True Hardcore
'Hardcore Super Heroes'
Club Mist
15th January 2005

After the phenomenal success of the first True Hardcore event last November, True Hardcore presented their second instalment 'The Hardcore Superheroes'. This was also the first Hardcore event to kick-start 2005 featuring an all-star line-up with the theme of the evening's entertainment being Super Heroes.

This being our 3rd visit to Wisbech we were quite familiar with the route and headed down Club Mist. If you've never been to Wisbech before finding Club Mist is quite easy to find as the town itself is quite small as the club is located nr the police station.

After arriving in Wisbech after 9 we found somewhere to park and we headed to the club. With the massive lights outside the club we knew we were heading in the right direction. MC Storm greeted us on the door.

After dropping our coats in we headed straight for the dance floor. With the theme of the night being super heroes the club was decked head to toe with Marvel and DC comic book heroes. Which looked rather impressive! Even Spiderman was climbing the walls of Club Mist! Tonight Club Mist were showcasing their multi coloured LED dance floor. The sound system was better than at the previous event but there were some teething problems with the mic.

DJ Flyin aka Flyin-X was on getting the party bubbling, he was accompanied by MC Chit Chat. Flyin played his remix of DJ Stompy's classic 'Follow me' near the end of his set, which got the crowd singing.

After Flyin it was the turn of the Sedardevil, Seduction, Wolversey and Captain Wales aka Odyssey and Wotsee were on alongside Seduction. Seduction was playing plenty of tunes from his Maximum Impact label along with plenty of other floor stompers. He played a new remix of the oldskool classic 'Edge*1- Compended' along with 'Put your hands up in the air' and 'Only your love'.

Next up was the double duo Breezeman & Boy Farquar alongside MC² aka Superstorm and Spiderkid. The club started to reach maximum capacity with plenty of ravers making use of the LED dance floor. Storm and Whizzkid were hyping up the crowd, working off each other, with plenty of interaction and involvement with the crowd. Breeze and Styles featured some new material off the Raver Baby label including a remix of 'Pacific sun' along with other classics from 2004 including 'The Theme', 'Making me wanna dance' and 'Getting better'.

Evolutions Iceman Brown was on after Breeez and Styles, Wisbech's own MC Odyssey was MCing for this set. Scott Brown played a hard banging set. He started off the set with hardcore and moved onto some dirty gabba beats as he played 'Rock that body', the new remix of 'Neck breaker', 'Rock you softly' and 'Have it your way' During his set MC Smiley accompanied Odyssey. Scott finished the set with his special weapon the mighty' Boomstick' which got the crowd stomping!

Next up was the Incredible Hixx along with Whizzkid. Hixxy started of with the new remix of 'Tantric'. This remix was quite breakbeaty as it also had a drum and bass feel to it. Hixxy was showcasing other tunes off the Raver Baby label such as 'Fly away remix', 'Crazy Love', 'Take me away remix' and a tune that I've not heard for quite along time' Back to the oldskool' Whizzkid was hyping up the crowd as they were enjoying his finger snapping and beat box.

Time for some oldskool classics, as it was the turn of the Saberforce. It's been along time since I've seen Force play out and it was definitely worth the wait. As I was interested to see what he was playing, Wotsee was MCing for his set. Force played plenty of oldskool anthems playing a set featuring tunes from 96-99 As he played, 'Body slam' which went down at treat along with 'Rave heart',' Love of my life' and 'Here I am'. Force played plenty of Force and Styles classics such as 'All Systems go',' Pretty green eyes', 'Pacific sun' he ended the set with a favourite tune of mine 'Follow me'

It was that time of the evening, yep the power hour, featuring the mighty Syclops. This was the last hour featuring the raver's champions SY and Storm. What a set to end the evening and kick start 2005 into action. SY and Storm worked the crowd into a frenzy with SY scratching and Storm working off him. SY played plenty of tunes off Quosh as he played the 'Dreadland remix',' Only your love', 'Put your hands up in the air' also the new remix of 'Edge*1's compeneded' rumour has it that SY is behind this remix. SY and Storm finished the night with 'Makin' me wanna dance'.

January is normally a stale month in the raving calendar due to the festive period. Many of us are still in the red! But tonight proved something different as the club was filled to capacity. The atmosphere was electric with plenty of up for it people, keeping the vibe bubbling, as there was a mixture of ravers and local people out here. Even the security were raving on the dance floor!

With the success of the previous night and tonight True Hardcore is building upon this and are on the move. Tonight was True Hardcore's last night at Club Mist, taking True Hardcore to another level making a positive impact in the hardcore scene. So watch out for the next one some time in March I believe.

Having sorely missed MC's Storm and Whizzkid on New Years Eve tonight definitely made up for it, they were even showcasing some new lyrics too. The way they work the crowd is amazing, confirming why they are the best MC's working the Hardcore circuit today.

Massive shouts to Storm and the True Hardcore crew, Whizzkid, Breeze, Sy, Hixxy, Force, Wotsee, Odyssey, Smiley Ben and Katie.

Massive respects to the ravers, Shaun, Charlie and James, Rob Brownlee, Jim and Damo, Cheesy Quaver, Lisa and Lee UHF, all the crew, crew and also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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