back at Milton in less than a month the queue club was not full to capacity, but I did feel that they could have opened the chapel were the hardcore should have been and kept the oldskool room in the old cloakroom.

The vibe inside the hardcore room was amazing but inside the main arena is was a bit of attitude, the drum'n'bass scene in b'ham has recently gone downhill which is a really shame as I had seen 2 fights here tonight. It's a real shame but what can you do when garage has been banned in b'ham, moving all the trouble into the other scenes and unfortunately filtered back to the drum and bass scene. I did enjoy myself but not as much as I would have liked to. With global in 2 weeks I'm praying to the sun gods for some wicked weather.

Anyway big shouts to Mo jimmy for doing and good job under the circumstances. Shouts to Sy, Brisk, Storm and MC MC, Wizzkid and of course big shouts to the ravers Wilson, Dazz, Jon, Chedda, Platinum, Charlie K and James, Leanne and her crew, Scottie(Good Luck with Dreamscape), Zoe + Collete, Wookie and Marcus and anyone i've missed out woops.
C ya.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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