True Hardcore VS Fruit Club
’The Xmas Special’
The Brunel Rooms
Friday 16th December 2005

It’s been an extensive 9 months since the last instalment from True Hardcore, the last event that I attended was way back in January!! True Hardcore are known to have a theme for each of their night’s and this was no exception as it being the festive season tonight’s night had a Pantomime theme. True Hardcore based in Cambridgeshire teamed up with Fruit club to present ‘The Xmas Special’ at Fruit club’s home the Brunel rooms in Swindon.

Leaving Birmingham well after 9 we got to Swindon via a small detour just after 11.There wasn’t much of queue though, I guess arriving a bit later than usual the party was in full swing.

I was greeted by Zoë from the Fruit club on the door, given a card with tonight’s set times, after a thorough search from the security team I headed directly upstairs to the main arena. The main arena was rammed and the production was spot on with loads of True Hardcore logos dangling from the ceiling along UV murals dotted across the venue.

Was a bit gutted as Hixxy was on quite early and just caught the last 10 minutes of his set, Dougal was on next with Rude-olf. Dougal stepped in for Seduction, I enjoyed Dougal’s set lots of vocally tunes. Dougal started the set with ‘Drive me crazy’ along with ‘Neckbreaker’, MC Rude was on the mic hyping up the crowd on stage. Dougal continued to play ‘Ordinary people’, ‘On & on’ and ‘Through the darkness’. These tunes kept the crowd singing, even Rude was having a bit of a sing along too!

After Dougal Next Generation’s Brisk Whittington and Wotss the Magic Dragon were on, this was a fast paced set with tremendous mixing from Brisk. Brisk started the set with the new ‘I got a feeling’ remix and the Guns and Roses remix ‘Sweet love’. Brisk played plenty of new material including a track from Kev Energy with a dirty drum and bass b-line to it which saw the crowd go insane, Brisk also plans on remixing this tune soon. Watching Brisk mix was awesome destroying the mixer with his fast paced mixing using the mixer to its full potential.

Next up was the Monday Madness duo of the ugly sisters aka DJ’s Ecksta-C and Overlode, the ugly sisters did not let us down and came dressed in full drag. Was quite amusing to watch them DJ with their oversized breasts! Storm was MCing for the first half of the set hyping up the crowd, The Monday madness duo started the set with the ‘Free’ and ‘Kick your legs’ remixes along with ‘Do we have to say goodbye’ and Abeyance, Shauny C & Gammer’s ‘Have you ever’ featuring Jenna’s amazing vocals. MC rude was MCing for the remainder of this set.

After the ugly sisters Evolution records DJ Scotti Baba was on next with Peter Whizz Another of my favourite sets of the evening, Scott Brown in True fashion played the Evolution megamix to get things rolling, he continued to play ‘Keep taking drugs’, 'Pro to*Plasm’, ‘Only your love’, ‘So about you’, ‘Rock you softly’ and the new ‘Elysium’ vocal remix, which is an awesome tune!!! Scott ended his set with some twisted gabba he dropped ‘The Prophecy unfolds’ which got the crowd stomping. Whizzkid was awesome throughout this set an awesome DJ and MC team as both these guys have a great understanding of how each other works.

After the set it was time for the raffle which was a pair of ticket for both New Years Eve party’s HTID at Hasting’s Pier and Slammin’ Vinyl at the NEC. Storm and Whizzkid made the draw it looked like there was not going to a winner as the ravers frantically checked their tickets.

Final set of the evening came from Sybad and Prince Charming with Storm’din. Sy and Styles played an awesome set, though not much scratching from Sy as it looked like the decks were out of action as both DJ’s were using the CDJ’s on offer. The set featured a mixture of tunes from both the Raver baby and Quosh labels, to keep the ravers rocking till the final minutes of the night. Sy started the set with ‘Such a feeling’ remix along with ‘Inspiration’ an awesome remix. Styles played ‘Jealous’, ‘Save me’, Storm was awesome on the mic the ravers where enjoying his MCing as always. Sy dropped the new remix of Tango and Ratty’s ‘Final conflict’, I originally heard this at UV party a few weeks back and thought it was a 96 mix though this was actually the new 2005 mix!

Well it was the time to say goodbye not before Sy and Styles finished the night with the ‘Out of space’ intro mixing into the Quosh remix of ‘Pacific sun’.

It’s been along wait from the True Hardcore crew to finally put an event on before the year was out and what an awesome party it was. The main arena was rammed for most of the night even after the bar shut. Fruit club itself has gone from strength to strength this year, each event this year has been very popular with ravers always making a note in their raving calendar as many are prepared to travel the length and breadth of the UK to check out the Fruit Club vibe. Big things to come in 2006!

Massive shouts to Storm, Rude, Zoe, Rob and the Fruit club / True Hardcore crew, Whizzkid, Hixxy, Sy, Brisk, Styles, Wotsee, Scott Brown and Dougal.

Big respects to Michelle and Steph, Obie and Bev, Andy Legs, Sharl, Lisa and Hannah, John Buzz , Izzy, Gareth and Gillian, Charlie & James, Astraboy, Caddy, Juicy and Womble, Sharl, Ciarra, Aidan from Liverpool, Claire, Matty, Compulsion, Julie Delicious, Sallie, Annabelle, Chris roach, Danny smithers, Maz, Carrie, Andrea, Damo and Kelglow, Vapour, Outburst and Jane, Flyin and Charmy, also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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