True Hardcore
'Opening Night Extravaganza'
Club Mist
20th November 2004

True Hardcore a new promotion in the hardcore scene, with a line-up featuring the scene finest artists, if you are true hardcore, this was an event not to be missed!!

This was my first visit to Wisbech and Club Mist so I didn't know what to expect, we left Birmingham around 6:30 and after travelling for over 2 hours we finally arrived in Wisbech town centre. Wisbech is quite small town and Club Mist was easily found located right next to the local police station.

You couldn't miss Club Mist with its massive lights, lighting the evening skies we knew that we were heading in the right direction. From outside it looks like a warehouse. There was no queue at the club so we headed straight in and was greeted on the door by MC Storm.

We dropped in our coats and were assured that the club was hot inside and headed to the main arena. I was quite impressed with the layout of the club and the production. The stage was located at the back of the club with a stage for the MC's and an elevated DJ box. There was a green laser behind the DJ and a smoke machine both on stage and in front of the crowd, which did get annoying in some parts, as it didn't help when trying to take photos.

When we arrived Wisbech';s DJ Hydroactive was finishing up his set. Essential Platinum's DJ Dougal MC Odyssey accompanied him. Dougal started the set with 'Getting Better', which saw the dance floor starting to fill up and people dancing. Dougal played other tunes such as 'Really love you', 'The Theme', 'Xtreme' and 'Be happy'. During his set the right speaker seemed to crackle quite loud though once that was sorted the system was crisp for the rest of the evening.

Well after Dougal it was the turn of Raver Baby's DJ Breeze accompanied along side the MC² combo of Storm and Whizzkid MC. At this point the dance floor was rammed. Breeze was playing an upfront Raver Baby set featuring some brand new tunes alongside some classics such as 'I Adore',' You're Shining', 'You're My Angel', 'Electric' and the tune of the year 'Heartbeatz'

Next up Maximum Impact and Uproar's DJ Seduction along side MC Rude, I decided to check out the 2nd room. It was more of a chill out room but hardly anyone was chilling out in here. This room featured the stars of tomorrow, True Hardcore giving the up and coming talent a chance to shine. The talent in here was quite impressive with the result of the ravers bouncing off the ceiling!!

Come midnight and it was time for MC² and the boss DJ Hixxy. Hixxy played a banging set playing a mixture of everything, playing some upfront material such as '24-7','Crazy Love', 'Eye Opener remix', 'End of Time', Bang 9','Party Time rmx' and 'Right Here'. He also threw in some oldskool happy hardcore such as 'Pretty Green Eyes' and also 'Take Me Away', also a new remix of the classic from Visa-'Fly Away' which got a great reaction from the crowd seeing a sea of hands in the air.

After Hixxy it was Next Generation's DJ Brisk and MC Wotsee. I really enjoyed Brisk's set, when Brisk is on you know it's not for the faint hearted as it was full of fast paced rhythms and hi-octane beats. He played a new remix of 'Airhead' along with some banging tunes such as 'Crazy Love' and 'Be Happy' brisk also played 'Punchdrunk' which went down a treat.

It was the turn of the last member of the Raver Baby trio here tonight, DJ Styles alongside Whizzkid MC. Whizzkid was hyping up the crowd Styles played a really vocally set which kept the crowd singing as he played 'Follow me rmx', 'Getting better', 'Cutting deep' and 'I adore'

Last set of the night was the power hour featuring the 'Ravers Champions' SY and Storm. What a set to end the evening it was crazy to see people giving all the energy they had into the last hour, though with the tunes that SY was playing you couldn't help yourself and just dance. He played the 'Dreadland Remix', 'Only Your Love', 'Wanna Dance',' Rock That Body' and finished the set with the remix of the oldskool classic from 'Orca 4am' that went down well with the crowd. It was 4am and it was time to go home.

I really enjoyed True Hardcore and had such a good time tonight, the club had a mixture of local people mixing alongside the hardcore heads from up and down the UK. There was no attitude or moody vibes just an up for it crowd keeping the atmosphere bubbling.

The main thing that really stood out for me was the MC² partnership that was going down tonight. Watching these two guys is amazing the way they work off each other is electric. You can also tell from the way the crowd react when they get on stage with the crowd presence and the interaction between the Ravers and the MC's. The thing is that on New Years Eve both Storm and Whizzkid are exclusive to Slammin' Vinyl, so if you want to hear Storm or Whizzkid you gotta go to Shepton Mallet. I'm still really undecided were I'm going to be midnight on New Years Eve. I know I would miss either Storm or Whizzkid on New Years night if I'm not at Slammin'.

The club itself is quite plush and a nice tidy venue that can hold under 1,000 people. Judging from tonight's turnout it seemed to have reached a near full capacity. It's nice to see a new promotion for hardcore I really hope that they can build on tonight's success and make it a more regular feature in the hardcore raving calendar. I'd like to wish True Hardcore all the success in the future.

I'll be looking out for the next one!

Massive shouts to Storm True Hardcore! Whizzkid MC, Hixxy, Wotsee, MC Smiley, G Spencer, Odyssey and Rude.
Big respects to the ravers, Shaun and Leanne, Charlie and James, Astraboy, Damo, Lisa, GT, Cruze, Gamma, Marcus all the crew, crew and also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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