True playaz night
The Que Club
Saturday 26th Jan 2002

Well were do I begin?? I haven't been raving well all-nighter since flashback back in December.
This was the first time that the true playaz crew all 3 members have touched down in b'ham so it was worth making the effort with a line-up and array of dj's and mc's how can one refuse???

Well flyer said the doors should be opening at 9:00, which is a bit odd, as most of the events that I've attended at the que club tend to start at 9:30 and later. I touched down the queue for 8:45 and to find myself which literally the smallest queue I've ever seen at the que club which was a bit odd with the dj line-up like this you would have thought the queue may have been touching round the back. Well I had to wait at least 45 mins before entering the club thank god it was not raining!!!!

I walked in a brief search and off to the main arena!!!!
The production was ok, but not brilliant on the stage there were big television screens with the matrix being played for most of the night. The sound system was loud but not loud enough. On the stage they had a platform were the mc's and dancers were dancing most of the night. It was quite bizarre as there wasn't many people raving and I though the night was going to have one of the lowest turnouts I've ever seen. As the main arena was open none of the side rooms were and there was some break beat/garage hosted by dj crunch by the back bar all night.

Well first up was dj hazard but he left as I entered and he did not look happy what so ever playing to an empty arena like the que club and no-one raving. Another local dj shaolin the locals are mainly the kool fm and prosession crew wicked dj's believe me just obviously not recognized out side of the midlands. Half way through his set we had the mc biggie, kool-fm resident mc chatting enough lyrics and the man was raving on stage but the crowd was not really lively near the end of shaolin set he started to drop enough wicked tunes and people were really brocking out.

Technique records dj/producer Simon bassline smith was up next he was playing some real dark drum'n'bass and the crowd were loving this it started to get quite busy inside this set was followed by ratty and tango which I didn't catch much of as I went to the back of the main room. Well one of the main reasons I was hear we had the RAM man ANDY C!!!!
This set was unbelievable especially with GQ on the mic. Couldn't believe my eyes this was the first time I've ever seen the man mc in brum after a good two-year wait he finally was here. He was getting the crowd nice and hyper I was raving at the front for most of the night and I turned round and suddenly there was loads of people the room was rammed I couldn't believe it. Andy Cwas playing some really wicked tunes enough dub plates from ram I can't wait to hear soon. The anthems were played such as body rock and shake it.

Next up was the tru player Dj hype was on the decks and GQ to accompany him is was quite surprised with his set as he did not scratch as much as would have liked to of heard I think he scratch bout once during his 1hr ½ set but hey at least he was hear. Next member of the tru playerz was dj Pascal I've never heard him play out ever and this was a good set enough dub plates being played including thunder ball. With MC Fats on the mic well the head set mic.

Finally DJ Zinc he played one of the best sets of the night playing out enough tunes which kept you brocking out including the eagerly waited SKA with MC Fearless blearing out lyrics like a machinegun he really kept the crowd alive.

Last set of the night was DJ SS this set was good but I would have like to hear Swift as this was his replacement but this set was good he played some new tunes including the remix of lighter and the twisted anger mix of dark soldier. I'm looking forward to some of the new material out on formation after this set.

Well generally it was a good night for less than £15 how can you complain at least GQ turned up.

Shouts to Charly, Gav, Zoë + Collete, Hype, Zinc, Fats, Fearless and to all the ravers who I don't know but seem to know me.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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