Slammin vinyl
The Que Club
Saturday 30th June 2001

Back to the drawing board!!
Tonight we welcomed Slammin vinyl to the first time in b'ham and the que club. It was the first time one of the countries biggest rave promoters have came to the que club. Was it to be successful and will we see them back?? Well who knows?? This is what went down on the evening.

There was quite a bit more ravers this time round. Hanging around the square peg too long waiting for some ravers well the size of the queue was huge when we got there a little later than I anticipated. The doors opened just on time getting searched swiftly and thoroughly and off we go to rave. Cloakroom never takes too long I know it was the summer and I had a coat but just a fly over coat for the morning. Got to the chapel room and to check the line-ups and there was no hixxy but he had been replaced by Dougal instead. Which is fair enough. Also there was no music in the room yep that's right there was no music in either the chapel or the oldskool room so I think I had to go to the main arena.

Well Slammin gone all the way for this one. The lighting was amazing there was wicked lighting rig above the stage it was amazing and I was quite taken back by it also the laser were just phat.

Dj zinc was on laying down the bass lines for the jungle massive. Quick check back to the oldskool and it was no other than Nicky black-market. This blokes some of the best oldskool sets around not does he play hardcore but the classic jungle as well. He played some wicked tune including 4 am, champion sound, lighter, bad ass the list is endless I was well chuffed by his set I ask to play some tunes and well he just pointed at the main room saying that he'll be playing those tunes in the main arena. His selection was just amazing and just raw bass line anthems shame there was no mc in the room I was expecting Charlie b to walk in and tear it down maybe not . Well next up was jimmy J in the oldskool room but im afraid I was going to catch Nicky Blackmarket dnb set in the main room.

I went to the main room expecting some attitude but there was none of them around just ravers having a good time!! He played some wicked new stuff and played some old classic. I really like Nicky b's style of mixing the way he make two tunes sound the same/ well the mix had to have been combining Original nuttah with chopper the shy fx mix and the crowd went mental he was just slammin down ready for his next tune after tune. Well he played my classic jungle favourite, The Congo natty champion dj!!!

Next after him was Ray Keith but I was told Dougal was up in the chapel. Dougal may be known a cheeser but he played some wicked new hardcore some of the new stuff on hixxy's and ufo's label "Raver Baby" there s a remix of wanting to get high plus loads of other tunes. This went really down the room was extremely rammed out never like I've seen before on all my past visits to the Que club . It didn't really help being so hot no ventilation what so ever sweat was just pouring off my face and I just didn't feel comfortable raving in the extreme heat.
Well after Dougal finished I thought It was time for me to chill out, the only thing about the que club is it needs an outdoor chill out or some kind of venation especially in the hot summer months.

I was later informed by the promoters that they booked industrial fans for the hardcore rooms but they were let down last minute.
After chilling out had a quick gander at the merchandise stall to see what they brought down here, well there was nothing really new but some god bargains for people who want to collect some old hardcore albums and vinyl. Right then I decided coz of he extreme heat is that to visit the main room and go to the back as this is were the coolest part of the club seems to be.

Shy fx was and he went down a storm he played snap shot and the classic shy fx remix of the chopper.
Back to the oldskool and I think it was DJ SS playing some oldskool jungle I caught think the last 15mins and then up my fave Vibes. He didn't play any oldskoool happy hardcore but a more hardcore set he played 4am by Orca it was a more break beaty set more than anything. The heat really did affect me and I was not really in my normal bouncy mood.

I was really exhausted what I didn't like was the fact that from Dougal set at twelve had to wait till 4 for another hardcore set as I was just looking around the different rooms just to see what was happening. Well the next hardcore set was up and from like the man they call SY.

He played a well truly bouncy set that got the ravers going the now is the time remix was spun from the evolution recs camp and this went down a treat also a classic tune remixed was also played can't stop I remember him playing this at Slammin April. His set went over as so I had quick peep in the main arena and it was Brockie with Det and Shabba. These two mc's are free styling against each other, it's good to hear mc's working togther.

I went back to the hardcore room as we were waiting for vibes to play his hardcore set but apparently he had to jet off as he was on his way to Ibiza. But Sy started to play an oldskool set in the hardcore room and he dropped Sl2 ragga tip tune. Well a surprise set was DJ Kaos I didn't stay long as time was dragging and under the heat well I didn't really want to stay for more than I should and headed off home.

My opinion of the evening it was a good evening had it been cooler I would have enjoyed my set. If Slammin are to return I think that they should reconsider putting hardcore in such a small arena coz with the heat and sweat it felt like it was raining. Also the set times having to wait about 3-4 hours for the next hardcore set is not on. I know it sounds like im complaining and don't get me wrong it is nice of Slammin to experiment and use new venues obviously they didn't expected to draw a big crowd of hardcore ravers as they anticipated but at least they can think about it when they return to the que club in the near future.

Big shouts to Ed, 4D,Dazz (happy birthday mate) Wilson, chedda, Rob Brownlee, Random also to paul and his missus. And every one I met and forgot your names. I hear Slammin are to return the sanctuary at the end of the summer .

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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