Slammin Vinyl
1st November 2003

Bass II Dark

What a night, it's been along time since I've been to the sanctuary in the winter and I forgot how cold it gets.
Well with all the delays still happening on the train each and every weekend on the Birmingham-Euston line we didn't get to the sanctuary till 11.
We arrived and just look like we caught the firework display, which lasted for about 10mins. This was also the first time that I've arrived and was greeted with next to no queue.
Got in and headed for the Sanctuary and was greeted by the True playa DJ Zinc. The Sanctuary was kitted out quite good with very large projection screens across the main stage playing some mad visuals during the night. DJ Zinc was playing a rolling set he was accompanied with Skibadee and Full cycles MC Dynamite. Zinc played some quality tunes such as the basement jaxx jump and shout remix which got the crowd bouncing also he played the remix of ready or not.

Playing after Zinc was Brazils Marky alongside XRS and MC Stamina, they were playing up on 4 decks. This was an entertaining set especially from Marky as he was scratching and toying with the mixer, he played which seemed like the tunes of the evening Nosher and also the Power of Rah.

Half way through his set I wandered of to the Fastrack arena and was greeted to the sounds of raver baby's DJ Breeze alongside MC Storm. The Fastrack was kitted out nicely with some cool inflatables and wobblers hanging off the ceiling.

Breeze and Storm was one of my favourite sets of the night as Breeze was playing wicked tunes including the remix of Pretty green eyes, also Heartbeatz which got the crowd rushing. Storm was hyping up the crowd with his lyrics working the ravers into an utter frenzy. After Breeze it was the turn of Scotland's number one Scott brown.

At this point I left ad headed back to the Fastrack, and Fearless was mcing for High Contrast, this set was a bit different as it was high paced but rolling High Contrast played some rollers including his very own basement track also he played trumpet and dropped his remix of the moving shadow classic renegade snares.

Next up was Mickey Finn alongside Fearless and Bassman, I've not seen Bassman for a very long time, and he was entertaining with his lyrics going crazy on stage, making things a liccle darker. Finn was heavy playing a similar set to what he played at Flashback 2 weeks ago playing the nine, Bandwagon Poos and of course Nosher.

After Mickey Finn it looks like Andy C was running late so I headed back to the Sanctuary and Darren Styles was on along side Whizzkid mc. Styles was playing a good set playing some remixes of his and force's classic tunes such as Perfect Dreams, Feeling fine and he also played electric. He even played Screamer by the guvnor Andy C!! It was a good mixture of playing hardcore and drum and bass and the crowd went mad!!!

I headed back to the sanctuary and Andy C was on with Bassman, he played a similar set to what he played at Air last weekend playing tunes such as Outer Space, Signal, Troubleshoot, Screamer he teased in a few tracks such as Turbulence, Trust me and also Renegade Snares. Bassman was later accompanied with Shaydee. It seemed that Andy C played for nearly 2 hours. Last set of the night in the Sanctuary was the man from Charge, Mampi Swift he was accompanied with IC3 and Shabba.

Soon as Shabba got on the mic the whole place went electric all the kids ran to the front of the stage going mad to Shabba. Swift played a blinder of a set he played tunes such as Good girl, R-Type, It's a Jazz Thing, the remix of Chopper, played a few tunes of his own including he infamous, The One and Jaws he also teased in Original Gangster.

Well this was good night wicked sets especially from Mickey Finn, Breeze, Styles, Andy C and of course Mampi Swift.
I was gutted that I had missed Sy and Unknown as they played on the same time as Micky finn. Which annoyed me as there is no times posted around the arenas or around the merchandise stall like they used to have.

Masive shouts to Storm + Sarah, Whizzkid, Fearless, IC3 Mampi swift, Seduction and of course the Ravers Ross, Charlie, James and everyone else whose names I don't know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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