Slammin' Vinyl

Well what a night all summer I've been doing the oldskool down flashback and the only happy rave ive been to was Slammin vinyl at bagley's way back in April.
This was the one rave that I've been waiting for, since may when this was first heard of after the April Slammin V. Thweres been hardly any Happy Hardcore raves this year, well hardcore is the reason I've made the trip to the raving capital they call Milton Keynes. Tonight was my pilgrimage to the best venue in the UK. Got the train down and thank god we caught the early train as the queue was massive, lots of eager ravers getting here early but they didn't let us in until 10:30 they got to sort this out.

Once inside it was mental went straight into the hardcore room and gosh I forgot how fast happy hardcore was too much oldskool for me this year! The production they pulled out tonight, the lasers the lighting the strobes the list is endless. Think it was DNA up first couldn't remember along with mc smiley playing a lot of new material I've obviously not heard for ages.
Went upstairs to get a bit of oldskool and pilgrim was playing the last five minutes alongside Charlie Bstraight after was NICKY BLACKMARKET one of my favourite Jungle dj's he started off playing hardcore stuff like the ecstasy rushing tune which is a tune!

Went back downstairs and mc storm has just arrived gosh he's the geezer, as soon as he was on stage the crowd was electric just by his appearance that's what makes him hardcore's number one mc!

Went back upstairs to one the sets I've been waiting for Dougal & Vibes and what a set can't wait to see vibes at flashback oh yes! They played all the anthems the room was a little too hot hotter than millennium Skelter during Slipmatt (brought back memories). This set should have been in the sanctuary blatantly man it was phat. All the ravers were going mental the floor was bouncing I thouht i was going to fall through! Playing a lot of stuff which the happy ravers have not heard for ages stuff like party time, heart of gold, kick your legs!!

Billy bunter was on downstairs people were going mental for the hard house, so mental that I think someone collapse and mc Storm started screwing, telling the ravers get your self sorted and I don't blame him!!!!
Had to take a break, we went outside and had a look around the people were still queuing up heard about people rushing the fences sounds like they need to sort out the security.

There were queues for the rollers was ridiculous thank god I didn't come all this way for drum'and'bass as I would have been pissed off! People must have been mad to do the bungee and I mean mad. In the chill out there was South Park, people just watching it whilst taking a break from the craziness inside the sanctuary.

Sy and Storm now this is why I came here tonight to listen to the Sy and storm mission! People loved this it was phat he played dread land and the Madonna like a prayer tune that went down really well. After that it was another look round I saw some merchandise I wanted so I thought I best get my coat and then buy the vinyl and c.d.'s I wanted.

Well what a surprise in store I had. This took the PISS, the security thought they were bigger than the Slammin V tonight, I think coz the ravers rushed the fences it was time to get their own back! If this was Skelter I doubt this wouldn't of happened. But I had to queue a good hour and a half and people were missing their coaches and lift home coz of the chaos!!

Other than that this night was top for atmosphere and tunes I don't know if I want to come back for New Years Eve's yet coz of this fiasco but if the security and the queuing is sorted out then I'll be getting my ticket! What could be done for New years eve, well open earlier so you can get your coat in and glow sticks and then get ready to rave up and get more people inside the cloakroom to sort it out

Shouts to SY, Storm, Whizzkid, Charlie B, Hixxy, Vibes and Dougal, Rugby Ravers Birmingham crew and all those other nutters that made this night wicked Cheers .

See you all at flashback!

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007