Slammin Vinyl vs. One nation
Well, well I was only here a month ago and now I'm back here at the home of hardcore.

Well we left new street at 4:30 as the train was late due to bad weather well at least we had a train to get on. Arrived at bletchley for about 6:30. Well well the queue I thought Slammin were suppose to sort this out coz of what happened last time. Rain sleet or snow the ravers will still queue up and I mean we didn't get in till about half seven or later but it still took the piss they were just letting people in without searching them!

We were then rushed to the chill out room which was a phat warehouse they had James Bond on the video screen and loads of nice comfy chairs and bean bags but I wanted to get my coat in and rave. To put your coat in was taking forever we had to queue for a good half hour to get my bleeding coat in the cloakroom, my coat was damp from the rain and so was my scarf and hat but at last I got my stuff in and time to get the rave essentials, now it's time to rave oh yes!!!

Right on the flyer hardcore was supposed to be in the sanctuary but as we ran past all I could was jungle bass lines so the hardcore was in the rollers!!!
The rollers in my opinion is better than the sanctuary firstly coz it's roomy enough space to rave without getting crushed and the sound system is louder!!

First up 8-9 was Brisk one of my fave dj's he played some stompy hardcore with a fast techno vibe which I like, smiley was on the mic personally I don't rate what has happened to the likes of Magika, Man Parris and Stixman they normally mc for the hardcore as you get a load of mc's normally at Skelter but at Slammin your limited to Storm, Wizzkid Odyssey and Smiley Next 9-10 was Scott brown Scotland's number one he played some wicked gabba fast hardcore and I think he played some Spanish hardcore. Which was really fast and stompy!

After him 10-11 I think it was DNA but 11-12 was Mistress Mo yes I'm a flashback regular and yes she's one of the bests for your oldskool business.Played some proper underground oldskool not the anthems that get played and played over and over again which I liked! Coz I'm a flashback head I thought it was best to get on the stage felling like I was at the Que club back home in brum!! She played some of my favourites like the dms remix of run dmc's I won't stop rocking and tango and ratty's final conflict which I reckon should get played more , asit don't get played enough!

Apparently I heard that some the people from the DnB room ran straight into the hardcore room when mo was on probably flashback heads wanting to see their resident and promoter! I think this was probably her largest crowd that she's played to nice to see support from the flashback heads inside respect! Oh yes the 12 o'clock was approach fast and you had the finest b2b special of Dougal and Vibes with the LIVLEE !!!!!

The stage just got rammed and the decks were bouncing I think they played force and style's shining down at 12 wicked! Next 1-2 was the darkest dj in hardcore Sharkey this guy is mental and too fast for me but I made pact that if my mates listen to cheese Dougal and vibes that I had to listen to Sharkey well I did I did enjoy the set but he's too fast to get me raving.

After Sharkey you had Hixxy come on!! 2-3 Started with wanna be a hippie, which I love (I love my cheese!) Charlie b only did about fifteen minutes of mcing, which is stupid they should have had him doing at least two sets in the hardcore room! At this time I felt it was time to get my coat coz of what happened last time!! So I got my coat grabbed some grub also I thought I'll check out the merchandise stall to see what they had on offer. After Hixxy 3-4 you had Robbie long and devastate oh yes some good old scratching bizzzness even the security were raving to this one on the stage!!

Ok next 4-5 was the Breeze and Wizzkid yes I like Breeze b2b with Wizzkid played some classics not a trance-core set like last year but hardcore the way it should be. 5-6 last but not least SY AND STORM all night I waited for this set I thought they weren't going to turn up but Sy was phat started off with need your loving, the Madonna tune in the middle can't remember the last tune think it was set you free, but got the last shout out of the evening!!!

I spoke to Storm at the end and this from the horse's mouth - "I was on holiday in America" - that is why he never turned up at flashback!

Well overall a good night loads of the flashback crew inside wicked sets all round didn't even had time to chill out gutted force and styles didn't turn up in the main heard they were in the oldskool room but why not the main??

Anyway see you all at flashback in February with Dougal and Charlie B (GQ didn't turn up at last flashback but yet he is mcing on the night with Mickey finn so please mo and jimmy give Storm one last chance maybe a B2B with Sy and Unknown).
Well no more raves for me until Flashback see ya, and Happy New Year !

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007