Slammin vinyl
Well what a surprise full of events that happened.
The train journey well this wasn't a train journey I got to new street to be told that I had to catch a bus to rugby and from rugby we would catch a train to bletchley.

The bus journey took forever and very uncomfortable, but once we got to rugby and on the train thank god.
We finally arrived at Milton for 8. There wasn't many ravers' walking down as usual but that was due to the England game. I went into a pub next to burger king and couldn't believe the shock of the England score 5-1 yes 5 bloody 1 to England.

The buzz added to the atmosphere, whilst queuing met some lads from Oldham wicked guy's this was there first time to Milton Keynes and there second rave. The queue was long and I mean long it took ages. We got to the search tent and well what I seen was terrible they took people's horns and whistles and also my cameras, which I am not happy about. The amount of times I've been to Milton and this is the FIRST time this has happened i'm not blaming Slammin' vinyl but the sanctuary.
Well enough about that.

Whilst waiting for my mates in the merchandise queue, I spotted some of the flashback regulars here OIOI!!! Nice to see some familiar faces here. The cloakroom queue didn't take to long. This is the first time that a promoter has used the Fastrack arena and this arena is big really big. I didn't like the fact that the dj's were placed above the stage in some room so you couldn't see them. The lighting was wicked and the lasers were phat. I like the fact you could sit down and enjoy the music on the side as well.
On first was Mistress Mo which I caught the last part and Sarge was starting up. Not too keen on hard house so I went and seen what was happening inside the jungle room.

The sanctuary was looking kind of wicked with some large Screens telling you who was on the decks and stuff and also on the stage was the statue of liberty.
Ray Keith was on and playing some wicked jungle nice to have a good Brock to jungle to get you started. He was on with mc sugar never seen him before but this kid is alright.
Can't remember some of the tune he played but it was good.
The dancer's oh boy they were looking kind of fine. I just stopped raving and just stood there with me tongue hanging out for 10mins you should have seen what these naughty minx's were doing on the stage!!!

After him I think it was zinc but I had to see what was happening inside the flashback room. Well non other than one of flashback's regular Mr. Pilgrim. There were some kids on the mic but I think I was told one of them was only 17 and he could mouth scratch good so Mr MC Storm watch out!! It was good to see so many flashback old skool heads having a good time up there. Nice to see Mistress Mo having a bit of a boogie, when she went to speak to Pilgrim some kid pushed her away. I think or said something and all the times I've known Mo I've never ever seen her angry and it wasn't a pleasant site as that kid got an ear full and when he was told who she was. This kid just ran and tried to find her to apologise.

Well I went back into the hardcore room and I can't remember who was on but I met up with Chedda, Rob, Andy, Mel and some more ravers also nice to see DJ Nexus having a good time!!!
On the way to the burger van I spotted no other than Charlie B spewing his guts up. But he still spoke to me telling me that he phones up the flashback office, and he's sorry as he couldn't turn up in Feb nice one Geezer said he's looking forward to turning up at another Flashback..

On the way back to the Fastrack I saw no other than my fave mc Lenni!!!!
Spoke to him he asked me were he's supposed to be mc'ing and told him there some kids on the mic I think you should show them how it's done!!!
Well back into the hardcore room and there was Vibes and MC Smiley but I wasn't too keen on smiley I walked in and vibes was playing the tune with the krusty clown sample tune!!!

But i cant stand smiley but I thought I'd catch Goldie coz this is a one off to catch the legend. He was amazing the crowd were just shocking out and I mean shocking to some serious drum and bass I think Skibadee was on the mic I've never seen this person live but he's wicked,

He was b2b with IC3. After Goldie it was DJ SS but it thought I'd see what was happening upstairs. I went upstairs to catch Kenny Ken with Lenni. This room was heavy it was rammed to fuck and I mean rammed I was sweating like hell. My t-shirt was soaked but Kenny ken was playing all the jungle tunes he played worries in the dance and also champion sound and my fave tune junglist.
I went into the hardcore room and Brisk was playing an amazing set really banging and pumping every one was just bouncing I thought he was in America along with storm. But him and wizzkid were there!!

Back into the jungle room was Brockie but no Det, gutted but Shabba D and Skibadee b2b that was something to blow your mind. Upstairs was still rammed and ratty was playing some crazy stuff he's really good at scratching he played some really dark stuff really early dnb. Lenni was still ripping up the mic, Sy was on after Ratty he got the party moving he played everybody in the place, the bouncer oh yes. I stood next to SY and Wow when he scratches its amazing watching them fingers move.

Well into half way through Sy I thought I went down stairs and there was bad company. I think it their crew there is about 3 dj's and Skibadee was on the mic and I think he was b2b with IC3 and Shabba. I thought I'd see what these guys were saying after the remix of champion sound I haven't really heard any of their new material. It sounds really good, I think that Drum'n'Bass is really on top shape with loads of new people coming in just checking out what the vibe is about. Well I thought I'd grab me coat and check out what stuff was on the old merchandise stall.

They had all the records for a tenner £10 pound for some classic even the recent in the absolute series that is £16 was only £10 and some tape packs were at knock down prices. Also all the oldskool cd's were dirt-cheap prices as well, along with tape packs. I mean tape packs from the last event were going for £12 rather than £20, I think your better off checking these deals but then again they may no have the stuff your after as well.

Well back in the hardcore arena for the last hour and it was Sy tearing it down like usually but I thought I'd catch Nicky blackmarket he's a top dj his mixing is unbelievable he did the Nuttah and chopper mix that is heavy!
In the oldskool room was Slipmatt with Charlie B he played some really oldskool stuff going back to 89 and then with the anthems of past. He also played a garage mix of out of space which to be honest is rubbish but then he played the original mix which shouldn't be touched!!!

Well overall a good night but if it weren't' for the security then there would have been more pics for the website.
Slammin keep up the good work but the security need to get off their high horse and sort it out!!!!!!
Coz of the problems with the train we got a virgin direct train back, which was well cool as it was a bit quicker than normal and also a little bit comfier.
See you all @ flashback

Big shouts to the following
Darren, Wilson, Paul, Chedda, Snow, Mel, Nexus, Paul, Chris-e-Manic, Raver girl, Mr. Ush.Net Kev, Madders, B'ham junglettes you know who u are also shouts to Ajay, Ricky, Strike, The Mad Aussie in the queue. Oldham boys, Casper, Mistress Mo, Sy, Vibes, Lenni, Ratty, and anyone else I know but forgot your names

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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